As soon as i noticed there was a ty the tasmanian tiger fanfiction thing, i got an idea for a story.

The misadventures of ty the tasmanian tiger! By me

Ty sat boredly on the coach of bush rescue Hq, Talking to his almost dim-witted girlfriend shazza, and his brother who used to work for cass, sly. "Anyone else have a weird feeling that something weird is about to happen?" Ty asked. Sly, and shazza looked a little confused. "No, i doubt anything's gonna happen" Sly said. Suddenly Nellie, one of sly's friends who worked for bush rescue ran in, and said. "Bad news cass just broke out of prison!". Ty looked at sly and said. "Told ya something weird was gonna happen". "I hate you" Sly responded annoyed.

They all went to the jail, and saw that there was a hole blown through the wall. "Whoa look it's a huge hole!" Shazza said pointing to the hole making herself sound like a total weirdo. "Shazza i think cass being gone is more important" Nellie said Looking at the hole "But now that you mention it that is a pretty big hole". "Forget about the dang hole already!" Sly yelled. Everyone frozed and looked at him. "What?" He said. "Nothing" Everyone said. Sly sighed, aparently everyone was more interested in the big hole in the wall, instead of the fact that cass was gone. "Does anybody else but nellie see that cass is gone!" Sly said in an annoyed tone.

"What? Cass is gone" Everyone said they all looked and said. "Oh cass is gone!". SLy groaned he couldn't believe they didn't notice. Ty suddenly grabbed sly and pulled him over to where shazza, and nellie were. "You really had to pull me over here?" Sly said in an annoyed tone again. "Yes" Ty said. Sly clenched his fist which caused shazza's eyes to widen. "No sly!" Nellie said holding sly back. "Anyway since were done with that i think we should find cass" Ty said. Nellie, shazza, and sly were silent for a moment but, suddenly burst out laughing. "What it could work?" Ty said "For some odd reason he's always in cassopilos". They stopped laughing. "Oh i guess your right never thought of that" Nellie said. "So you guys in?" Ty said.

"Oh fine i'm in" Sly said. "Me too" Nellie said. "I guess so" Shazza said. "Then let's get going" Ty said walking off. The others looked at eachother but followed him. A few minutes later they were at the entrance to some forest that was nearby. "Wait! Why are are we here?" Nellie, and sly said at the same time. "Shazza said there is a way to cassopolous through here" Ty said. "But wouldn't it be easier just to go to the beach since it's near there" Sly said. "Sly, that would make no sense" Ty said putting his hand on his shoulder.

Sly groaned he swore shazza, and ty could be such idiots at times. They went into the forest even though it would of made more sense to go to the beach and go from there but, if he didn't follow there would be a fight and someone would of got hurt. Shazza was left reading map (Which she didn't notice was upside down). "Shazza are you sure this is the right way?" Ty asked a little worried. "Yeah, i'm sure i know how to read a map" shazza said. They stopped for a second and looked around. "Wait, where are we?" Nellie said nervosuly. "were almost there don 't worry" Shazza said. Sly knew they were going the rwrong way he just wanted to see if they would notice.

After a few more minutes of walking shazza stopped. "Wait, something's not right here" She said. "You know i had a feeling you were gonna say that" Sly said. "Whataya mean?" Shazza said. Sly just sighed flipped over the map. Nellie, and ty's eyes widdened. "The map was upside down!" They yelled. "Oops i guess i didn't notice" Shazza said. "You do realize were gonna kill you right?" Ty asked. "Say what?" Shazza said. Nellie, and sly looked at eachother. "Were not killing her but, feel free to hit her" Nellie said. "You are no fun nellie" Sly said putting his boomarang back.

Ty glared at her, and said. "Shazza". "Should i run?" She asked nellie, and sly. "They looked at eachother and nodded. "Aaaahhhh" Shazza screamed and ran. "Get back here!" Ty screamed. Sly, and Nellie burst out laughing. "Stop laughing!" Shazza yelled. "No!" sly said. Nellie just kept laughing. Unfortunately they didn't notice that ty, and shazza stopped and were staring at something behind them. "Wait why'd you stop?" Nellie said. "Behind you" They said. "There's nothing behind us" Sly said. "No really there;'s something there" Shazza said. "Yeah right" Sly responded but just when he was going to continue something grabbed him, and pulled him up. He looked up to see a giant spider. "Holy crud!" Nellie screamed. Shazza stood there frozen in fear.

"Sly! I'll save you!" Ty yelled grabbing his boomarang. "Well hurry up" Sly yelled. Ty threw his boomarang. The boomarang hit the leg that sly was in causing it to fall off. Nellie rushed over to sly and helped him up. "Are you okay?" She said. "Yeah i'm okay" He responded. Ty threw the boomarang again causing it to oddly enough to blow up, and make guts go everywhere. "Good it's gone" ty said. "Ty!" He heard the others yell. He turned around to see that some of the guts had hit them. "Oh, sorry about that" Ty said a little embarassed. 'Anyway we have to find the right way" Nellie said grabbing the map, and observing it.

"It's gotta be that way" Sly said pointing to the south "But we'll have to watch our step". They looked around and said. "Definately". They went the otherway hoping to find the right way, Which they kinda did shazza led them the worng way as soon as they found the entrance. "Shazza your getting us lost again!" Sly, ty, and nellie said angrely. "No i'm not!" Shazza said. They all sighed, and looked around and didn't see anything familiur. "Were completely lost, we'll never find cassopolis" Ty thought.

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