Misfit of Darkness
Chapter 14: Darkness

Dark Faeries will do what Dark Faeries will. There is no thought about how they need to calm their feelings down or rationalize things through. That is, at least for the younger ones who happened to focus on appearing to be the baddest of the bad. So Yova had no problem with following the human and plotting something against him as she knew humans weren't supposed to be there.

She wasn't amused by the fact the Nixi was hornless due to her determination to make the human pay. She didn't find Ameril crashing into him amusing either though under normal circumstances she would be laughing her head off behind a pillar right about now. Particularly since the human knew her name. The reaction the boy had to Ameril losing it would have also been amusing had she not made up her mind about what she was going to do with him.

The human boy was leaning against the railing, causing Yova to smirk. She hung her left arm down and raised her right hand to her shoulder with two fingers sticking out. A small amount of shadow showed between the two fingers before she flung it at the railing causing it to suddenly break and the boy to fall over backwards.

The smile that was on her face disappeared when she realized that Ameril, the goody two shoes she was happened to dive forward to rescue the boy as he fell. There came a shouting from down below and Yova found herself quickly back peddling in order to not get caught. Her mood though was still dark, angry that the adults would allow a human into the school. She stormed off to her next class.

Rumor though came rather quick that Ameril had missed her other classes. "That serves her right, all thins considered... her rescuing that human and all. Should have just let my spell break the railing."

"So... you're the reason she got into trouble?"

"Nice really, but..." The Dark Faerie speaking paused, playing then with her pig tails. "What was a human doing in the school anyways?"

"I honestly don't know. I think it was the human that the Library Faerie was hiding." Yova leaned on her arm, wishing that the testing for the day would get over sooner. Leaving the school after testing she saw that Charil was in a bad mood and decided to pick on her some more. "I can't believe Ameril and that stuck up attitude of hers."

"Oh... what makes Ameril have more of a stuck up attitude then you Charil?" Yova felt the corner of her mouths twist up. While Dark Faeries kept the secrets of their own other Faeries didn't have such loyalty. Particularly when a Dark Faerie threatened them.

"She... uh..." The female gulped. "Apparently she is stuck going on a quest for male Faeries of all things and is having to babysit that human boy as well as that ugly as... well, that ugly Nixi. She says she didn't skip classes but was talking to Queen Fyora. She's lying through her teeth though. It's just a make up quest of no importance beyond helping that Nixi with her school work."

Yova pushed on by and headed outside. She swung a finger around activating a tracking ability. "That human kid touched one of my spells so I should be able to easily find him."

A puff of smoke went up and meandered off while Yova carefully followed it. After a couple of hours she found herself biting her lip, wondering why the spell wasn't working the way it should have.

"Please tell me one of the adult Faeries didn't place a spell on him preventing me from tracking him. That would make sense as the Battle Faerie was likely aware that something happened. Why though didn't I get in trouble. If she suspected something she could easily have said something in regards to me having done something as they can easily track who did a spell. I mean, I'm that low level."

The sun set and she suddenly found herself frowning, only to jump upon hearing the Battle Faerie's voice. "So... what are you up too?" The female turned to look at the Battle Faerie, who was carrying her grocery bags. "Shouldn't you be heading home as it is curfew time?"

"Yes... well..."

"Why don't I escort you. You know... if I recollect Lady Tanua is very strict when it comes to her curfew for the younger Faeries."

"Lady Tanua..." Yova folded her arms across her chest.

"Do you disrespect her?" The Battle Faerie raised an eyebrow."

"No... I respect her. It's my mother I don't want finding out, not the house hold mother." Yova folded her arms across her chest. "I hate being a part of the Talihmar family."

"Then why not start your own family group, or go ask another? As I recollect many are vying to take young ones from Talihmar."

"I'm surprised you're even interested in Dark Faerie business."

"Honestly... someone needs to keep track of your politics to make sure nothing bad happens to the rest of us because of your plotting." The two arrived at the gate while Yova slipped into through the gate way, frustrated that she would have to hold off her search until the morning. Up she got in the morning, reactivating her trace spell hoping that it wouldn't fall through.

After some time she found herself sitting at the fountain, miffed that her tracking spell wasn't working. The sound of some middle school aged Faeries caught her attention.

"Arie... I can't believe your sister is going on a trip." A fire Faerie blinked a couple of times.

"She said that she would be going to Neopia with that boy." The water faerie popped open her soda, only to have it suddenly fuzz out. "Not funny you two."

"I think it is."

"It is that is."

"At least Yai and Yoi's pranks aren't like other Dark Faeries."

"Why did you even bring them along? You know I hate Dark Faeries."

"Today I am a Butterfly Faerie."

"And I'm a Flower Faerie."

"Kiwien is a Sun Faerie."

"And Arie is a Mermaid Faerie."

While Yova's eyebrow twitched the Fire Faerie suddenly spoke up. "But she already is a Mermaid Faerie."

Spinning around the statue she found herself glaring at the two twin Dark Faeries. The were slightly smaller then the other two and hadn't noticed her. The Water Faerie though had and moved to pull the Fire Faerie away. Each of Yova's hands reached out to grab the back of the two younger Dark Faeries heads and yanked them up. "What are you two doing?"

Upon receiving no answer and instead fearful looks she smashed the two girl's foreheads together. "Honestly, would you two knock it off. We're going back to the compound."

She grabbed each by the arm and proceeded to drag them back, muttering under her breath about her bad luck. She saw that Lady Tanua was speaking with her mother when she arrived. The two females shrunk behind her in fear. "Hello mother."

"Why are you dragging your sisters back like that?"

"They were pretending to be a butterfly and a flower today." Yova could feel her cheek twitch while Lady Tanua gave her leave.

"I've told you two those aren't the antics of a Dark Faerie. Now grounded you two be. To your room, I don't wish to see you two out of that room until school starts up again." The woman then turned to her daughter. "Lady Tanua came to me speaking of a human boy the Library Faerie's been keeping."

"About that... apparently he's gone to Neopia. I wish to follow."

"Do. Mind you, don't do anything rash."

"I actually have permission."

"Yes..." The older Dark Faerie turned to leave. "Just don't disappoint me. There is enough of that as it is."

"Yes mother." Yova turned and headed to the place where their family personally took off from the clouds and spread her wings. When she landed she used her trace spell, only to find herself finding a cloaked figure. "You wouldn't happen to have seen a hornless Ixi about here."

The figure muttered something about how said didn't want anything to do with that lot, only to have Yova hold up her finger and cast a spell on the person, causing them to shrink. "Honestly, I don't have time for this."