Now you guys wondering why Aries, the main star? Because 1. She's probably the one paired up with the most guys and it would be possible to happen. So on with the story~!

Chapter 1: The End Is Just The Beginning!

Everything was normal now. Lili's mom had been found, and is now in safety and took over the Fortune Telling Business while Lili and Hiromi are doing the private detective work full-time. Everybody was almost at peace if it weren't for the pesky crimes around. But one certain place is the place with the least peace in the whole galaxy.

"IT'S SO BORINGG!" a black haired girl whined. The star ring, was a busy place, considering 13 people were living in such a small place controlled by one human girl named Lili Hoshizawa. A pink haired girl came over to the black haired girl's aid. "Well, you'll get your turn sometime, right?" she said trying to help the young girl.

"I guess so Demeter-chan, but it's not going well. It's been years since I've actually been called out! It's just not fair! And there's nothing to do around in this stupid 'ol ring." She complained.

"Well Aries-chan, you could always play with the twins? They seem to like playing sports like you!" Demeter the Virgo suggested.

"No, I played with them enough this week."

"Go visit Chiron-kun?"

"I don't think he has any more tricks up his sleeve that can make me laugh."

The Virgo sighed.

"Why don't you go talk to Aphrodite-chan? You're good friends with her and you haven't talked with her for a while~"

Aries's eyes widened and a smile tugged at her face.

"You're right Demeter-chan! I'll go do that!" she replied, rushing to Aphrodite; leaving Demeter alone in the dust.

"I hope she fixes that jacket of hers later though" she sighed again.


Aphrodite was writing in her new journal. She sighed but kept a smile on her face.

"Too bad there's not a lot of romance here…" She closed the pink book shut and slid her pen inside as soon as she saw Aries from a distance.

"Ah~! Aries-chan~!" she said softly, waving at her. Aries slowed down and stopped in front of the other girl.

"Hey Aphrodite-chan! How are 'ya?"

Aphrodite giggled a bit before answering the girl. "I'm fine, what about you~?"

"Bored. I was wondering if you knew anything I could do to pass time." She crossed her arms and pouted. The blonde girl in front of her tapped her pen on her chin before giving a mischievous smile toward the other. Aries raised an eyebrow at the sight of this.

"Want to play a game~?" Aphrodite asked.

"Sure~! No dress-up games though." She answered cheerfully.

"I want you to fall in love. It's either that or get someone to fall in love with you~!"

This shocked Aries. Sure, she knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but she didn't expect it to be a GAME.

"What's in it for me? Huh?" This wouldn't be worth doing if there wasn't a worthy prize, right? Aphrodite giggled and gave a soft smile this time.

"I'll tell you anything you want~" Aries thought about this for a while. ANYTHING is such a big word…

"Fine, a deal is a deal." She agreed. But before she could walk off Aphrodite held up a finger.

"I'll give you challenges along the way. You'll get prizes from them too~"

Aries was uneasy about this now, but since she already agreed, she can't go against her best pal, right?

"Okay…" she said in a soft voice as she disappeared from the blonde's sight.

"I wonder how this will work out between her and whoever she ends up with~! Only time will tell~!" She opened her journal and continued to obsess with a certain boy out there.

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