Epilogue: R n R

Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.

- Ben Hecht, writer

The area was dark and gloomy. There was a clearing with a large bog on three sides of a neglected, ramshackle wooden house and trees on the fourth side. The area was large enough for all the vardos. When the last of the vardos emerged from the mists, it disappeared and everyone jumped out of them. Several Skurra and Roustabouts went to the two cookhouse vardos and began to set up the tent.

Lucian and Mola stepped from the vardo. He had a bandage on the side of his head and ear. He also had a white cloth tied around his leg where he had been cut. He left Mola and walked toward Professor's Arcanus and Pacali's vardo. The door was opening as he went to knock. Arcanus was holding Pacali who gripped his side with both hands. Lucian held his arms out.

"I'll take him," he said. Arcanus handed Pacali off to Lucian. Pacali sat down into Lucian's arms. Lucian carried the older man toward the house. Just before he reached the porch a mist formed near the back of the clearing. The four Vistani Troupers stepped from the mist, then it disappeared. Lucian nodded to them, all was accounted for. He stepped up to the front door and opened it. Then he stepped inside with Pacali and closed the door behind them.

A/N: Well, there you have it, the third of my Carnival stories. In this story, my characters are: Lucian, Mrs. Renauldi, Raphael, Chino Perez and the Perez family, Red Jack, the Pistoleer, Gon Stonesplitter, Najib and Hans (from my "Carnival, Boss Canvas Man" story), the old man, Ahmed and Belle his Shadow (from my "Not Just an Ordinary Trip to Muhar" story), Brennan, and Edik.

Elthryn Winter, the Wraith and Armitage Avalon, Mr. Frost were created by Henry Eshleman.

The Runt was created by Joseph Zettelmaier.

I was considering writing some back stories on several of my characters. If anyone is interest, let me know.