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"I just don't get why I have to be all dressed up for fucking dinner," Harry said sulkily, aiming a petulant kick at the doorframe.

Hermione glanced at him, amused and exasperated in turn. "Because Draco wanted to make it special, because he's sorry he had to go away last minute," she reminded him, fixing her earrings in place. "Come on, you know he's trying."

"No, he's being weird," Harry muttered, pulling at his tie. "He's been weird for weeks."

"How so?" Hermione asked, walking over and straightening his tie back up.

"I don't know," Harry said frustrated. "Since he got back…he's just dropped the whole family thing and is being how we used to be…but something's not right. He's distracted. He's not right."

"I'm sure it's fine," Hermione tried to reassure him, running her hands over his shoulders, unnecessarily smoothing down the material of his jacket. "Talk to him after dinner."

"No point," Harry muttered. There wasn't; Ron had already said all this and Harry still didn't believe him, not one bit. "I don't know what to do, I mean if I keep bugging him he's going to start getting all annoyed and frown-y but if I leave it I'm going to drive myself mad-"

"Hey," Hermione said sternly. "You're being paranoid, stop it."

Harry paused, still looking sullen but thoughtful. "You think?"

"Yes," she said firmly. "You're just worrying because of that fight. Come on, he's been looking forward to this meal. He misses you."

"I know," Harry sighed. "It's just…He's been away a lot lately too and I don't like it. I've never liked when he has to go away for more than a night at a time, and especially now...I'm going to have words with Bill and tell him to send someone else on the some of the overnighters."

"Well, get a move on then," Hermione said briskly, checking her watch. "You're complaining about not getting to see him yet you're sulking around your house when you could be with him in the restaurant. Not to mention the fact that he and Ron will be sat at a table unsupervised and I bet Draco's got a bottle of wine on the go."

Harry smiled at her, nodding and running his hand over the back of his head, making his hair stick up. "You're right. Sorry," he said and gestured for her to step towards the door. "You look lovely by the way," he added and she smiled mischievously at him.

"Better late than never," she said and held out her hand. "We're apparating, come on."

"Where are we even going?" Harry asked as he took her hand.

"You'll see."

"Urgh, I hate apparating, its still-whoa."

Harry straightened up, rubbing his stomach and looking confused. His eyes lifted and widened, travelling over the building they had just apparated in front of.

"This is where we're eating? It looks like a stately home!" he said, astounded. "Where the hell are we?" he asked, looking astonished as he turned to look back down the sweeping gravel driveway, the expanses of neatly trimmed lawns and the towering trees that gave the whole place a sense of grandeur and seclusion.

"Come on," Hermione said, smiling and nudging him with her elbow, not answering any of his questions.

"Now I know why you made me dress up," Harry said, running a hand over his hair self consciously.

"Yes, now come on. Draco's waiting for you," Hermione said and Harry made his feet move, walking the rest of the way up the drive, the gravel crunching under their feet.

The large oak doors opened before they reached them and Harry glanced at Hermione who was still smiling widely. It immediately struck Harry that she looked possibly a little too happy for someone who was just going for a simple dinner and had been worried about Ron and Draco being unsupervised not ten minutes ago.

"Hermione-" he said slowly as they walked into the entrance hall. It was grand but not overstated, with dark wooden walls and a polished wooden floor, leading up towards a sweeping staircase. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

She laughed, her eyes twinkling and pushed him across the hall to the staircase which they ascended, Harry getting more and more confused with every step they took. They reached the top of the staircase and turned right, following the corridor to the end until they reached another set of double doors which opened automatically as they got near.

Harry froze in the doorway, his jaw dropping and his eyes opening wide as he took in the scene. The room was huge, with large windows down the right hand side, and was laid out with rows and rows of chairs, all facing forwards towards a slightly raised dais at the far end. "Holy fuck," Harry stammered. "Hermione- what the-"

He broke off, staring around and still looking completely stunned. "This isn't dinner," he said faintly as his eyes continued to take in the room. It was decorated simply but beautifully, panelled in light wood and decorated in cream tones. It was lit softly, floating candles hovering over the entire room just like there used to be at Hogwarts. His eyes skimmed all of that and then fell and fixed on the small group of people that were stood at the front of the room.

His feet moved him forwards without him realising as his eyes locked on the person in the centre of the group, a blonde someone who was wearing a suit to match his, sitting on one of the chairs on the front row, rocking it slightly on its back two legs, rolling something in-between his hands.

Harry reached halfway down the aisle that cut down the centre of the rows of chairs and then Draco noticed him, looking up and meeting his eyes. He didn't say anything and Harry continued to walk towards him, still feeling bewildered.

