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Fenrir roared down the dusty road heading back to Midgar, rocks and gravel kicking up behind him. Cloud handled the bike with practiced ease, gliding around corners turns as if he were on pavement. The past months after defeating Sephiroth…again, had been busy with Tifa helping Cloud set up his delivery business. So far he was doing rather well with his little venture, the extra money helping out Tifa and the kids, not to mention his guilt of free loading.

He rounded a bend and came out onto the flat stretch before Midgar, giving Fenrir more gas and streaking down the road. Cloud loved the feeling of the wind in his face and hair, pulling on his clothes. It made him feel free and unburdened by his past and unafraid of his future, if only for a few hours. Cloud shook his head to free his mind of wandering thoughts. Spacing out on the road was something Tifa was constantly getting after him for and his lips quirked a little at the thought. Tifa, hands on her hips, lecturing him.

Dragging his mind back to the road once more, he noticed something along side the road ahead of him. It looked like a large dead animal, possibly it had been hit by a truck. He squinted through his goggles and leaned forward on the bike to get a better view, even though he was speeding towards it, getting closer with every second.

Something in his gut made him stop before he passed it, although he wasn't sure why. A dead animal was a dead animal, nothing could be done other than cover your nose at the stench. As Fenrir rolled to a rumbling stop, Cloud frowned. That was no dead animal. It was a man, a man with a broad back and black hair.

"Zack…" was the first word out of his mouth as he jumped off Fenrir and ran to the body, his heart pounding in his chest.

His hopes continued to climb when he saw the SOLDIER First Class uniform on the body as he fell to his knees in the soft roadside soil and pulled the heavy man over to his back. He was definitely a SOLDIER; hard shoulder paldrons, stomach bracer and its leather suspenders, sleeveless sweater and heavy cargo pants with two belts.

"Za…this…isn't Zack…" Deep inside, he knew it wouldn't be his long gone friend, no matter how much he had wished it to be.

Cloud frowned a little as he studied the strong, dirty face. It seemed vaguely familiar and then there was the question of why a First Class SOLDIER was laying along a road outside Midgar. All the First's were dead and gone. Supposedly anyways.

While the gears were squeaking in Cloud's brain, the man groaned slightly and cracked a eye open, only to slam it shut at the blinding sun. Last thing he remembered was floating peacefully in the Lifestream, then suddenly hurtling towards Gaia like a falling asteroid and making contact with the hard ground. After that he had blacked out and now someone had rolled his aching body over and was muttering to themselves. One thing he was sure of; this was surely Zack's doing.

A shadow came across his face and he cracked his eyes open again, to see bright blue eyes and gravity defying hair.


The man's brows lowered into a frown and he nodded slowly, so as not to rattle his aching head to much. He was sure he had seen that hair somewhere, a cadet maybe? A friend of Zack's? It was possible, he had lost track of how many friends Zack had told him about and showed him pictures of. He stopped that train of thought with a frown. Cadet? Zack? Who was Zack and what were cadets? The Lifestream…if he had been in the Lifestream, then he must have died, but when and how? And why? It was as if he was groping through fog for something he knew was there, but it kept eluding him. He knew he should know who Zack was and what cadets where, why he had died and how, however he couldn't quite get his mind around it.

"Uh…" Cloud frowned back, "Who are you?"

"Angeal. Angeal Hewely."

At least he knew his name…

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