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Summary: After the Kyubi attack, Gai is the first to find Minato and Naruto. After taking Naruto to Kushina, she tells him her last request for Tsunade, Jiraiya, or Kakashi to raise Naruto. When they can't for one reason or another, Gai takes it upon himself to raise Naruto. With help from an unexpected person, how will Naruto turn out raised by the famed taijutsu specialist?

This is my response to ChoujiDude's challenge The Son of the Green Beast of Konoha

Goken Naruto

Chapter One: Father and Son

(Outside Konoha after the battle with the Nine-tailed Fox)

The battle with the fox had just ended. Gai, the man known as the Green Beast of Konoha, was the first on the scene of the Yondaime's battle with the fox. He glanced around the area, looking at all the downed trees. "Wow, this place got hit real hard. It'll take years to recover." Gai stopped his observations, when he heard someone cough and a baby crying. He walked toward the sounds to find something he hoped he would never see. His leader, Minato Namikaze, was leaning against a tree coughing up blood and looked to be in a bad way. He was holding a baby, with blond hair like his and whisker marks on his face.

The Hokage looked up and saw Gai. "Gai, it's good to see you one last time."

Gai ran to the Hokage. "Sir, we have to get you some help right away. I'll go get some medics right away." Gai yelled and turned to run after some medics.

"No Gai, there's nothing they can do. I won't make it." Gai turned to the Hokage. "There's nothing medics can do for me, but there is something you can do, Gai."

Gai's face turned into a slight smile, knowing there was something he could do to help his leader and friend one last time. "Just ask and I'll do it, Hokage-sama."

The Hokage smiled. "Alright, Gai, this is my son, Naruto Namikaze. I need you to take him to Kushina please. Hurry, take him. Someone will come along and find me. Now go." Gai walked up and took the baby boy in his arms and shushined away in a swirl of leaves. Minutes later, the Sandaime, Hiruzen Saurutobi, along with a couple of ANBU came to the scene and found the Minato. "Hello, Saurutobi, I did it. Gai got here first. I had him take the baby to his mother." Minato spoke these words, and then died.

"Very well, my friend, I will protect Naruto as best I can." The reinstated Sandaime said with a sad look on his face at the loss of his chosen successor.

(Minutes later: at the Hospital)

Gai stepped into the hospital lobby and walked up to the receptionist. "Excuse me miss, where is Kushina Uzumaki's hospital room?"

The receptionist looked down at her notes. "She's on the third floor, room 307 sir."

"Thank you, very much." Gai turned and walked toward the stairs. In a couple of minutes, he made it to Kushina's room. He opened the door to see her lying in her hospital bed. The woman he had known for years was one of the strongest and most beautiful in the village, but now she looked pale and feeble. "Excuse me Kushina. Hokage-sama asked me to bring Naruto to you."

She opened her eyes and looked up at Gai. She saw Naruto and reached out for him. Gai handed him to her. She cried and held him to her. "Oh my baby, I love you so much. I wish I could have lived to raise you."

Gai reflected on what she just said, 'So he will be all alone. That is very sad.' Normally Gai is a loud and boisterous individual, but today is a sad day, too sad for such things. "So Kushina-san, does that mean you are dying?"

She turned to him, "Yes, Gai, I lost too much blood in the process of giving birth. I have a few hours' tops."

"That is truly sad. Who will care for the boy then?" Gai was an orphan, and he did not want the Yondaime's son to go through that.

"Gai, I need you to do something for me."

"Anything, Kushina-san, just tell me what," Gai said eagerly.

"I want you to get a message to Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kakashi. I want one of them to take care of Naruto. Can you do that?" She looked at him earnestly, her eyes almost begging.

Gai smiled brightly at her, "Yes, Kushina, I will speak to them about it."

She let out the breath she had been holding. "Thank you Gai. Minato and I are in your debt."

"Think nothing of it. The two of you have helped me so much. It would be the worst mistake of my life, if I were to refuse to help you in your hour of need."

They sat in comfortable silence, until the Sandaime entered the room. "How are you Kushina?"

"I'm not going to make it. Please Gai, Saurutobi, do what you can to protect Naruto."

