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A poem that was written by England a long time ago was still laying inside safe and sound in a desk that was covered in dust, but the someone took it out and read it silently.

I Set America Free

By England

I couldn't deal with it,

It was pointless to keep on with the fighting,

I hated having to hurt America.

I couldn't shot him,

I decided to set him free,

To let him have his freedom and independent.

If he should fall and decide that he needs me,

I would take him back and never let America go again.

I can clearly remember it was raining,

I looked into his blue eyes,

He was stubborn and willing to die for his liberty,

I couldn't shot him.

Instead I fell to my knees,

I looked up at him,

He has grown so much in so little time.

I can remember,

It burns so clearly in my mind,

Those words that America spoke to me.

As he looked down at me,

His blue eyes were sad and yet so clear,

'You use to be so big, England'.

America looked at me with those eyes,

He was still standing,

But yet I had fallen to my knees.

Before him I looked to the ground,

I hid my tears and the rain helped me,

To keep America from seeing them.

Those words haunted me,

'You use to be so big, England',

Those words play in my mind over and over again,

It broke my heart.

Have I grown so small,

Have I become so weak,

What happened to the old days?

America changed me,

I have learned my lesson,

Never again shall I care so much for someone,

It can and will only lead to heart ache.

"I never knew how much it had hurt, England." America whispered to himself quietly and then he placed the poem back inside of the desk.

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