'You could almost get used to it, this pain of being bound, of being tamed.' He thought, 'The pain of being used for the petty pleasures of others…' He watched Arthur leave the cell and seemed to fade back into the wall, a monochromatic part of the bleak scenery of the dungeon.

It was the hell within that was unbearable. The chained soul that for so long was its own master and served no one still longed to fight. His spirit was not broken although his body seemed to be. He hid his strength behind a mask of servility. He called those men 'master' when they were in fact, lower than even Mehmed. His mind would have to control his fiery soul in times like this, giving it a target to train his warrior's soul on. New enemies to conquer, new rules to break, new strengths to prove… these were the rewards for a man who knew how to bide his time and wait for the opportune moment to strike.

But for now, the enemy was his master and he would serve as no other had served. This was his strategy. Give them what they wanted, or a semblance of it, and wait until someone different came along. Someone either weaker of spirit or stronger of character would suit his purposes just perfectly.

One day, that someone came running into his cell, breaking through the bonds of his nightmare. He could still see her, the pretty little blonde doll with the man's gun in her hands. His new master…

Of course, when she had stepped up to become such, he had stepped down, deciding that being her slave wouldn't be so terrible after all. He became her monster, her servant, her whipping boy when the circumstances allowed…

Alucard smiled at her as she sipped her tea, the ever present cigar sending up plumes and curls of smoke as the ring of orange slowly crept up its cylinder. Her eyes lit on him as she set the cup down.

"Why are you smiling so, Alucard?"

"A little bit of nothing and everything is on my mind, master. Forgive me." His mouth twitched as she looked away, veiling her thoughts from him. His grin grew wider. He knew that she loved him. She knew he would serve her faithfully, seals or no. All that she had to do was come to terms with her feelings and he would bind himself to her in a much stronger fashion than Abraham's weak words and the symbols the light inscribed on his hands.

His heart belonged to her, and when the day came, hers would belong to him as well. This was one master that he would serve until the day he ceased to exist, and do so proudly. He couldn't wait for forever to come. She looked on his smile and sighed, inwardly pleased that he wasn't ghosting around the manor looking depressed like he had when she was the newest leader of Hellsing. The years had apparently been to his liking, but the way he smiled at her still shocked her sometimes. It was as if she fell into some grand scheme of his perfectly, and he couldn't wait to set that plan into motion. The monster in him worried her, but the man in him intrigued her. God forbid she ever weaken enough to succumb to such madness… but she longed to…

So… so ends it… here's my first Hellsing fanfic presented for (hopefully) your amusement. Sorry if it's out of character. Like I said, it's just my first… Hopefully my writing's improved... Tell me what you think! (Insert cheesy disclaimer here... I don't own the characters. I'm not getting anything monetary out of this... blahblahblah)