The old Hokage smiled. "Don't worry Kushina. Minato has thought of everything as usual. I have everything I need to protect him."

She smiled and looked back at Naruto, "I love you so much, Naruto. Grow up big and strong and surpass your father and me. We have left scrolls with all our jutsu. Goodbye my son." She handed Naruto to Saurutobi, and then her head fell and her breathing slowed and stopped.

Gai looked on the scene, "This is a sad day for Konoha, Hokage-sama."

"Yes, it is, and I still have to face the council."

"Excuse me, Hokage-sama. I have something to talk to you about, before you go to the meeting."

The Hokage nodded, "Let's go to my office." Gai nodded his head and followed the old Hokage to his office.

(Five minutes later: Hokage's office)

"Alright Gai, what is this that you need to talk to me about?" The old Hokage lit his pipe, put up a silence seal and prepared to listen.

"Well Hokage-sama, Kushina expressed to me her desire to have Tsunade, Jiraiya, or Kakashi to raise Naruto."

The old Hokage nodded. "I can tell you that Kakashi can't do it Gai. I know he would love to, but he is being promoted into ANBU. He will have too many duties to have time to care for the child properly. I know he will be sad about not being able to be there for his sensei's son as much as he would like."

Gai reflected on this information. "I'm sure Kushina and Minato will not hold any ill will towards him for that."

"Yes, that's true. As for the other two, I will send them a message, before going to the meeting. Perhaps by the time I come out, there will be a response." The old Hokage wrote messages to both Tsunade and Jiraiya hoping that they would get them. Five minutes later, the Sandaime left the room leaving Gai to his thoughts.

(Ten minutes later: the council chambers)

The old Hokage walked in with Naruto and everything he would need to prevent the council from harming Naruto. Minato was very thorough in his preparations to insure his son's safety.

The Sandaime looked around the room. He saw the clan heads, the civilian council and the three elders. The clan heads comprised the leadership of the major clans of the village, including the Hyuga, the Uchiha, the Inuzuka, the Aburame, the Nara, the Akimichi, and the Yamanaka. The civilian council was comprised of the richest and most influential civilians. The three elders were Homura, Koharu and Danzo.

"I call this meeting of the council of Konoha to order. The first order of business is to inform you that our leader Minato Namikaze is dead. He has chosen me to take up the reigns of leadership again, until another candidate can be found."

The faces of almost everyone in the room fell at the confirmation of the death of their beloved leader, Minato Namikaze.

One councilman spoke. "Excuse me Hokage-sama, but how did he die?"

The old Hokage sighed, "The fox could not be killed, and so he died sealing the Nine-Tailed Fox into this baby here."

The heads of everyone in the room looked at the child that the Hokage was holding.

The faces of the civilian council turned to hateful glares. "We should kill it right now, before it can regain its power," one of them shouted. Most of the members of the civilian council shouted their agreement along with Fugaku Uchiha.

The Inuzuka Clan Head, Tsume Inuzuka had a tick mark forming on her head. "You would call for a child to be killed. Do you have no faith in the Yondaime's abilities? You are all a disgrace." Tsume's maternal instincts were kicking in. She knew enough about the Yondaime to know that sealing the fox inside the child did not make the child the fox, and the idea of killing a helpless child is wrong on so many levels.

Danzo's face held an evil glint. "No, we should turn it into a weapon. Give to me to be trained in my Root." The other two elders nodded their heads in agreement.

Several of the clan heads were starting to get angry at this suggestion. The first to speak up was Shikaku Nara. "You would have us subject that child to your inhuman training methods, Danzo. In fact, both suggestions so far are the worst suggestions in the history of this council. That child should be cared for like any other child deserves to be." The clan heads of the Akimichi and Yamanaka clans nodded their heads in agreement with their long time friend. The Nara clan head was not usually so passionate, but he and Chouza Akimichi and Inoichi Yamanaka had been close friends with the Yondaime. All three instantly recognized the baby as Minato's newborn son. They also knew that their friend would make the sacrifice himself long before to would even consider asking anyone else to do so.

