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-Chapter Seven: Rear-view Mirror-





"Bella," someone said, shaking me softly. I ignored it and continued enjoying my dream, about a red eyed monster that worshiped the ground I walked on.

"Bella, wake up."

"Mmkay, Charlie, one more minute," I mumbled sleepily. I did not want to get up.

"Bella, wake up!"

I recognized Leah's voice, but I couldn't care less at the moment. All I wanted was to finish the damn dream and enjoy it while it lasted. "Mmmmm, maybe later."

"Just shake her awake softly," I heard a male voice say.

"Mind your own business! I know how to wake up my own damn sister, thank you very much!" Leah snapped back in her usual manner.

I sleepily wondered who Leah was talking to, but it was just a fleeting thought, and I was too tired to really care.

"Bella! Bella, wake up! Bella, I walked in on Charlie and Sue having sex on the kitchen table!" Leah screamed in my ear.

I was instantly awake.

"WHAT? Oh my God! We need to disinfect the kitchen immediately! Oh Leah, you poor girl, how are your eyes?" I yelled horrified. When she saw the disgusted look on my face, Leah roared with laughter clutching her sides helplessly. When her laughter was joined by a man's baritone, I looked around to find out what the hell was going on.

Everything came back to me when my eyes found Peter's amused face. "Oh...I remember..." I mumbled with cheeks tinged with embarrassment. I glared at Leah. "Hey, that was uncalled for!"

"I know," she choked out between fits of laughter, "But damn, it was hilarious!"

"Bitch," I grumbled. "That shit is so not funny, you know I felt sick for a week after that happened to me!"

"Wait a minute," Peter interrupted. "That shit happened to you? You actually caught two people having sex on your kitchen table?"

I gagged disgustedly."Not two people, I caught our fucking parents...well...fucking. Her mom and my dad, I don't think I'll ever recover from that sight," I shuddered at the very image this conversation brought me.

Leah just kept laughing. "Hey, I'm just glad it wasn't me...or Seth for that matter."

"Why not Seth?" I asked a bit hurt that she didn't mind me seeing Charlie and Sue in action, but didn't want her brother to see the same disturbing sight."

She gave me a pointed look. "Come on Bells think about it...if Seth sees it, I will too, eventually."

She shuddered dramatically. "And I really do not wanna see that. Ever!"

Oh right, the whole collective mind thing. I started laughing my ass off at the idea. "Just think about it, the guys would freak. Sam would have to throw edicts left and right to stop that disturbing memory."

Leah snickered at the thought. "Oh, ehm...speaking of Charlie, he called while you were sleeping."

I stretched, and stifled a yawn. "What did he say?" I asked curiously.

"Well...I kind of didn't pick up the phone..."

"Why the hell not?" I asked calmly.

"I don't know, I just...figured it be a good idea to wait until we had some answers before we talk to your dad. You know he's gonna want to know where we're going, and more importantly...with whom. Unless you want to lie to him?" again.

I felt a pang of guilt about all the lies I told Charlie in order to protect the pack and the Cullens. Let's just say Charlie didn't believe me as easily as he once did. "No, no I guess you're right. We need to think about what we're going to tell him before we call him back."

I looked at Peter. He was still driving but I could see him in the rear-view mirror. He had a soft look with a hint of a smile on his face, he looked...content. I couldn't help but wonder what particular thought gave him that mood. I silently wished it had something to do with me.

My eyes snapped back to Leah. "Why did you wake me up, anyway? Getting bored?" I teased.

"No, well yeah, I am bored. Mr bad smell over there is no fun. But that's not why I woke you. According to him, we're almost at his house," she turned her attention to Peter. "Please tell me your house doesn't have the same atrocious smell your car has?"

Peter snorted. "Please, like its possible to smell anything but wet dog when you're in the vicinity. I'm just happy to be the first person to give you the opportunity to use some soap, I have an extra bar of soap - well a couple actually, 'cause I don't think one bar will make a difference - with your name on it."

Leah gave him a sweet smile. "Going by the smell of you, I find it hard to believe you even own soap, let alone know how to use it."

I sighed. "I wish I was asleep."

Leah and Peter's bitching was interrupted by Leah's phone ringing.

Who let the dogs out?

Who, who, who, who, who?

Who let the dogs out?

Who, who, who, who, who?

It was the ring tone everyone in the pack used for each other. When Leah heard the ring tone, she gave me a worried look.

"Well, pick up the damn phone." I grumbled.