Draco murmured something to the three people next to him- Neville, Pansy and Ron- and they backed away, leaving Draco alone to speak to Harry.

Standing up, Draco looked down until Harry reached him, and then looked up a little apprehensively as Harry stood right in front of him.

"What's going on?" Harry asked quietly.

Draco smiled and then raised his hands; Harry saw what he was holding. His magic, magic eight ball that Hermione had confiscated weeks ago.


Draco held up a finger and then rolled the ball over, addressing it in a low voice. "Does Draco Malfoy want to marry Harry Potter and raise a family with him and live in a house with stairs and a garden and a pet dog and everything?"

He rolled the ball over, glanced at the bottom and then smiled, lifting it to show Harry the answer.


"What?" Harry asked stupidly. "This is-? This. Me and you- married?"

"If you want," Draco shrugged, glancing down and rolling the ball in-between his hands again. "I mean, it's all ready to roll, we were just waiting for you to turn up."

Harry gaped. He was completely gobsmacked: the amount of effort Draco must have put into organising this was phenomenal.

Blinking, he noticed Draco was watching him apprehensively, waiting for a response. He looked genuinely worried, as if Harry was going to say no, and get angry, or storm out-.

Harry nearly laughed out loud, realising that even through the shock and the whirl of thoughts and feelings currently running through his mind, the option of saying no had never even presented itself. As Draco bit his lip, the worried cleft between his eyebrows deepening slightly, Harry forced himself to speak. "So. You planned this behind my back?" he asked finally, with a hint of caution in his voice.

"Well, they helped," Draco said, jerking his head towards Ron Neville, Pansy, and Hermione, who were hovering some way back, talking together, discussing something that was written on a piece of parchment in Neville's hands.

"You really want to marry me?" Harry reached out and took Draco's hand, pulling him up close. He still couldn't quite believe it, this was something completely off the map and just…insane. Everything was fitting into place- the odd behaviour, the trips away, the instinctive feeling that something was up-

"Yes," Draco said quietly, dropping the magic 8 ball onto the seat next to him so he could slip his other hand onto Harry's waist. "And I thought it'd be better to just do it rather than giving you the option of freaking out again. You know, show you I really meant it. And if you hate it, it was all Grangers idea and not mine."

"You complete shit," Harry whispered and Draco's lips twitched in a small smile. "So this is why you've been acting so weird?"

Draco nodded, shifting a little guiltily. "Yeah. I'm sorry. But this isn't everything…"

"There's more?" Harry asked, astounded. "You plan our wedding behind my back and there's more?"

There was a noise behind them and Draco's eyes left his to look at something over Harry's shoulder. They both turned and Harry froze all over again. His mind went completely blank in shock for the second time that evening, both words and thoughts failing him.

Narcissa Malfoy was stood there next to them, with two purple robed officials stood just behind her and in her arms was a small bundle, and Draco was carefully but awkwardly taking the bundle from her, cradling it in his arms and turning back to Harry, now looking fully nervous.

"Someone's…someone's asked me to take care of him," he said carefully. "She doesn't want to- she can't keep him. If you're up for it, I wouldn't mind."

"You…" Harry still couldn't formulate the words, his eyes were fixed on the sleeping baby in Draco's arms, taking in everything he could see. The peaceful face, the pink cheeks, the hand bunched into a fist near his mouth, the black hair that stuck up in tufts… "Christ, Draco, he looks like me," he blurted out.

Draco laughed thickly. "I know. That wasn't planned. Just a shot of good luck. I couldn't believe it when I first saw him."

"How…this…" Harry said, his eyes still on the child. "How did you-"

"Mother," Draco said quietly. "She knows some people who know some people."

Harry continued to stare down at the sleeping child; a strange feeling had gripped hold of his chest. To know Draco had planned this, planned all of it and given him everything he ever wanted…it was mind blowing. Terrifying. Amazing.

"We don't have to. Nothing's been signed. There's still some more paperwork to do. I mean, these guys in the purple are here to check I don't run off with him." Draco told him softly. Harry was listening but he didn't respond; he was too busy trying to take it all in and not pass out. "But if I- if we can't, he'll go somewhere else."

"But whose is he? Why us?" Harry managed to ask.

"I'll tell you all the details later, I promise," Draco said, shifting the child a little uncomfortably in his arms. Harry felt a mad urge to take him and show Draco how he could hold him and relax. "First I need to know. It's up to you though."

"He could seriously be ours?" Harry asked faintly.

"Yeah," Draco said with a nod. "His Mother asked if we would take him…selective adoption it's called, where the mother picks out where the baby goes to. I let on to Mother that I wanted me and you to have a family, the gossip spread and then his Mother contacted me when she heard."

