Yumi- this chapter is filler. Hopefully it will get more interesting

Bob- Not likely though.

Yumi- =(


She's(?) Got the Song Stuck In Her(?) Head! - I s s u e s


Hikaru was not worried.

No, he was far too busy admiring his new purchases in the mirror (to his brother's dismay) to worry about the little fact that he was crossdressing; he was like Haruhi's father for Goddamn sake, no offence to the older man.

"Kaoru, you are such a liar," he complained, turning to face his brother, who was currently lying upside down, hanging from their bed, reading, "This skirt does make my ass look big! Now we have to go back and change it!"

Kaoru looked out from under the magazine and took in his brother's appearance. "It looks fine, Hikaru," he replied, "Stop nagging."

Hikaru pouted, fiddling with the zip on the flouncy piece of material, pulling it down and dropping the whole thing to his ankles. Kaoru continued reading, ignoring Hikaru's sighs of exasperation as he tried to tug the next outfit on.

"I don't see why it matters anyways," Kaoru continued, behind the safety of his fashion weekly, "As no one but you and I are going to know of this little hobby of yours, correct? You sure did spend an awful lot of money for a fleeting want."

Hikaru stopped, turning around slowly. "You know Kaoru," he pondered, twirling his bang around his finger, taking delight in the fact that he was able to do so, "If strangers on the street all think I'm female, It will be less strange for them to see me wearing women's clothes, yes?"

Kaoru smiled, "Since when have we cared what people think is normal?"

Hikaru smiled back. "So why should I care now," he asked, waving his hands in mock disinterest, "People don't give a damn what I wear one way or another, so why should I humour them and wear what people find socially acceptable for guy's my age."

Kaoru was silent for a moment before his face split into a grin.

"You got me there."