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Keep it Hidden~


Once, a long time ago, there was a world in peace and balance. Two major tribes ruled the world as one.

Witches- Witches are the females that have the power of the four elements, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. They aren't very good at physical attacks, but they are very wise.

Wizards- Wizards are the male that also have the power of the four elements. This tribe is very agile and has a high phisical attack power. They are not smarter than the witches, and some are stupid.

Each witch and wizard can control all elements, but they are able to specialize on one seprete.

These two tribes have lived together in harmony. Everything changed when the two rarest people of all did something that is passed down by generations.

Witch's Daughter- A Witch's Daughter is the most powerful of the witches tribe, enabling them to control all magic; Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, Dark, Psycic, and can control any witch or wizard. They are not good with physical attacks. They are born every one thousand years. A Daughter cannot die unless murdered.

Wizard's Son- A Wizard's Son is the most powerful of the wizards tribe, also is able to control all magic. But, unlike the Daughter, a Son is better with physical attacks than anyone. They are also born every one thousand years. A Son cannot die unless murdered as well.

The myths say that a Son and Daughter are destined to be together, marry, and have kids. If that does not happen, the same pair will get reincarnated one thousand years later.

One thousand years ago, in 1010, a Son finally met his Daughter and they planned to wed that very year. But, on the day of the wedding, the Son appeared angry and upset, he had just fought with his father.

And by accident, something so bad happened and now every wizard and witch wants to kill a Son and Daughter at birth.

The Son threw a mighty punch at the wall, but instead, he hit the Daughter in the chest. A Daughter cannot withstand the force of a strong physical attack like that, and she died on impact. The Son immediately said that he wanted to die as well, and before he could finish, he was gone.

The legend stops there. And now, a new Son and Daughter has been born. They must hide their powers from everyone else, and it is not an easy task at school.

Every magical being must attend Seiyo Academy of Magic for three years. If not, they will not be able to control their powers at all.

The Son and Daughter do not know each other, they see visions in their sleep instead.

And thus, our story begins.

Chapter 1: Am I found out on the first day of school?


I woke up late for about the millionth time in my life.

Today I was starting a new life, in a new school, Seiyo Academy of Magic.

…Long name, isn't it.

I just found out that I am a witch, and not just any witch, a dreaded Daughter. I still shiver at the sound of that name. My parents knew for a long time, and they decided that instead of killing me, they were going to find out if I was good or not. Instead of killing me, they beat me once a week.

And I though then I was going to die.

I picked up my necklace and was about to put it over my head when I stopped in my tracks. If I wore the sacred crystal of the Daughters to school, I would get killed. I took the crystal part off and put it in my pocket. This is like my good luck charm.

I got my uniform and looked at my bags. Seiyo was a boarding school, and I was finally able to live away from my parents for a long time. I was a little skeptical at first, but then that thought came into mind.

I wonder what kind of people I would meet. I smiled to mself as I carried my bags downstairs. My parents waited for me there, smiles on their faces like mine, but not for the same reason. "Amu-chan, you're in a hurry. I can tell just by looking."

Did I mention that my fingernails turn a specific color depending on the mood I'm in? Right now they are orange which means 'rushed'. I gave my suitcases to my father and I got in the car.

New life, here I come.

Ikuto's POV

I looked at the school. This was my last year in Seiyo. I am a Son, so I am cursed and sentenced to death…that is, if they find me.

Which they won't.

I smirked as my sister ran up to me. She was a scary woman, Utau. But she will have her moments. She lived in the best dorm avaliable with her friends, Rima, Yaya, and Lulu. But that was the witches dorm.

I had the best wizards dorm with Kukai, Tadase, (And why did I put him in this story again? Oh yea, to pair up with Lulu.:p) and Kairi.

Utau and her buddies were expecting someone new in their room, and they perpared a big (mini) party for her. I have never really seen Utau so happy, I have seen her flustered by Kukai though, and I am proud of her…not really.

I saw a car pull up onto the street and I saw a girl come out. She had pink hair, and I must say, wow, I have never seen anyone with pink hair before. She opened the trunk of her car and got her bags. Once she closed the trunk the car sped of, and when the dust cleared the girl was just standing there waving.