"What? Hell no! What the hell am I suppose to say? You pick it up," she said almost panicking.

"Fine! Fucking coward," I muttered before answering the phone.

I took a deep breath. "Yellow!"

"Bella? It's Sam. Why are you answering Leah's phone? Where's Leah?" he asked in a deceptively calm voice.

I immediately knew we were in a shitload of trouble and that handing the phone back to Leah would be a very big mistake. When I looked at Leah's panicked face I knew she figured out what was going on too.

"Well, hello there, Sammy! I'm fine, thanks for asking by the way."

"Oh I'm sorry Bella... Hello, how are you doing...you know...with the whole BEING THROWN IN JAIL PART OF YOUR DAY?"

Leah looked like she was going to jump out of the car to save herself. I just gulped and wondered how the hell Sam knew about that little tid bit.

My eyes met Peter's in the rear-view mirror. I could see he was very interested in this conversation but didn't want us to notice that fact. I decided to just talk. It was stupid to try and keep things from him anyway, and since Jasper sent him to us, I kind of trusted him. I would talk freely and figure out what to do about him and Leah later. I mentally groaned because I predicted many more arguments to come between those two.

My mind snapped back to my conversation with Sam when he growled impatiently. "Uhhhm...who told? Did Jasper call you?" I asked, not really believing that Jasper would screw me over like that.

"WHAT? You mean you told that leech before you called your own brothers? That's it! Red-headed leech or not, you are coming home right now so I can kick your ass! I cannot believe I was stupid enough to think you and Leah could act like adults for once. Really Bella, for all the stupid reasons to get thrown in jail...you pick that one? What the hell were you thinking? Were you even thinking? No! You know what, don't answer that. I'm pretty sure I don't even want to know."

Fuck! He obviously knew more then I thought he did. Jasper didn't even know why we were in jail, I was so dead. My mind was racing, trying to figure out a way out of this mess. Since I couldn't seem to find a way, I panicked, and did the only thing I could think of...I saved myself. "It was all Leah's idea, I swear!" I yelled.

"What?" Leah screeched. "Why you little..."

"Well it was!" I snapped at Leah, with a semi apologetic shrug.

"I don't care who came up with that moronic plan, you both participated. That means you both receive an as-kicking from me!"

Uh oh..we were so beyond dead at this point. "Well, we were drunk!" said, trying to grasp at straws.

"Oh, well this shit just gets better and better, of course you were drunk. I mean why wouldn't you be? It's not like we specifically told you not to."

His sarcasm was making me wince. "How did you find out anyway?" I asked curiously.

He sighed tiredly and even though I couldn't see him, I knew he was pinching the bridge of his nose like he always did when a member of the pack did something to stress him out. Usually it was Quil with one of his dumb-ass schemes but Brady and Collin were known to do some stupid shit too. I felt guilty for the stress I added to his already stressful life, but Sam had assured me time and again that he wouldn't have it any other way. I loved him for that. "Well...Charlie received a phone call from the Midland's sheriff's department, informing him exactly what his little girl was up to," he chuckled darkly.

I groaned. "They called Charlie? Just kill me now, otherwise Charlie will."

"Yes, you're right," he agreed amusedly. "Charlie will kill you, in fact, he's currently making up ways to do just that. With the help of Paul and Jacob of course."

I groaned, cradling my head in my hand. "That's it, I am not coming back home."

Sam sighed. "Hand the phone to Leah, I need to talk to her for a bit."

Leah desperately shook her head.

"Uhm...sorry, no can't do," I said hesitantly.

"And why the hell not?"

My mind frantically searched for a way out. "Uhm..'cause she just stepped out of the car," I lied almost desperately.

Leah slapped her head in exasperation, shaking it softly, and I'm pretty sure I heard Peter snort.

Sam stayed silent for a moment. "So..you're trying to tell me that Leah stepped out of the car...out of a moving car?"

Uh-oh... "How do you know it's moving?" I asked, desperately grasping a straws.

"Oh I don't know...because I have ears!" he snapped back sarcastically.

I giggled nervously. "Well, you know Leah, she's probably out chasing a squirrel or something."

Leah sent me a menacing glare that told me she was so going to get back at me for that comment.

Sam exhaled loudly, muttering something about stupid pale faces. "Just put her on, Bella. Now."

I gave Lea an apologetic shrug and handed her the phone. She looked at it as if it was going to attack her, but she accepted it none the less. "Sam."

