Author's Note: *rubbing her backside* Ouch! I'll never-ever let my dad beta- read a story again. He kicked my behind for what I did in the following piece ^_^;;; Anyway…it'll be a tear-jerker. At least that's what I hope it to be, but somehow all my stories turn out different than planned O_o

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka nor Michiru, but I own the plot.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to Lara.

1 Everlasting Love

Prologue: Runaway

Haruka yawned while she unlocked the door that led to her apartment; it had been a hard day at the race track. Her arms hurt from the gripe she always had on the steering wheel, her back was sore and her neck felt tired in a weird way from the weight of the helmet she had been wearing all day. Sighing, the blonde threw her sports bag into the corner, letting her shoes follow. "And tomorrow I'm supposed to go to school." Haruka talked out loud. Since she had moved out from her parents', she often talked to herself. It helped when she felt lonely. Sighing, Haruka checked herself over in the huge mirror of her living room. Suddenly, she grinned and accused her image: "Lesbian!" Taking a defending pose, she replied: "And? Nevermind!" The blonde chuckled and went to take a relaxing drive.

While Haruka Tenoh did that weird things with her mirror, Michiru Kaioh packed the last things of the few she owned into her suitcase, wiping her tears away while she did so. Her cheek still hurt where her stepfather had hit her again, but the pain between her legs was even worse. "Oh God, please don't let him wake up until I'm gone." She prayed, quickly closed the zipper of her suitcase and put on her coat. The aqua haired girl hurried out of the apartment she shared with her stepfather since her mother had died and quickly rushed down the stairs, out of the apartment building and on the street. Michiru made a bee line for the bus stop, still hoping and praying that her stepfather wouldn't wake up and find her before the bus came. That was when the lights of the bus appeared in the darkness, and the aqua haired girl cheered inwardly. The bus stopped, Michiru bought a ticket and got on it, ready to get away from the small village where she lived and to go to Tokyo.

Haruka drove her yellow convertible into the parking lot that was reserved for her – after all, she was a famous racer, and so it was just natural that Mugen Gakuen had a reserved parking lot for her car – got out and made her way over to the school building, whistling all the way. Her tune died on her lips when she heard a soft voice behind her: "Excuse me?" Haruka turned around and discovered a young girl standing behind her, looking at her shyly…and almost fearful. "Yes please?" the blonde asked with a warm smile, and the girl spoke on: "Is this Mugen Gakuen? I'm new here, and…" she trailed off. Haruka just nodded. "Yes, you're right here. Are you a new student?" the girl nodded, and Haruka extended her hand, smiling. "Nice to meet you, then. I'm Haruka Tenoh." Slowly, the girl took the offered hand and shook it, replying: „Michiru Kaioh." Haruka made a vague gesture towards the school building and offered: "Want me to take you to the headmasters office? If you're new, you'll surely get lost." Michiru nodded, and Haruka wondered why she didn't smile back to her. "Okay, let's go then." She said. The two of them walked off, Michiru walking a little behind Haruka. After a short walk through the building, they reached the office. "There. See you later." Haruka grinned at the aqua haired girl. "Yes, see you later." Michiru mumbled, still not returning the smile. Haruka shrugged and hurried off, into her class.