Hey again, this is my second fic in the Bones universe. I have had this idea in my mind for a while, ever since we learnt about Booth's new special friend (Hannah) who he will be meeting in his time in Afghanistan. I personally don't like the idea of Booth getting a new girlfriend like a lot of other people do, but what can you do? Well if this is going to be something that is going to make Brennan finally realise that she belongs with Booth and also make her jealous well I'm all for it! :)

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Peritoneal spoilers for season 6 and speculation of the next couple of months after the season premiere. Also spoilers from the 100th and season 5. B&B are the best!

Am I too late?

Temperance Brennan climbed the steps of her partners' apartment building very furiously one Friday night in spring several hours after they had just finished a case.

It had been a month since Booth had dumped Hannah Burley (well Hannah Banana or much more cruller names that she and Angela had given her after Booth had introduced her to them) his journalist ex- girlfriend that he had meant in Afghanistan who was embedded with his unit, 2 months after he had started training soldiers.

They had dated for the rest of the remainder of 5 months until Booth had gotten a call from Caroline back in DC telling him that she needed him, Brennan, Hodgins and Angela back in the states, because Cam had run into some trouble with the media on a case. Booth had to leave Hannah behind in the war zone to help his long time close friend out of turmoil.

Booth heard the loud knock at his door and immediately knew who it was. He was sitting on his couch watching a football game and eating popcorn, when he heard the loud pounding. He quickly got up and composed himself, ready for the long argument with his partner.

He opened the door and was face to face with Dr. Temperance Brennan, world renowned Forensic Anthropologist, best selling author and the queen bee of the Jeffersonian Institute's Anthropology unit.

"I need to talk to you!" Brennan said angrily with red flaring eyes as she stepped into his apartment.

"No Bones, I want to talk to you first!" he fired back.

"You just can't show up here, the after night I brake up with Hannah and tell me how you really feel about me and expect me not to react!"

"But-"Said Brennan

"No I'm not finished yet." Booth said putting up his hand to silence her.

"Do you have any idea what it's like to love someone for so long and not be able to do anything about it?" "Do you?" He said half angry and full of emotion.

"Because I know what that feels like. Bones, I have spent the last 6 and half years waiting for you to realise that you want me!"

"And then you waltz in here telling me that you've finally realised!" He said.

"Booth I-"Brennan tried to speak again but Booth interpreted her.

"No! Bones I'm not done!" This time is voice was just full of anger.

"Bones, you hurt me. You hurt me that night outside the Hoover Building. I put my heart on the line. I told you I wanted to give us a chance and you just through it in my face."

Brennan just looked at Booth with shock on her face; the words he was saying didn't even register to her. She had never realised that she had hurt him that badly. All Brennan could think of was how she could make everything between them better again.

"Booth, I'm sorry, how can I make things better?" she said with desperation in her voice.

"Booth please, I want to make this better." She said nearly close to tears.

"No! It's too late, we missed our moment and we punished each other for it, we just have to forget about it" Booth said defeated.

From hearing those words the only thing Brennan could think of at that moment was to kiss Booth. She hoped that that might be the only thing that would fix everything.

And as she had thought, she lunged herself at him and kissed him hard on the lips. Before Booth could realise what was happening he found himself kissing her back with as much lust, passion and enthusiasm as she was kissing him.

He pushed her against the door, her hands found themselves in his dark brown hair. He pulled her bottom lip in his mouth; his tongue soon followed and traced every inch of the inside of her mouth. They both moan loudly showing the effect that it was having on the both of them. Booth's hands were everywhere trying to get leverage on if this was all real, that he wasn't dreaming. Much like a lot of his dreams, he had been having lately or even before that. Ever since he woke up for his coma after his brain surgery, he had been having these dreams.

Booth tasted the same as Brennan remembered from the night at the Hoover Building after they had told Sweets about their first case. He tasted like popcorn, her favourite type beer and a hint of toothpaste. She could smell him all around her and it made her want him even more.

After moments of kissing and touching they broke apart and rested their foreheads against each other.

"God, Bones I want you so much." Booth said inhaling her sent and trying to catch his breath.

Brennan smiled, the one reserved just for him and then spoke "Well have me."

"Bones, are sure you want this?" He said being sincere.

"I love you." Brennan replied.

That simple statement was all Booth needed to tell him that this was the right chose that they were making.

This time he picked Brennan up and kissed her with everything her had in him, not holding back an inch. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him with equal measure. Booth turned them around towards his bedroom. Brennan stripped of his shirt as they made the bedroom and it landed on the floor.

Brennan giggled as they approached the door to his bedroom. Booth opened the door and placed them on his bed.

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