Your Love

I never knew I can cry so hard when Edward left me near the forest. I want to die, I want to see Alice's cheery face, have Jasper's calming personality with me, Esme's motherly self telling me to eat, Emmet's hugs envelope me in warmth, Carlisle's kindness to guide me, Rosalie's beauty to envy and most of all I want to see Edward's beautiful gold eyes.

But that's never gonna happen... I keep telling myself as I lay on the cold forest floor, crying. I still want to become a vampire no matter what. I remember Edward saying something about the Volturi, the royal vampires. I made my decision when Edward was here that I was to become a vampire and now that Edward left doesn't change anything. I can and will go to Volterra, Italy and ask the Volturi to change me.

What about Charlie and Renee? I asked myself and started thinking of how they would feel that their daughter, Bella, has gone missing. What Charlie would do just to find me. Renee would cry for days on end until they found me dead or alive...

What about Jacob? I thought amidst my other thoughts. Jacob Black, my best friend since childhood and dear family friend to the Swans. I love Jacob just as much as Edward. I cringed at the thought of him. The man who taught me that there is such thing called love, someone who taught me that a small, isolated town isn't always boring.

I am going to the Volturi and getting changed! I am. I am. I am! I repeated in my head to reassure myself. To guarantee myself that I, Isabella Swan, will become a vampire no matter what. I picked myself up off the cold forest floor and looked up. I saw that is was night time.

Perfect now all I have to do is get my things and drive to the airport... I said to myself and went up to my room. I noticed Charlie's cruiser wasn't parked in the driveway so that means he isn't here yet and my plans of running away is going smoothly. I thought of my old life, this life, the life I'm running away from. All my friends, my family gone forever. I packed and slowly crept my stuff to my truck until I packed everything and was ready to go.

One hour later

I have packed everything and i'm already driving to the airport in my rusty, old truck. The truck Charlie bought me as a gift when I arrived here. I saw the airport come into view and re thought everything.

What if they decline me and eat me instead of changing me? What if i'm caught? What about my friends and family? What about everyone I loved? Edward? No! I am gonna go to Volterra, I am gonna change, I am going to forget him! I thought to myself confident and got the strength to sit up straight and smile as I drove.

"I am going to Volterra!" I yelled to myself confidently and parked in the airport parking lot.

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