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Hidden Desire:

Chapter 1

Soft smooth warmth holds my attention. The scent of heaven fills the room all around me. I lick my lips involuntarily. Then cover that up quickly. As I thread the needle through that perfect skin. Another mark on her perfect body caused by my family. She took the accident in stride, no tears fell at the pain it surely caused her. So strong and brave she was truly an amazing human one I have fought in vain to resist.

"Carlisle you could never be soulless." Her lips part and her gentle scent wades up to me as her words bring me back to our conversation. I look at her unsure what to say, I settle for a simple "Bella you've always been very gracious about us. Thank you."

Her head comes up from the hole she had been boring into my chest as I finished stitching her arm. I watch her lips part, and am stuck again at the urge to to taste her. I catch myself before leaning in to take those lips instead settling on brushing her rich chestnut hair back from her face behind one ear.

At my touch her eyes drop from mine and a soft blush stains her flawless white skin. Sure that I am causing her to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable I start to move away. To give her space to save this soul she thinks I have that I hope I have.. I never get that far. Realizing that my hands have fallen to rest against my desk top her hips touching my downward facing palms. Her legs are parted, as I stand between them.. when did we move into a position so intimate?

My hand twitches an alien creature ruled by a need greater than my self control. My fingers reach out and begin a slow circle across her hip. Bella's gasp and the look in her eyes as she snaps her head back up to look at me mirrored my own shocked expression. What was I doing? What is wrong with me? Why this insane uncontrollable attraction to this slip of a girl?

With all these thoughts flitting through my head they died a sudden and crashing death as her tongue moved past her open lips to wet them gently. Her scent escaping from her mouth a siren call. Surrounded by her smell of want, the warmth of her my rational thinking was gone this was surely the beginning of the end. In that one moment my needs my body my yearning betrayed my better judgment.

Though I have always prided myself on innate self control of all kinds. Somehow this girl.. No wait she was eighteen today, this new woman broke the walls around me bringing out a man who wanted who desired who got what he went after. And this version of me refused to be quieted no longer would I refuse my baser instincts. In this moment I would have it all.

I listened to my inner Carlisle no longer hiding him, I may be hundreds of years old but in reality I was a healthily viral 24 year old man, and as such I had needs that had been silenced for to long. The urge to touch my tongue to her soft pink tip to wet her mouth with my own to drink in and savor her very essence. Damn the consequences Damn the repercussions. I wanted something and for once I would have it.

Before I could think more and change my mind, I gripped those warm thighs and pulled her flush against my body. The heat of her core sending a jolt to my groin sweet Christ but this would lead down a dark road and I only prayed my vampire sight would be light enough in that darkness where i planned to live. I leaned in closer.. STOP ME! My mind screamed out to her but the greedy young man in me was in control, those words never escaping. Instead against the fates plans for us, against my iron will, against my always rational thought processes lust was in control and the fire of it fueled by her heated core resting against me consumed all.

My mouth found hers in an instant those parted lips the nectar of the gods. My own personal delight in a cold and lonely world. The taste of her so intoxicating as my tongue dipped past those lips to stroke hers. Ahh yes.. She tasted of sunshine, and light breezy summer days surrounded in a green scented forest.

The moment I felt her hand move from her side I expected the slap, and welcomed it. I was stunned, and ohhh so relieved when her slight elegant fingers moved around the nape of my neck to wind her fingers in my hair and attempt to pull me closer. Her own tongue darted into the thrusting of my own as I lapped up her innocent kiss. When I kissed her more forcefully a whimper rushed from her chest, and she scooted closer to me my arousal taking me further into the void.

So completely consumed by the fires of hell I had brought to us I never heard the slam of the door. The roar of rage behind us. I was taken by surprise at a sudden impact. Then found myself flying through the air to come crashing down against my now shattered into splinters bookshelf.

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