I had to chuckle. I just had to. I walked up to her and asked her if she needed anything.

She just responded with, "Hmph, okay then can you show me to the headmaster's office?" I nodded and we started to walk.



Fuckin' silence.

How can a girl like her be so quiet? "So, my name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto and may I ask, what is yours?"

"The name's Hinamori Amu," she said with a cold expression.

"Hey, what happened to your arms?"


"Hey what happened to your arms?" Shit, I forgot about the scars from the beatings! Does being a Daughter always do this to me?

"I-I um, I kinda fell a-a couple days ago," I stuttered. Since when do I stutter? Jeez, apparently Seiyo makes you nervous in more ways than you think.

He smirked. He smirked. He smirked! What the hell? Since when do injuries make someone amused? This guy was not the type of guy for me.

Before he was about to say anything I bumped into a wall, and to my left was a door that had a sign that said, Headmaster's office. "Well, thank you Ikuto but I gotta go," I said as I opened the door and closing it. I saw a desk, a big desk, and a chair that was facing the other side.

I looked at my nails and they were a bright yellow. Nervous, I thought. The chair turned around and I saw a woman in her late thirties. "Please have a seat," she gestured me to the chair in front of her. "So. Hinamori Amu is your name and you are a Daughter," she whispered the last part.

I smiled and she handed me a paper. I looked at it and I noticed it was my scheduale.

1: Fire class

2: Water class

3: Earth class.

4: Air class.

5: Lunch.

6: Study Hall.

7: History.

8: Math.

9: Language arts.

10: Physical Education/Gym.

Damn, how long was a school day? "About ten hours a day. One hour per period."

Crap, did I say that outloud? "Yes you did dear." I bowed to her and left.

On the paper was the room number I was staying in and- oof!

I fell backwards and landed on my butt. "Owowowowow." I said as I looked at what I bumped into.

"Why are you still here?" I asked.

"Well, figuring that it is rude to leave a girl behind while she gets lost looking for her room, I decided to show you where it is," Ikuto said plainly as I got up.

"I don't need your pity, Tsukiyomi." It felt good to call him by his last name, and at that thought, I walked down the hall, with my bags in hand.

Ikuto's POV

I couldn't help but stare after Amu. She was so fun to tease, and she looked cute too. I looked at the ground where she walked and I saw something shine. I walked over and picked it up.

It was a crystal, a clear crystal. It looked old, as if it was given to someone by their grandparents.

This was Amu's, wasn't it?

If it is, then why does it seem so familiar?

I shook my head as I ran to my dorm. I opened the door to find Kairi as usual reading a book on his bed. "Kairi, can you tell me about this crystal?"

He looked at it carefully. "I can get you results in an hour."

I sighed in relief. "You're the best man."


As I finally made it to my room I knocked on the door. "Who's there?" a voice from the inside asked.

"Your new roommate," I said and the door flew open. I saw a crazy energetic girl, a calm cool girl and a girl just resting on the bed. It seemed like we could be good friends.

But there is no way in hell that I am leaking my secret. The energetic one grabbed my hand. "My name is Yuiki Yaya and I specialize in Air!"

"Mainly because sometimes you just fly instead of run, Yaya. My name is Hoshina Utau and I specialize in Earth. That's Yaya for you. She's gonna be eating a lot of candy this year she says," Utau said as she put Yaya in the bathroom.

The small girl giggled. "My name is Mashiro Rima and I specialize in Water. We are all first years this year," she started, and leaned closer to my ear. "Utau was supposed to be a second year but she got held back." I could feel her smile even though I couldn't see her.

"Well, my name is Hinamori Amu and I specialize in Fire," I just had to lie, didn't I? (I have GOT to stop rhyming.) I reached into my pocket to feel the crystal but it wasn't there. Could I have dropped it on the way here?

Wait, maybe Ikuto has it. Yeah, it's safe. Utau grabbed my hand (What is with these magic folk and their crazy hand grabbing?) and dragged me (No kidding) to my new room. It was big, that's a start. It had dark pink walls and a black floor. Some hot pink furniture and a big balconey. I felt lucky…somewhat.

I smiled to myself again as my nails turned dark blue, which means relaxed. I layed my head on the pillows and in seconds I was asleep.


