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As I sat on in my seat I couldn't stop fidgeting. The old woman next to me looked at me and smiled.

"You ok dear?" The old woman asked and I nodded.

"I'm fine just nervous..." I replied.

"First time on a plane huh? Don't worry everything is gonna be ok, dear..." The old woman said nicely and patted my hand. I nodded again and slightly eased in my seat.

Can't go back now... I thought to myself and tried to pay attention to something else. I sighed and tried to relax as we were taking off. It felt as if this was my first time on a plane so I tensed as the plane got in mid-air.

Calm down Isabella, I can do this... I thought to myself and took deep breaths. We were in mid-air and I relaxed. I looked around and saw they were playing a movie. I shrugged and started watching it. After awhile I got bored and drifted off to sleep.

~Landing in Volterra~

"Alright everyone we are landing in Volterra, Italy in 30 minutes please get ready..." The captain announced over the intercom and I yawned.

"I slept that long?" I mumbled to myself and gathered my tote bag. I sat there waiting for the impact of the plane's wheels on the tarmac ground. After waiting a few minutes we finally landed in Volterra. My heart was jumping in shock that I just ran away from home. I shakily got up and nearly fell but the old woman next to me helped me stay balanced.

"Thanks..." I said and she smiled.

"No problem dear..." She replied and I nodded and got out of the plane. I looked up and saw it was cloudy.

Great... I thought to myself and walked away. I looked around and got a taxi.

"Volturi Castle please..." I said and the man nodded and drove me there. Once we arrived I paid him and got out. I looked up at the eerie, dark castle and shuddered at how cold it is. I knocked on the door and was let into a room with a woman sitting behind it.

"Hi welcome to Volturi Castle, i'm Giana..." The woman said cheerfully and I smiled.

I'm at Volturi Castle... I thought to myself amazed...

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