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40 Years

He moves silently to her headstone. The kids linger nearby but stay far enough away to give him space.

Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan-Booth

Beloved Wife and Mother

Sometimes he still can't believe she's gone. Today would have been their 40th wedding anniversary. Bone Cancer. Fate was cruel.

He rests uneasily on his cane and shifts to lay a bouquet of daffodils on her grave before moving to sit on a nearby bench. "Happy Anniversary, Bones," he says. He chuckles at how she always used to tease him about talking to headstones. "You gave me 39 glorious years and three beautiful children. Baby, for a while I had it all. We had it all. If you were here now, you'd be so proud," he glances over at their children and grandchildren.

"Parker has been working hard saving lives." There are times he still can't believe his oldest child is a trauma surgeon. "He's been tormenting his interns." He laughs. They used to torment her interns.

"Chrissy just published her 8th novel." Christine followed in her mother's literary footsteps. "Because I know you care about that stuff; yes, it's on the list." He'll always remember the day Chrissy's third novel knocked Bones out of the number one slot on the best seller list. As competitive as she was, Brennan couldn't have been more proud of their daughter.

"Hank and Sarah are expecting another baby. David is almost as excited about being a big brother as Parker was when we had Chrissy." Their middle child was the only one who had chosen law enforcement as a career. He had held Booth's old position as liaison to the Jeffersonian until the Institute threatened to sever the relationship if he wasn't replaced. He'd also been the only one to match Brennan's lack of social skill. The difference was he didn't have his mother's brains to bail him out.

"And Emily," he shakes his head thinking about their youngest. Emily has Brennan's brains and his gut. The perfect balance of their personalities in a single being. "She's just taken over what used to be your position at the Jeffersonian. Oh, and you know how I was always worried about Chrissy and the Hodgins boy? Well, turns out it was Em I needed to worry about." Billy, Jack and Angela's middle child, wasn't too bad. He'd taken control of the Canteliever Group and was running things for his old man. He's steady and responsible. "Angela really wants them to get married. I told her that Em was headstrong like her mom so not to hold her breath."

He scratches his balding head. "How is it that Hank's the only one of our children that isn't a squint?"

Suddenly a little blur runs up to him. "Whatcha doin', Pops?" David asks as he scrambles into Booth's lap.

"Talking to Nana," he replies wistfully as he helps the child onto his knee.

The little boy shakes his head. "That's impossible. Nana Bones is in Heaven."

Booth hugs the kid tightly as the reminder of her this time draws moisture to his eyes instead of a laugh. "Just like you, Bones," he mumbles softly as a tear drips down his cheek and is lost in the boy's chestnut curls. "They all remind me of you..."