Epilogue:  Born To Make You Happy

„Gods, I'm tired." Michiru mumbled while Haruka led her up to the elevator. "Me too." The blonde agreed. Both girls yawned simultaneously while they entered the lift and Haruka inserted her card into the slot. Michiru leaned against the wall of the elevator, rubbing her eyes. "I think I'm an itsy bitsy drunk." She stated. Haruka chuckled. "No, honey, you're more than an itsy bitsy drunk." "You're one to talk." Michiru replied, smiling. The couple shared a kiss, but they had to break apart when the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Haruka took a hold of Michirus hand, and they walked out of the lift. Michiru leaned against the wall while Haruka unlocked the door; finally, they entered the apartment and immediately walked into the bedroom. Haruka undressed herself while Michiru had a little fight with her dress; she just couldn't reach the zipper on the back. "Haruka, love, can you open my dress, please?" she finally gave up and turned to her lover for help. "Sure." Haruka replied, opened the zipper and undressed Michiru. The two girls put on their pajamas, and climbed into the bed. Michiru snuggled up to Haruka, who put her arms around her, and both fell asleep in the very next second.

The next morning, Michiru awoke when the sun shone into her face. She groaned a little and turned around, before she realized that something was missing. The aqua haired girl opened her eyes and blinked, only to find out that Haruka wasn't lying next to her. "Where is she…?" she wondered out loud. That was when the door opened and Haruka poked her head in. "You're awake?" she grinned. Michiru grinned back and nodded. "Yes…since when are you up?" "Long enough." Haruka replied cryptically. "Stay in bed, I'll be right back." Before Michiru had time to reply something, the blonde had already vanished again. Michiru frowned, but decided to do what Haruka had told her and didn't climb out of the bed. Soon, the door opened again, and Haruka came walking in, carrying a tray with various fruits, like grapes, oranges and cherries, and a huge pot of coffee. Michirus eyes lit up when Haruka placed the tray carefully on the bed and smiled at her. "Breakfast in bed, just for you, my love." The blonde then spoke. She carefully picked up one of the grapes, and Michiru ate it out of her fingers, enjoying the sweet taste. "Thanks, Haruka." The aqua haired girl then spoke, pulling her love close. They kissed long and gentle, and Michiru allowed Haruka to feed her some more of the grapes and cherries. "Anything for you, love." Haruka replied, gently stroking the long aqua locks of her girlfriend. Michiru smiled up at her, and they kissed again. "I love you, Haruka." Michiru whispered. "I love you too." Haruka replied, in the same volume. "You showed me how to love again." Michiru admitted, sudden tears blurring her vision. "You made me happy again." Haruka smiled and gently kissed Michirus cheek. "I was born to make you happy, Michiru." She then spoke into the ear of her lover. Michiru smiled and leaned against her love, a sudden wave of joy and happiness flooding up inside her. "She's right." The aqua haired girl thought to herself. "She was born to make me happy. And I…I was born to make her happy."