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Misfit of Darkness
Chapter 1: Outside

The underground storage area for the Faerie Library felt dark and cool. There many a shelf lay in dust, waiting for someone to check out books, that simply had been forgotten, or had been under lock and key, via order of the Faerie Queen. These books lay in a secret place, behind a brick wall, to which the door and passage were rarely, if ever opened.

Above the shelves, windows were located. These windows were enough, to allow light to filter through from above, so that candles need not always be lit, to light the shelves. The system in truth, was archaic, but it had been left and maintained for a very long time. Restrictions of who could use the library, always had been set in place.

Silence remained, even as the person who was down stairs, while the Library Faerie worked upstairs in the bookshop, walked down the isles, putting books onto appropriate shelves, or removing them to be shipped out to other libraries in Neopia. The hands simply did their task, and the eyes simply followed the titles and chart telling the person what to do.

However, the silence suddenly was broken, when a loud breaking sound was heard, and a ball from the outside, came hurtling through. The glass spilled over the top of the shelf, and the ball landed at the person's feet. The blue eyes blinked a couple of times, then reached down to pick up the ball from the ground.

The person found themselves suddenly abandoning their task, as they eyes the ball, then heard complaints from a few young neopets who were up the stairs. Stepping out and away, the young man headed for the stairs, and began to walk up them, silence following through. He stepped through the door to the library, then slid out the back door to the bookshop.

A green Blumaroo, a blue Chia and a yellow Aisha stood bickering about who should go and get their ball. By how they were dressed, it seemed that they were in fact male. The figure simply stepped over to them, and held out the ball, their hand re-flexing down. "Did you lose this?"

The three young neopets startled, and suddenly looked up at the male with bewildered eyes. "Are you human?"

"Yes..." came the voice, nonplussed about their line of questioning.

"What is a human doing in a restricted area that is supposed to be neopets and faerie only?" The blue Chia blurted out, pointing his hand at the person.

Two blue eyes glanced around. "I believe that this is the library area, and only certain people are aloud on the grounds." He flexed his hand again. "Your ball? If you don't tell, I won't."

The green Blumaroo quickly grabbed the ball from the teenagers hand, and hurried off, his friends in hot pursuit. The Aisha suddenly turned around, and stuck out his tongue. The person simply watched them leave, then turned back to head back inside. However, as they headed to go through the back through the back door to the book stop, they heard voices.

"Daria, don't you get lonely with only yourself running our Library and Bookstore?" came the question of the Library Faerie.

"No... I don't get lonely running this library," the female chuckled.

"But how can you do it, being without magical ability, all on your own?" a second unfamiliar voice asked.

"I get by," the female stated. "I need to take this out back to the trash."

Two blue eyes suddenly sprung open, realization coming that the person was coming out the way they planned on going in, letting the person know that they had in fact gone outside, like they had been told admittedly not to do. He backed away, and headed back the way he came, in time to see the broken window.

Getting down, he carefully crawled inside, onto the top of the shelving units. He listened to hear her come out, then leave. He let out a sigh of relief, the glass on the top of the shelf biting his fingers. Unfortunately, he glanced over to the side, and suddenly felt everything move around him. The distance between him and the ground was great.

He found the world spinning, then felt his body falling, to crash loudly onto the floor. As he let out a groan due to the pain, he suddenly heard footsteps pounding on the stairs. The Library Faerie popped down there, and began to pull him up. "Are you all right, boy?"

"I'm fine..." came the muttered reply. "I was putting books away, and I fell."

"You're lying to me," the woman stated, pulling him into her arms. "You are terrified of heights, and there isn't a ladder in site. She reached down, and picked up a shard of glass. "What happened to the window?"

"I broke it," he lied through his teeth.

"Again, I know that you are lying," the woman sighed. "There should be a ball or such around here..."

"I all ready returned it to the owners," the boy stated, suddenly feeling her grip tighten.

"You went outside, despite me telling you not to?" the woman asked.

"I've never been out there. Is it because humans are restricted in their movements in Neopia that you don't let me out?" the boy sighed, pulling his knees to his chest.

"Sort of," the woman forced him to his feet. "Come... we need to get you upstairs and cleaned up." At that, she drug him onto his feet, and then up the stairs, and up the more stairs into the living area. When she had bandaged his hands, she went back downstairs, leaving him to sulk and sit on the stairs listening.

Someone came into the bookstore. "Hi! I am looking for a book on faerie names!"

"Ahh... so you're interested in studying up on why names help give us faeries our powers?" the Library Faerie commented. "Ameril, you really are into your studies you know. You will be a great faerie some day. Unfortunately, I don't have such a book at the moment."

The boy leaned on his fist. "I wish someone would just give me a name."

Author's note – I am completely restarting my "Why Are There No Boy Faeries?" series, though the original is going to be kept up here. My writing style has for one thing grown and my story idea has become more fledged out then in had been before. The level of 'willing suspension of disbelief' for Neopets tends to be higher then in other fandoms, and I tried working that into my previous fanfic, but I now want to make my story more believable.

Also, I no longer HAVE a Neopets account. I simply changed e-mails to many times. It is perhaps for the best, because the site is nowhere near as fun plot wise, which was why I joined.