Shaka's citizens, their homes destroyed.

The children of Shaka, their faces hidden, their hearts beating fast.

Shaka, blazing red.

The people of Shaka, on the river.

Temba of Shaka, his mind and heart blazing red. His home black.

Temba on the river.

Temba at Shaka.

Temba, his hammer swinging. His home rising.

Temba, his arms wide. Shaka's citizens, their hammers swinging.

Shaka, its walls rising.

The people of Shaka, their eyes dancing, their homes restored.

Shaka, its walls stronger.

Author's Note: TNG Episode "Darmok". "Shaka, when the walls fell." Razzle, her face wet. Razzle, her mind blazing red: "Shaka rebuilt." The river Temarc, in spring. Readers, reviewing. Razzle, jumping for joy.

(Translation: Based on the TNG Episode "Darmok". I thought the quote, "Shaka, when the walls fell" was a little too depressing to leave on its own. So I had an idea: "Shaka rebuilt." So I couldn't help myself, I had to write it! If you leave a review, I'd be thrilled.)