Since I didn't have special vampire or werewolf hearing, I couldn't listen in on the conversation. I could however hear Sam yell, and see Leah wince.

"So fucking what?" Leah suddenly snapped. "It's about time she- no we had a little fun. Granted, getting thrown in jail wasn't exactly fun, but it was a once in a lifetime experience - at least I hope it was - that every teenager should experience. So again I ask; so fucking what?"

My eyes found Peter who was listening to the conversation intently. I was so busy ogling him, that I almost didn't notice Leah's body freeze. Almost.

"What? When the fuck did this happen?" she asked coldly. I knew that whatever they were discussing was important, because Leah had reverted back into what I liked to call; GI Jane mode.

"Why the fuck didn't I hear about this sooner? Who was on watch? So help me Sam, If you tell me it was Quil, I will murder you!"

I watched as her face grew more angry by the second."How could you-"

"Fine! What do I do now?" she grumbled annoyed at Sam's interruption.


Leah gave Peter a nervous glance before her eyes rested on me with a worried frown. "No, no problem. No problem at all," she said reluctantly. She rubbed her forehead absentmindedly. "I'm not sure where we're gonna be, but I'll probably know in about an hour or so. I'll text you the address then."

"Yeah...you too."

She ended the call with a sigh and stayed silent for a while. I watched her closely but patiently, waiting for her to tell me what the hell was going on. Just when I thought I couldn't wait any longer she started talking.

"So...we're in a shitload of trouble.." she stated matter-of-factly.

I gulped at the serious expression on her face. "Is everything okay? Was someone hurt?" I asked anxiously.

She immediately shook her head. "No! No! Nothing like that, thankfully. It's...the red-head...they- Sam thinks she might know where we are."

My body froze in terror. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oh my fucking God! She was going to find me, again. My stomach churned and felt like throwing up. I felt beads of sweat gather on my for-head and upper lip. I felt a cool drop of sweat slither down my spine. She was going to find me, and finish what she started. My eyes found Peter's in the rear-view mirror. For a guy who's suppose to be driving, he sure does watch the rear-view mirror a lot, I thought absentmindedly.

Maybe if I was lucky, we would hit a tree or something. At least death-by-car-crash would be a lot less painful then the one Victoria was planning for me. Peter and Leah would be fine. They were pretty much indestructible anyway. My eyes were still frozen on Peter's and somehow, in him, I found the strength to pull myself together.

I swallowed loudly. "Victoria knows? How? I don't even know where the fuck we are. How could she know?"

Leah took a deep breath to calm herself. Judging by how she was shaking I could tel she needed to calm down. I wasn't worried though. I knew Leah would never phase with me sitting next to her, she would never do anything to hurt me. "They found her in our backyard eavesdropping on Charlie while he was on the phone. We think she might have overheard his conversation with the cop from Midland, so she at least knows that's where we were."

I was in shock. She actually managed to get that close to Charlie? She could have killed him. Why didn't she? "Goddammit Leah!" I exploded. "She was in our fucking backyard? In our home? How? How the hell did she get on Quileutte land? Who the fuck was on watch?" my mind was racing with possibilities. How could this have happened? I was so happy Charlie decided to move into Sue's house on the reservation instead of Sue moving to Forks. I knew the pack would never let a vampire cross their land and was happy to know Charlie was going to be a lot saver. And then this happened, showing me there really was no place safe from Victoria's reach.

She cringed. "I know, B, I'm not exactly thrilled with this development either. Somehow she just got through, it happens I guess," she said rubbing the back of her neck. "They're keeping a twenty-four hour watch on Charlie and mom, and Seth is so pissed he isn't going to leave home for a very long time. But the thing is...they think she left town. Sam thinks she's on her way to Midland."

I froze. "Well, that's just fucking great then!"

We were going to have to leave. We couldn't stay in one place, not with that bitch sniffing around. It would only be a matter of time before she found me. I glanced at Peter, who was watching us like a hawk. I didn't understand why, but the thought of leaving him, made my blood turn cold. I decided to set that troubling thought aside for a while and focus on the issue at hand.

"So...what now? We go home?" I asked uncertainly. I didn't think home was the best place for us, not right now to least. Too many people that could get caught in the crossfire, and I really didn't want to bring that shit back to the Forks.

Before Leah could answer my question, Peter beat her to it. "No you're not!" he answered determinately. "Jasper put your safety in my hands, and there is where it will remain until he says otherwise. He told me to take you to my home not return you to yours so that is exactly what we're going to do."

