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Booth stood over Brennan as he spoke "Bones, before we take our relationship to the next level."

"You mean have sexual intercourse." She said with a knowing look.

"Bones, it's called 'making love'." He said with a groan and feeling a little embarrassed.

"Ok, making love." She said with a cheesy smile.

"Yes, when we take our relationship to the next level I want to make clear that this is it. That we're together now and we're committed to each other."

Brennan looked into Booth's big brown eyes and it conveyed it all. Yes, she wanted the same things that he did. She wanted them to take their relationship to the next level and to be with him in everyway possible. Brennan was tired of running from her feelings for Booth, and tired of being alone. Spending nights in a cold bed with no one by her side to keep her safe, to hold her when she got scared when she had nightmare or to simply make love to her until the early hours of the morning.

Booth leaned in and captured her lips with his, in a passionate, love sealing kiss. Brennan responded straight away. He leaned back on the bed, trapping Brennan underneath him.

He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth, and ran his tongue along her lips, asking for entrance. She grated permission eagerly and threaded her hands through his short hair pulling it gently. He ran his hands along her sides, just feeling the softness of her skin under the material of her clothes.

He pulled up her silk blouse that she was wearing and felt the curves and contours of her skin, memorising every inch of her. Brennan continued to thread her hands through his hair letting him take control. Their kisses grew more passionate and frantic, full of love and lust and 6 and half years of wanting and waiting.

Brennan moved her hands up Booth's back (luckily that she had already removed his shirt as they made their way to his bedroom), she felt the strong muscles of his skin, she rubbed them up and down making him groan with pleasure. She smiled against his mouth knowing the affect that it was having on him.

Booth moved his mouth towards her right clavicle, leaving soft wet kissing along the surface. She moaned with delight and co ntinued to massage the muscles of his back with her palms. Booth travelled his lips to her right clavicle nipping and kissing. She moaned his given name as he did so. He shifted to her other clavicle giving it the same treat ment that he had done to the other.

Gradually he moved to sucking on the side of neck, nipping and bitting gently and running his hot tongue along it. Brennan pulled tighter onto his hair massaging his scalp, beginning to lose control.

After kissing her neck Booth made his way down to Brennan's breasts. Kissing and licking her soft skin. She smelt so good. Like lavender and daisies, just freshly picked from the garden. He breathed her in he could never get tired of her smell.

He lifted her arms up and took off her blouse from her body. Booth kissed down to Brennan's sternum admiring the tight muscles of her skin. He removed her bra, taking in her beauty and his breath caught in his throat. It made him realise that this was really happening. That there was no going back now. Brennan stared into his chocolate pools and touched his stomach knowing what was to come next.

"Booth are you ok?" She said with concern.

"Yeah, Bones I'm fine, just a little nerves that's all." He said taking in a deep breath, trying to relax himself.

"Booth, it's ok to be nerves. It happens to the best of us." Brennan said placing a hand on his bicep, trying to calm him down and showing that she understood.

"Thanks." He said with a smile as he put his hand on her cheek, running his thumb along her lip.

She moaned at his touch. "Ok, I think that you have too many clothing on." Brennan said with a sly smile.

"Oh, really do I?" He said with a smirk, feeling once again filled with courage.

"Mmuh." She said pushing him back onto the bed and began to cruel down his body to remove his stripy socks. Booth gave her a smile and licked his lips. She climbed back up his body and began to untie his sweat pants and pull them down to his feet. All was left now was in his boxers.

She kissed him lightly on his lips and the kiss turned more passionate. In a short time the rest of their clothes ended up on the floor. They lay there on top of each other, skin to skin; heart beat to heart beat, ready to break that dam that had kept them apart for so long.

Moans and gasps of ecstasy could be heard throughout the bedroom as the laws of psychics were broken. Two partners, now lovers became one. Booth and Brennan held each other as their organism's washes over them.

"Mmm, wow that was amazing." She said turning in his arms.

"It was." Booth said not holding back the huge grin still plastered on his face after their throws of passion, only minutes ago.

Brennan put her head on Booth's chest feeling his heart beat slowly return to its normal rhythm. Her smile matched his with warmth in it. Booth turned his head to meet Brennan's and kissed her goodnight.

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