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America puffed out his cheeks and he was positive that England has some more poetry, but it is merely hidden and more than likely throughout the whole entire house because England can be so difficult.

"It is an adventure though, but man it is dusty." America muttered to himself and then rolled his blue eyes in annoyance because he wanted to find out more about England through the poetry. He opened up a dusty dresser and then noticed a few pieces of paper. America coughed slightly and he grabbed it lightly since it would not due to rip the paper in half by being careless.

A Painful Reminder

By England

I begin drinking,

My whiskey and dry gin,

A week before the Fourth of July,

I just keep on drinking and drinking,

Until the Fourth of July is over.

The reason is because of those bloody dratted memories,

Memories of before America became independent,

Memories of when America was with me,

Memories of when I was needed and wanted.

I recall when he did not want me to leave,

Looking at me with those big blue eyes and he was so much shorter than I,

Those big innocent blue eyes were filled with tears and it made my heart ache,

But yet I left him alone and left him to fend for himself.

I didn't realize that America might grow,

That he might one day leave me,

That one day America might not need me anymore.

Fourth of July,

Proves that he is free and independent,

That America does not need me,

I should have stayed and not ever let him go.

The Fourth of July,

It is just a painful reminder,

Of what I lost and how I lost it,

Of how things use to be before the war,

But of course I also recall everything about the war.

It went out of hand,

If only things had been different.

End Of Part One

"England is so silly because I do need him, but I just can't say the words that I really want to say to him. I am not good at expressing how I really feel to him." America said quietly and then sighed heavily to himself. He flipped the paper over and silently read Part two.

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