He was right. How long could I keep running anyway, I was already exhausted as it was. Maybe staying was the better option.

Leah froze, and turned her face to him. "And how exactly are you planing on stopping us if we decide to leave your smelly ass?" she asked outraged. "Do you honestly think you, or that stupid Cullen, have any say in this?"

Uh oh..Leah was pissed off and I knew from personal experience that a pissed off Leah was NEVER a good thing. People tended to get killed, or possibly maimed when Leah was upset. I took a deep breath and knew I needed to stop this from escalating. She wasn't shaking yet, but I knew it could happen at any second, and a pissed off shaking Leah was so not what I needed right now.

"This whole fucking mess is their stupid fault to begin with," Leah continued. "If they hadn't-"

"Leah, enough!" I interrupted.


"No, seriously Lee, this is not helping. I need you to help me think this through. What's our best option? Do we run, or stay? Because I for one have had it with running from that deranged psycho!"

Leah sighed while rubbing her eyes. "I don't know, Bells, running from a derange psycho sounds like a solid plan to me. The whole staying put while she searches for you plan is what's sounding kind of moronic, but hey, you know me, whatever you wanna do, I'm game."

I gave her a grateful smile. I could always count on Leah for anything. She was the best sister a girl could ask for and I found myself relieved that Sam decided to send her with me instead of Jacob, or God forbid, Quil. I silently shuddered at that thought until I was startled by the sound of Peter's voice.

"So, is one of you ladies ever going to explain WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Peter suddenly yelled.

"No!" Leah snapped.

"Yes," I sighed.

Leah glared at me, but relented wen she saw my determent expression. "Fine! Well, I guess we're telling everyone now. Let's tell the paper boy too, and why don't we add the milkman to that list while we're at it."

I snorted. Leah could be such a drama queen.

"I'm waiting..." Peter interrupted again. Damn! I could not believe I kept forgetting about him, he was way too hot to forget, and it was kind of rude. Certainly not the impression I wanted to make.

Peter, who mistook my silence for reluctance to speak about my 'little problem' started to speak in a very soft, and soothing tone of voice. "...Look, Bella...I understand if this is something you don't want to talk about, believe me I do. But I am here to protect you," he glared at Leah wen she snorted. "Jasper called me because he believed I could keep you safe, but the thing is; I can't keep you safe if I don't know what I'm protecting you from. So please...tell me?"

I nodded reluctantly. It did make sense. "I will. Once we get to your house, I will."

His eyes met mine in the rear-view mirror, and he searched my face for a moment before he found what he was looking for, and nodded reluctantly. "I'll hold you to that."

Leah grimaced in disgust. "Yeah, I'm glad we're all becoming buddy buddy and shit," she said pointing at me and Peter, "But I still don't know what exactly you want to do, and I need to know now because Sam is waiting for my call."

I nodded absentmindedly. "Why do you have to call Sam back, anyway?"

Leah stayed silent. Whatever it was she was so reluctant to tell me I had a feeling I wasn't going to like it.

"Yeah, that's an other reason we're currently knee deep in shit," she took a deep breath, "Sam...well, he wants to send us a couple of people, just so that we stay safe. He doesn't know about Jasper and Mr. I-smell-like-the-dead," she said with a nod to Peter, startling him, "Having your back. They think it's just me. Sam figured he'd send us a couple of the guys and they'd either escort us home, or go with us to where ever the hell it is we're going."

I groaned. "Leah," I whined.

"I know! I know, don't look at me, it was so not my idea."

"Well, who is he sending?"

"I don't know, but I imagine he'll leave the guys with the imprints home. You know those dude's can't stand to be a minute away from their 'reason'. Fucking pussies. It's a good thing too, imagine having to listen to them whine all day long," Leah grumbled. "I'd rather kiss one of those fucking Cullens."

"So, I take it Jasper isn't the only one that has to explain some shit to me. Once we get to my house, I want to hear everything, and I do mean everything," Peter said grimly. "I can't wait, because this sounds like a very interesting story."

"Shut up, you filthy leech, and go buy some deodorant!" Leah snapped.

"If I do, will you promise you'll use it? Pleaaaaassssee...?" Peter mocked.

"Believe me, you garbage bag, if you ever decide to join this century and buy deodorant to try and get rid of your filthy smell, there won't be enough left for me."

"Blow me!" Peter scowled.

"Pfff, not even if you've bathed!"

I groaned. "I am so going back to sleep..."

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