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Daphne walked into Sabrina's room in the early hours of the morning, trying to get to breakfast and failing miserably(because she was nothing if not a very heavy sleeper and extremely disoriented upon immediate waking), though what she saw after opening the door was enough to wake her right up. Sabrina sat huddled up on the floor, her head leaned to the left, falling on Puck's shoulder.

Puck's head was rested gently on top of Sabrina's, his neck not seeming to mind the odd position since he hadn't moved during the course of the night. She squealed and her palm shot up into her mouth. As the noise was rather loud in the quiet room(because she may have thought she was being quiet but everything is noisy in a place where there is no noise), Puck stirred and she squeaked, then ran out, closing the door a bit too loud behind her.

"AH!" She grinned to herself, almost upset with herself for waking them, but more concerned with the fact that things were going exactly as she wanted them to and she could get to planning the wedding soon enough…

"AH!" Sabrina woke up seeing green. She then realized it was Puck's eyes and pushed him away, ignoring the stirring she felt in her stomach, almost like butterflies. But no, that couldn't be- why would Puck give her butterflies?

"What were you doing you weirdo?" She shrieked, leaping at him to smack his shoulder. He dropped and spun away with practiced ease, just barely evading her open palm.

"Looking at you in all your horrendous ugliness, that's what," he teased, while flashing a devilish grin and going in for a solid smack to the side of her head, as if it was second nature. Easy as breathing she shoved his hand away from herself with a sharp smacking sound and kicked his shin. He muttered under his breath, glaring daggers at the ridiculously smug looking girl.

"Sure, now you decide to sound smart for a change. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks," her sneer fell from her face as Puck lunged for her and she scurried out of the way and breezed out the door. She ran down the stairs, followed closely by him.

"Oh, yes, because I'm the stupid one," he retorted brightly, grinning cheekily. They danced through the dining room, glancing blows and insults off each other until finally the whirlwind stopped and the found themselves sat at the table, looking around in surprise, wondering how exactly they wound up there. It was Jake laughing that finally broke them out of their thoughts.

"What-" Puck started, then glared at Sabrina who cut him off abruptly.

"Exactly is so funny?" That only made Jake laugh harder, and Daphne soon joined in. In a rare moment of agreement, Sabrina and Puck looked at each other, to Daphne and Jake, back to each other, and shrugged. Sabrina got up to see if she could find some cereal and Puck shoveled food with his hands- as usual.

"Use a fork, idiot," Sabrina said offhandedly to him while spooning her breakfast gently to her waiting lips.

"And be like you commoners? No, thanks though." He sounded as aloof as she did, as if they were discussing the weather, though neither of them noticed.

"If we're commoners you're the dirt we walk on," She sing-songed and swept out of the room to bring her dish to the sink and wash it quickly. He followed her shouting at her to "Take that back, you stupid Grimm!" Though there was no real heat behind his words, and they both knew it, though it wasn't acknowledged.

"Not in a million years, fairy boy." They continued like that, back upstairs, and it was not until they got to the door of Sabrina's room that they realized what had happened.

"We never speak of this again," They said in unison.

"And be expecting a prank, Grimm!" Puck yelled down the hallway before slamming his door shut.

"…Right." Sabrina muttered to herself, before going into her own room. She lay down in her bed, thinking that she'd like to go outside, so she grabbed her shoes, brushed her hair and was out the door with barely a Bye to announce her decision to the household. She mostly just walked around in the yard, looking out into the forest, but not daring to actually go into it. She sat down under a large tree a little way away from the house, feeling warm and heavy all of a sudden, and before she knew it, was swept away into another dream.

"You- you're me."

"Oh no," the girl said, "I'm much better than that." She laughed a little as Sabrina's natural light, a blueish white in color, seeped into the air. It filled the room, combating her blackish red, feeling like it robbed her of her very strength. She loved the harsh burn.

"Why am I tied up? What do you want?"

A feral grin.

One cool hand traced Sabrina's jaw and lips gently.

"Wrong questions, I'm afraid. Don't you want to know…who I am? How you got here? Where you are? Why, as much as you might not want to believe me, this is all real and whatever happens here happens back there?" There was no time to wonder what she meant. Sabrina was breathing heavier, her light aura being slightly overpowered by her doppelgangers darker one.

"No, I don't want to know, I want to fuc-"

"Ah, ah, ah. Manners, Sabrina. No cursing, now." A sharp burst of almost invisible power, only signified by a subtle rippling of the air, was punctuated by Sabrina's scream.

Sashaying around the small gray room(with only a steel door as a decoration) with graceful swings of her hips, she let her words roll off her tongue, just loud enough to be heard over Sabrina's echoing voice, assaulting her eardrums.

"You can call me Lily," She said, all smiles and dancing eyes. Something about that name just didn't sit right with Sabrina.

"You got here because I brought you here, and that's all you'll know about it. For now, anyway. Luckily for me, that's how plans work out, you find out when I say you do," Lily enunciated with glee. Another spike in power, and Sabrina's screams were raised an octave.

"As to where you are…you could call it a dream, some people call it a nightmare. If I were you, I'd call just call it reality. With those screams, you'll fit right in. And you should look in a mirror. You're changing, dear. Oh, but…" A mock gasp and over exaggerated shock, "You don't know yet, do you? Well. You'll see soon." Lily's eyes were turning an odd shade of lavender. As if she could feel it, she put a hand to her face, a disgruntled look marring her features. But she continued still.

"and believe me, this. Is. All. Real." Lily took a razor sharp nail made a paper cut-like incision right behind Sabrina's left ear. A small amount of blood slid down her face.

"How, you ask?" Her tone was sickly sweet, and vile, and disgusting. "Well," and here the room seemed to pulse and crackle with black and red. Pure energy, and Sabrina's screams were their loudest yet. Lily leaned down to whisper in Sabrina's ear.

"It's magic." Harsh laughter.

And the world dissolved to nothing.

Sabrina bolted upright, clashing foreheads with Puck. They both groaned.


"The one and only." Of course.

"What are you doing here?" Her breathing was still unsteady.

"You were screaming." Her dream rushed back to her and she was all at once frantic. She felt her arms, her face, her wrists, her throat-which felt raw, as if she'd been…screaming…but then she remember that was what Puck had woken her up for in the first place. Of course, it had to have just been a dream. It had to have. That pain had been excruciating, as if she was being burned an dismembered at the same time. There was no way she could have come out of that alive. Her heart calmed and her breathing slowed.

It was all just a dream.

She shook her hair out and smiled in relief, leaning back against the tree and tilting her head upwards.

"Hey Grimm. You're bleeding."

"What?" Her reaction was instantaneous. Her hand flew up behind her ear, the one place she hadn't checked. Shaking fingers slowly pulled up into her line of vision, dotted with blood.

There was only a seconds pause, time enough to mutter in slowly building horror, a low Oh my God….

And then she screamed.