Title: Memento
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eliot/Parker
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word Count: 296
A/N: Though hardly my first fic, it's my first P/E fic. And I've only done one previous Leverage story, so I'm still getting into the groove!

This was originally written for comment_fic (oringinal prompt was Leverage, Parker/Eliot, Memeto) but I took it in a different direction and decided to post it here instead. There may or may not be a companion piece from Eliot's side of the story.

She had to get out. They'd been together for almost a year and in that time he had slowly started to wear away at her defenses, break down walls that were years in the making. She didn't trust anyone, and she certainly didn't let anyone in so how did she wake up one day and find her life so entwined with his? Toothbrushes in the same cup in the bathroom, lock pick kit next to the knives in the kitchen, and her bunny casually seated alongside his guitar in their bedroom. Their bedroom. The normalcy of this life together was suffocating and leaving was the only solution, so she made a plan.

The plan was meticulous with every detail worked out like a heist; it would be as if she were never there at all. Some books, her harness, clothes, a hairbrush; little by little she removed it all until there was almost nothing left. It took her about a week before she was ready, she could have gone slower, made it less obvious what she was doing, but it was Eliot and he would have noticed either way so it was easier just to get it over with. She gathered the last of her things, having saved the more obvious items, like bunny, for last; at the very least keeping up the appearance that nothing had changed.

There was only one thing left to do before she made her escape, creeping to his side of the bed, she slid the turquoise bracelet from his wrist and fastened it around her own. A reminder of the closest thing she had to family. On her way out she paused, turning to look at his sleeping form stretched across the mattress because she knew she wouldn't be back.