Summary: Renji watches. Yaoi.

Pairing/s: RenjiIchigo.

Warnings: Yaoi, fluffy, no real plot.

Disclaimers: I don't own Bleach.


The back lay bare for him to explore. The back was strong, untouched, light tan, no scars. The only scars this body held was on the chest. Never ran away. Never backed down.

Renji sighed; sometimes he wished this body would.

He laid his forehead against the top of the spine, inhaled deeply. He chuckled. He smells like his name.



The teen mumbled under his breath and squirmed a little. The redhead waited carefully as Ichigo settled again. He approached and pressed his lips against the warm shoulder.

"Mmm… Ren?"

"That's me," the tattooed man whispered. "What's wrong?"

"I should… ask you that…" Ichigo mumbled and turned, his eyes opened half-way. "Why're… you 'wake?"

"Nothing," Renji said and kissed the teen lightly on the cheek. "Just lookin' at you, handsome."

"You have time for that tomorrow," Ichigo said and snuggled closer. "Go to sleep…"

Renji touched the sleep-warm skin with his fingertips, skimming over the arm down to the narrow waist, inhaled deeply again and relaxed. Ichigo soon went limp in his grasp.

Renji was glad he was able to be with Ichigo this much. Byakuya had understood, which was a little freaky in itself, and had Renji assigned to assist Kurosaki Ichigo in taking care of whatever problems of the Shinigami-kind that came to Karakura Town. But for now, after all that shit with Aizen, it was calm and for Renji it was almost vacation.

His hands began to explore, and wherever they went on Ichigo they found strength. One of the hands finally ended up stroking Ichigo's face, examining it. For once the teen's forehead was smoothed out, and he was without worries at least for a little bit. He wormed an arm underneath Ichigo and pulled the willing body closer, sighing softly as the teen came to rest against his chest, soft breath puffing warm air to his skin, making him shiver.

The redhead closer his eyes with a smile and traced every part of the teen he could reach. Strong. This body was strong. Renji kissed Ichigo's forehead and let the head rest on his chest as he slowly dropped back to sleep. It was one thing he knew though. One thing only he would cause.

No matter how strong Ichigo would become, in the end of the day when it really mattered, it would be to Renji the teen came back to, and the redhead would become his strength.


A really short one-shot. Hope you enjoyed.

Until another time,