Any Other Girl

Prompt: Heatwave

Rated: Anything

AN: From bubbly fics' Bamon drabble party on Live Journal. Enjoy

"At times like this you are the best boyfriend in the world," Bonnie informed him as she wrapped herself around him, trying to have as much of her own hot skin touching the coolness of his as possible.

In the midst of an unprecedented heat wave Bonnie had felt no qualms about lying to her father when he'd called from his business trip, telling him she'd be spending the next few days at Elena's. Neither had Elena had any problems informing Jenna of the few days her and Bonnie had planned to spend together at Bonnie's while her father was away. However, both girls were at the Salvatore boarding house, making great use of their vampire boyfriends' skin temperature during the hot summer nights.

"Aren't I always the best boyfriend?" he asked as his arms wrapped around her.

"Not as much as when you're my own personal icepack," she told him. A moment later she frowned. "Which I suppose is the complete opposite to any other girl and her boyfriend. Normally boyfriends provide much wanted body heat in winter…But I suppose you're not really a normal boyfriend," she mused.

"And you're not any other girl," he added as he pressed his lips to her hot forehead.