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Author's Note: Before you stone me for the length - or lack thereof - read this first. This will be a collection of 12 fics. They will vary in length, but all of them will be about a different character's thoughts to another person... okay, a bit hard to understand, that. I guess you could consider them as letters, but they aren't, not really. You'll see. Hope you enjoy, then. On with the (really short) story.


Hikifune-taichō… I miss you.

The new taichō is really stupid. He's even worse than that idiot Shinji. Do you know how much stuff he brought with him? He practically turned the taichō's quarters into a research lab!

I feel like strangling him. I don't want him as my taichō – he's so horrible, and nothing at all like you.

I really miss you, Hikifune-taichō… please come back soon.

to be continued...

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