Draco paused and looked down at the baby. "And as much as I never thought I'd ever say this, or admit it out loud… I've somehow grown quite attached to him."

Harry was still reeling. "You mean you meant it? All that time-"

"Yeah, you were just too thick to listen to me," Draco said and Harry bit his lip.

Silence fell as Harry watched the baby, reaching out to gently run a finger down his cheek. The baby didn't stir. "Heavy sleeper," Draco whispered. "It scares me a bit, I have to check on him about twenty times a minute."

"How long have you had him?" Harry asked.

"Since I left for that last minute work trip that wasn't actually a last minute work trip," Draco confessed. "His birth Mother had to sign the forms and I wanted him here for this. Just to make completely sure you had a heart attack, you know."

"You complete shit," Harry repeated, pulling the blankets away from the baby's face so he could see him more clearly. The baby stirred and his mouth opened and closed a few times and Harry heard Draco draw his breath in sharply, just before the baby screwed up his face and then relaxed, his eyes opening slightly.

The bottom fell out of Harry's world. Sleepy grey eyes blinked at him and he felt his hand tremble, pulling it back away from the baby's face.

"Draco-" Harry said helplessly.

"I know." Draco said, his voice low.

Harry laughed weakly and looked up at Draco whose eyes were fixed on his, looking unmistakably worried. "If you don't want-"

"I do," Harry replied. "Look at him. How could I bloody not? It's you I'm worried about-"

"Harry, I did all this for us," Draco said. "I wouldn't have gone to all this trouble to set this up for us if I didn't want it too. Stop being such a Gryffindor about it."

"You are unbelievable," Harry said.

"In a good way, right?" Draco quipped and Harry laughed again, glancing back down at the baby whose eyes had shut again, going back to sleep.

"What's his name?"

"Doesn't have one yet," Draco shrugged. "I picked out the kid and the wedding suits. Thought I better leave something for you to do."

"Can I hold him?"

"On one condition," Draco said and Harry looked at him expectantly. "You marry me first."

Harry laughed. "Right now?"

"Yep," Draco replied, then called back over his shoulder. "Weasley!"

Ron looked up and gave a thumbs up. "Got it!" he turned around and shouted across the room. "Oi everyone! Harry said yes, get out here!"

Harry's heart skipped a beat as Draco shook his head, muttering 'smooth, Weasley, smooth.' A door at the back of the room behind the dais opened fully and people started to pour out; people familiar to him and all dressed ready for a wedding. In the crowd he could see Molly and Arthur, Bill and Fleur, Seamus, Dean, Williams and Vane, Theo, Millicent, George, Angelina, Kingsley, Luna, to name a few, all filing in and taking seats, chattering excitedly-

"I take it you assumed I'd say yes?" Harry said faintly, his eyes wide. "I'm dreaming," he said, shaking his head slightly. "I have to be- ow!"

He turned to see Hermione smiling mischievously at him, obviously having just pinched him on his arm. "Nope. You're awake," she said, peering over to see the baby in Draco's arms. "Gosh, Ron was right, he does look like you doesn't he?"

"Yeah," Harry said, his smile growing wider by degrees. "Wait till you see his eyes."

"Why? Are they green?" Hermione asked.

"Grey," Harry replied and she smiled delightedly, understanding.

"So," Draco's quiet voice bought his attention back and he turned to him as Hermione turned the other way to talk to Ginny and Molly who had both come up, looking expectant and excited. "What do you say?"

Harry looked at his scared but sincere face, looking equal parts eager and nervous, grey eyes locked on his.

"I don't know," he said and Draco's face flickered with uncertainty. "I mean, you haven't even asked me properly."

Draco swore under his breath, looking down and then back up at Harry, trying not to smile. "Harry James Potter, you great prat, are you going to marry me and raise this brat with me or not?"

Harry smiled. "Yes."

Draco smiled back and Harry leant over to kiss him, a smile on his face as the room behind them, erupted in cheers and clapping.

"Oh god, what a cliché," Draco murmured against Harry's lips, still smiling as the applause continued behind them, a wolf whistle accompanying the claps. "We've not even started the ceremony yet."

"Shut it you, I think it's romantic," Harry replied with a laugh.

"You would," Draco replied, pulling back and looking down to check on the baby.

"This was your idea," Harry reminded him.

"Oh fuck off," Draco replied. They both glanced at each other then down at the baby and then back at each other again, bursting into laughter.

"I love you," Draco said and Harry leant in to kiss him again, smiling against his lips.

"I know."

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