The Aburame Clan Head, Shibi Aburame, chose to express his opinion. "I am in agreement with Shikaku, for completely logical reasons of course. Look at the child. That is all I see is a child. What harm can a child do? Your first two suggestions are illogical, because they have no basis or worth. To kill a mere child is ridiculous. As far as Danzo's suggestion, to give a child to someone, who will not care for it properly is illogical and will clearly stunt the child's growth.

Hiashi Hyuga, the Hyuga Clan Head, spoke up, "I am going to agree with the majority of the clan heads. I see no threat to the Hyuga Clan from him, so I see no reason to take such extreme measures."

The Hokage smiled. "It seems that you are in luck, Shikaku. Before facing the fox, Minato made a decree and here it is.

I Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage, do hereby decree that no one shall have the power to determine what happens to this child, except for the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Saurutobi.

"As my FINAL DECISION," the Hokage said in a voice that left no room for argument, "I will find someone to take the boy in and raise him properly. Now, this meeting is dismissed." The old Hokage got up and headed back to his office, with all his papers and Naruto.

(Inside the Hokage's office)

Gai looked up to see the Hokage walk into the room. "So how did it go?"

The Hokage smiled, "It went pretty much how I expected, but Naruto is safe." Just as he said this, two messenger hawks flew in the window, with messages attached to their legs. The Hokage looked at the first one to find his own message returned unopened. "It seems that Tsunade could not be found, so we will have to pin our hopes on Jiraiya." He turned to the other hawk and took the message. It was indeed from Jiraiya. The Hokage read it and passed it to Gai.


I'm sorry I can't take care of Naruto. After the attack by the Fox, our village is weakened. It is more vital than ever that I maintain my spy network. However, just because I can't take care of him full time, doesn't mean I don't care. I will come to visit him as often as I can. If he's abused or hurt, there's going to be Hell to pay.

Jiraiya of the Sanin

Gai looked at the letter thoughtfully. He was silent for several minutes. Then he came to a conclusion. "Hokage-sama, I would like to adopt Naruto. I can take care of him. I feel I owe it to do this for Minato and Kushina."

The Hokage looked at Gai for a moment in thought, "Very well Gai, you may adopt him. Fortunately for you, Minato made sure that decision was mine to make and not the council's. It is important that he is well taken care of."

Gai nodded, "I understand that it is a great responsibility, Hokage-sama, but it is one I take on with pride." Gai grabbed Naruto and headed for home.

(Ten minutes later: Gai's apartment)

Gai unlocked the door and stepped inside. He turned on the lights and laid Naruto down on the couch. He went out for a few minutes to get some supplies, including things he would need for Naruto. Fifteen minutes later, he was back with everything. When he walked in the door, Naruto was awake and crying. Gai was about to go over to check on him, when someone knocked on the door. Gai went to open it. There at the door stood his friend, Izumi Uchiha.

Izumi Uchiha was Obito's cousin. She was kind and understanding like he was and yet strong in battle like many Uchiha's. She had long black hair going down to her mid-back and dark eyes. The look they held was not cold and hard like many Uchiha's. It was soft and kind.

"Hello Izumi, what are you doing here?" Gai was puzzled by her presence.

"I heard about your situation from the Hokage, so I thought I would come give you a hand. So are you going to let me in?"

Gai came out of his thoughts, "Oh yes, of course, come right in." He moved over to allow her inside. Then he heard Naruto crying and remembered what he was doing when he heard the knock.


He would have gone on, but Izumi stopped him, by clamping her hand over his mouth and shouting, "Be quiet, Gai." After he calmed down, she began speaking in a more normal tone, "To tell you the truth, I've always thought that stuff was kind of funny, but you can't do it anymore. You have a child to take care of. I'm going to help you as much as I can, but you have to stop yelling like that. Also, you can't teach him all that stuff about youthfulness. As funny as it is, its complete bull as far as real life advice goes. I'm not asking you to change everything at once. For now, just work on stopping the shouting and dropping all the talk about youthfulness. You have to think about his needs now." Gai nodded that he understood.

Izumi turned to Naruto and figured out that he was just hungry. She made something for him, and he ate quietly and fell back asleep. "Hey Gai, you have two extra bedrooms. Do you care if I stay over, so I can help you for a while?"

Gai shook his head no. They both fell asleep shortly after.

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