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Just a quick one-shot where John discovers something about all the assumptions about his relationship with Sherlock.

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John Watson entered the rooms at 221b Baker street and threw himself down in an armchair with an exacerbated sigh. Mrs. Hudson had just made another comment about Sherlock and himself. Something about all the loud noises she keeps hearing, which have been keeping her up at night and that they should be considerate of her when they are getting a bit frisky... (He shuddered at the thought.) No matter how much he tried to explain that Sherlock was jumping up and down on a cadaver... and not on him, she just flashed a cheeky grin. Obviously she didn't believe him.

"Doesn't it ever bother you?" he asked his housemate who sat across from him.

"Mmm...?" was the non-committal reply he received. Apparently Sherlock Holmes was too engrossed by his laptop, his eyes darting across the screen in concentration, to bother with John at the moment.

"You know... the constant assumptions that we..." He gestured between the two of them. "... are a..." he cleared his throat, " item."

Sherlock looked up from his laptop and stared at John. "Why would it bother me?"

"Because it's not true perhaps?" John asked incredulously.

"If I was to concern myself with every false assumption that was made about me, I'd get no work done."

"Well it might not bother you but it bothers me. I'm seeing someone, a woman in fact, and if this rumour gets back to Sarah that I'm sleeping with you... well... it would be a little uncomfortable don't you think?" John asked.

"Right, well then I'll stop telling people we're a couple so." Was Sherlock's curt reply.

John sat in silence for a moment, his mouth agape, his mind digesting the last sentence that had come from Sherlock.

"Tea?" Sherlock queried. Whether he was asking John if he wanted a cup of tea or to make a cup of tea, John wasn't entirely sure. At the moment it was actually the last thing on his mind.

"What?" he asked in disbelief. "You'll stop telling..." he stopped, anger boiling to the surface. "What do you mean you'll stop telling people that we are a couple?" he barked.

"Really John I know you have a good grasp on the english language, I am an avid follower of your blog after-all. SO what I mean, is exactly what I said, I'll stop telling people that we are a couple."

"W...why..." John shook his head, trying to clear it of some of his thoughts. "Why would you be telling people that?" he asked, a forced tone of calm beaten into the question.

"Oh you know a couple of reasons. Tea?" he asked again.

"No I don't want bloody tea! I want to know why you're telling people we are a couple?" John's temper finally getting the better of him.

"You're bothered by this..." Sherlock stated idly.

John rose from his chair and moved to the kitchen, only to return again. Taking a deep breathe he spoke once more.

"Sherlock, why are you telling people we are a couple?"

"It's easier than explaining that I am not interested in any kind of relationship. It was also a way of seeing how you deal with the assumptions that you are gay, which would directly lead to your opinion in regards to gay people in general. I may be brilliant but I didn't know by looking at you whether you were homophobic or not. I couldn't share a flat with someone who would disapprove of my way of life, now could I?

John sighed. There was a twisted logic to it, he had to admit.

"Well did I pass the test?" he asked taking his seat once again.

"Of course you did. You past the test the night we met."

"So why would you keep insinuating that we're together?" his eyes furrowed in confusion.

"It was...amusing...?" Sherlock answered. In truth, he wasn't entirely sure himself why he would do such a thing. Once they had developed that 1. Sherlock was gay and 2. John really didn't have a problem with it, what with his sister also being gay, he should have just dropped it but he didn't... which was more than a little startling for detective to admit at the moment.

John just sighed. "Ok... you know what I really don't care either way... just stop telling people we're a couple." He knew that the damage was done now, but something about Sherlocks uncertainty kept him from pushing the subject any further.

After an awkward moment in silence Sherlock spoke up.


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