Bella Pov:

A month later…

My wedding had been lovely, and had gone off without a hitch. Aro had preceded over the ceremony, and now I was Mrs. Isabella Cullen. Alice, Rose, and Esme with the help of Tanya had made my wedding the most beautiful event. My dress had been a stunning princess cut of white with red ribbon laced throughout.

The men had all worn white tuxedos with red trim, well most of them. Jacob had come in the form of his wolf. He had decided to give my wedding his own twist as my ring bearer he carried the rings in on a satin pillow tied to his neck. I had burst out laughing at that sight but still it seemed fitting that my Jake had some sort of part to play in everything.

Edward had played the piano and it all tied in all of us a family each of us tied together forever. I couldn't have asked for anything more than what I have now, a perfect family, wonderful friends but better yet the most amazing man now laying in my arms as my husband.

His silver band gleaming brightly on his finger inside the inscription read forever entwined two hearts as one. I had everything I ever wanted, and life was good. My father had left with Esme they decided to take a trip to visit the Volturi my father having hit it off with Aro wanted to see how the law worked for vampires. I had a feeling that my dad would end up a member fulltime his need to be part of the law as strong now as it was before.

I stroked my fingers through the silky blonde locks of Carlisle's hair as he lay reading in my lap. I was truly blessed, this man loved me and I had forever to enjoy his company. The house was quiet for now anyhow. The others had all gone on trips allowing us some privacy as newlyweds. It was a good thing too considering the way Carlisle and I had been behaving lately Jasper would be in agony around here.

Jacob had stopped in to let me know that Pup was going to be staying with Leah while Seth was gone. It would seem that Seth had bonded with Jane, a twist that no one had seen coming. Seth had followed Jane when she had informed Aro that she needed sometime away.

Aro had allowed her to leave without hesitation after she gripped his hand. He seemed to understand that she needed to figure out what this bond with a wolf meant for her. Strange to think that a vampire and a shifter could be attracted to one another. Still I felt it in my heart that Seth would win her over in the end. Those Quileute boys seemed to have that power if Jacob's success with Pup was any indication.

Pup hadn't given into him completely, but he was tearing her walls down a lot quicker than any of us had thought he could. I guess we cant put anything past Jacob Black.

"Your much to far away." Carlisle spoke placing his book on the bed.

"What do you mean? I am right here." I laughed as he flipped me quickly onto my back.

"You are not even in the room, I can see those little wheels turning. Everything ok?" He asked me as he hovered over me his arms on either side of my head outlining the muscles in his strong frame.

"Everything is fine, I was just thinking about how perfect everything has turned out." I leaned forward and ran my tongue over his chest toward one already hardened nipple. His eyes went dark with passion, as he watched me lick over his chest.

"Bella." He said my name as if a warning.

"Carlisle," I purred back teasingly.

"You will be the death of me." He groaned as I bit him just enough for a small drop of blood to form, and the slowly trailed my tongue over the mark tasting him.

"Mmm, better than chocolate." I sighed into his flesh.

His elbows met the bed with a crash as he gripped my hair pulling my head back and his lips slammed into mine he was as hungry for me as I was for him. Our tongues danced together feeding the flame of desire as he rocked his hips into my apex covered only in lace and a small tank top the friction of our bodies making me moan.

I ran my hands over his shoulders and arms his muscles tightening and flexing in pleasure. I applied pressure with my nail raking them down his back as my teeth nipped his lower lip. He groaned for me, and I instantly dampened. This man triggered every response in my body with nothing more than a moan.

I wiggled and pressed myself harder against him wanting him inside me hard and thrusting.

"Now." I hissed using my waning newborn strength to flip us over so that I could straddle him and take what I wanted.

"Patience is a virtue." Carlisle said with a laugh that quickly turned into a moan when I moved down his chest and stopped at his zipper undoing the button, and pulling his pants down and off with a flurry of speed. He sprang free of his denim cage standing thick, and proud begging for my touch.

Leaning down I let my lips barely kiss the head as my hand wrapped around the base stroking upward as my mouth closed around and fell down. I loved his smell his taste as I feasted on his moans, and groans of pleasure. His hips bucked upwards in time with the fall of my mouth as I devoured him.

"Ah fuck yes." He roared as he tightened getting closer to climax with every suck, lick, lap and stroke.

His hands fisted in my hair as he helped pump me up and down our strength and speed rushing him to the edge of his orgasm.

I hummed around him as I plunged down deeper onto his cock taking him fully into my mouth. His roar of pleasure as he came for me spurring on my own desire as I drank him dry.

He fell limp in my mouth for a millisecond before his erection sprang back to life.

"Mmm, you have to love that vampire stamina." I purred as he flipped us over again, and tore my lace panties from my tingling flesh.

"I love the way you smell, so hot so tempting." He groaned as he plunged into me with one quick thrust. It was heaven to my aching flesh as he filled me to bursting.

"Love you." I hissed as he moved between my parted thighs and I thrust up to meet his pounding.

"More," He roared.

I lifted my back angling myself to allow him deeper access. The slamming of our bodies the wet slapping of our skin everything bringing me closer and closer to the edge. Carlisle rocked back on his knees lifting me with his strong arms a new angle giving me what I needed as I fell off the cliff of desire.

When I was finally able to think again Carlisle was resting his head on my breasts his hand running through my hair.

"I love you Isabella Cullen."

"And I love you Carlisle forever and eternity."

The End…..

I hope this was an alright way to wrap things up. I really enjoyed writing this story and that is mostly because of each of you who sat by the computer and wrote to me each chapter sending words of encouragement. Thank you all for your help putting out Hidden Desire.. XOXO TISA!