Puckabrina supershort drabble on what Puck finds beautiful, and of course, Sabrina would be included :D. It sucks, but read it anyway! Reviews are love!

To Puck, it took a special kind of person to look beautiful on a cloudy day. Anyone could look beautiful in the sunlight, they didn't even have to smile, with the light bouncing off of them like rainbows, they could be the picture of peace and beauty. But on a cloudy day, it took something else. A special quality. Not a rainy day, no because anyone could look beautiful in the rain as well. Soaked to the bone and looking up at the falling water was just a classic look, romance movie 101 and it had a certain appeal to the eye. It was, in a strange way, beautiful, even to puck.

Not that he'd ever say that out loud.

But on a cloudy day, where it's in between, and there's no rain and no sun, most people really didn't look beautiful. They just looked sad and tired and messy, and overwhelmed because everything seems to go wrong. Rushing down the stairs to find some food, he came across Sabrina, staring out a window in the empty living room, knowing everyone else was probably in the dining room or inside mirror. He took a moment to just stop and stare at her, leaning on the archway into the room, not saying a word. Just watching her, because it really wasn't something he got to do often.

She was constantly in motion, moving faster than she should have, and always on the move. But today, she seemed stuck, frozen in time, and he was going to take full advantage of that. She didn't notice him, too busy in her own thoughts. And, not that he'd ever admit it, he thought she looked beautiful just sitting there doing nothing. She seemed to bring a sort of light into the room that seemed slightly closed in and small because of the lack of natural sunlight. Her skin seemed to almost glow all on its own, and her hair swished gently as she breathed, silkily sliding along her back.

Her legs folded under her seemed ready to unfold at any second, and she could spring up like a flower. Her whole aura entranced him, in a way. She just seemed so vibrant, full of energy and life. And Puck thought that she was probably the first person he'd ever found anywhere near beautiful on a rainy day. His eyes followed her movements eagerly as she looked farther up and sighed under her breath, speaking lowly to herself.

"A bird, out in this weather? It'll rain soon, but oh well…I wonder what it's like to fly," She said wistfully, sighing again and pressing her fingertips lightly against the glass as if that alone could break it and she could just walk on through. Puck snorted before he could stop himself, alerting her of his presence. She was just so weird sometimes. She spun around quickly, her hair flying out behind her and her body unfolding in a second so she was sitting up perfectly straight, facing him. Her eyes were showing some emotion, soft and lofty, like a feather. It was foreign to him, but he loved how she could do that, just pop up within a moment's notice.

"What do you want, freak baby?" She spat, but not angrily. Almost…affectionately. Puck thought inwardly that she managed to amaze him on many, many levels. Not that he would say that out loud. An almost smirk, almost smile crossed his features, and he thought in that one moment, that he would think she was beautiful anywhere, at any time, rainy, sunny, or in between. If she was fighting a goblin or a fairy or a dragon thirty times her size and she was covered in blood, she would still probably be the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, and that thought disgusted him just as much as it made him tingle inside.

"Nothing, stinkpot." And he wheeled around to get to the kitchen, really wanting his food, that same almost smirk almost smile on his face, thinking he might actually take her to see what flying was really like.

Not that he'd ever say that out loud.