Happy Birthday, Ellie!

There are words that ruin lives.

(I love someone else)

(I'm dying)

(I wish you'd never been born)

Jesse is not one of those people

whose life is ruined by one sentence.

Until n o w.

Because who would have thought that five words would ruin his perfect little world?

("help me find my daughter")

and he should say no,

but that's never been his strong point, has it?

so he says y e s, of course

which is mistake number one (thousand).

Rachel Berry is unstoppable,

like a hurricane

(and he likes it)

She's the only one in this town who can match him (almost)

and talent is e v e r y t h i n g

(he's an addict for dramatics)

so it's easy to convince her that he's ohsoinlove with her

but he isn't


Jesse is no Saint; don't be fooled by his prettypretty eyes or his tainted smile.

Lying is easy for him

(iloveyou, imissyou, sorry)

and maybe he should start to tell the truth,

but the truth is what everyone expects,

and where's the fun in that?

(cherry lipstick & ballads & shiny hair & ballet)

So he kisses her sweetly and doesn't hold her too tight

because Jesse does not love people:

he loves music.

And when he pulls her closer

it is a mistake, of course

(but Jesse does not make mistakes)


run, Jesse, run, Jesse,


Jesse is careful and clever and cunning

(and broken and bitter and betrayed)

"I trusted you!"

No you didn't, Rachel,

you trusted the boy who pretended,

who whispered sweet words in your ear

and gave you everything

when all he really wants

is someone who just

get's it.

(But what is there to get?)