When I woke up I stared into purple circles. My eyes widened as I stared straight at Utau. I must've woken up late or something. But, wouldn't the girls wake me up? "Amu, you have class in an hour. Set your alarm, and you can go back to sleep," she told me as she walked out of the room.

I rolled over to face the clock. I set it for a half-hour until class, so seven-thirty. I rolled over again and went back to sleep.

I hope that today I find my crystal. That's the only thing that can tell if I'm a Daughter or not.



Stupid alarm clock.


I reached over to get it.


Where the hell is that thing?


Alright, that's it! I shot out of bed and grabed the alarm clock and got ready to smash it into the wall. I stopped mid-way and started to get ready.

I put on the chain where the crystal was supposed to be and looked in the mirror.

I had to find it.

I just had to.

I got my bags and ran out the door, but skidded to a stop when I remembered that I didn't know which room Ikuto has. I ran back to the girls and stuck my head through the door. "Any of you possibly know which number is Ikuto's room?"

"He has the same number as us, only M1," Utau called.

"Well, they have a way with numbers," I mumbled to myself as I ran out the door again. I approached the door and knocked.

I was already out of breath when I got there, so it looked like I ran a marathon. The door opened and an orange haired guy stood at the door with a toothbrush in his mouth. "May I ask, what is a pretty girl like you doing here?"

I glared at him. "Is Ikuto here?"

I saw his face relax and he pointed at a closed door. "Ikuto's in there. He's still sleeping and-"

I walked to his door and put my hand on the knob. "He hates getting woken up!" The orange guy said. I ignored him and opened the door. In the dark blue room there was a king sized bed and a large balconey like mine.

In the king sized bed was Ikuto, and he was all curled up like a cat. I shoke him a little but he didn't move. I stroked his hair, and it felt like a cat's fur. I touched his ear for a second and his eyes shot open.

I withdrew my hand as fast as I could but he caught my wrist and pulled me close to him. "Are you trying to take advantage of me, Amu?"

I blushed of course and I could see my nails turn red in embaressment. Ikuto lifted his hands to my neck and I closed my eyes.

I opened them a second later and looked at the chain. The crystal was there! I hugged Ikuto as hard as I could, but I doubt that that would kill him. His eyes opened in shock, and he just sat there. Soon, he hugged me back. "Thank you so much for finding this, if I didn't have it, I don't know what I would do."

"Really?" he asked.

"Well, I would slap everyone silly until I found it but that would make no sense, now would it?" I said as I laughed a little.

He chuckled. Of course he would chuckle. After all, I did try to make a joke. I smiled at him and hugged him again. "We have class in about fifteen minutes."

He nodded and when I was about to leave the room he grabbed my wrist, (seriously! Grabbing is a little too much) and turned me around. "Let me see your scheduale."

I gave him the paper, unaware of how dangerously close our faces were. Well, my nails were already red, so I was already embaressed as it is. He gave back the paper and shook his head. "Wow, this is unexpected but we have all the same classes," he said as he let me go.

And right before I was about to leave, he rested his hands on my shoulders, and I could feel something cold and soft touching my forehead. I backed away, and ran out of the room blushing like mad. I looked at my nails and I gasped, they were light pink.

No way, right?

Ikuto's POV

I looked at her as she ran out of the room, blushing. I never knew that that would happen. I completely lost my cool for a sec and I did that.

And even more shocking news came last night, when Kairi told me where that crystal came from. He told me that…

It belonged to the Daughters in the past.

So if Amu has it then…

No, not possible. She's already a friend. I couldn't marry her and have her kids. She would scream and get a restraning order.

XAmuX & +Ikuto's POV

I can't believe that a kiss on the forehead could do something like this.

I just can't believe that I'm falling for Amu/Ikuto.

So I don't know how many reviews I am going to get because I know that there are many stories with a plot like this and whatnot. But I clearly remember that day where I ate that big bowl of ramen almost a week ago. I expected this to be one of my seven hundred to one thousand word beginner chapter like I usually have, but this came out to me almost three thousand with twenty pages on Microsoft Word (Which I do not own) as you are reading this right now. Um, I guess R&R and I hope that you like the first chapter and I changed my writing style, can you guys tell me whats different?