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"ID, please." the bouncer in front of the club said, holding out his hand.

I took a deep breath. You can do this. You have a good fake ID. Alice already got through with hers, so why should you be stopped? You can do this. Just breathe. Stay calm.

I handed him the hunk of plastic, biting my lip. It's fine. You look 21. You look 21.

"Good." he said handing it back to me. "Go on in. Have a good night."

I slipped it back into my pocket, nodded to him, and walked inside. It wasn't what I had expected for a club; it looked more like an old bar. There was a bartender serving drinks behind a long counter, and a few people were sitting on bar stools in front of it. There was no flashing lights or booming music like Alice had said there would be. Speaking of Alice, where was she?

I walked further inside, looking around. Of course, like always, she ditched me as soon as we got in. Why did she always do that? It was so annoying, not to mention frightening when I was a minor surrounded by drunken men. No one seemed too drunk yet though; it was too early for that. I inched my feet across the floor, eying a group of men playing darts. There were some people playing pool in the corner, but no Alice.

I took another deep breath. I'd find her by the end of the night; passed out somewhere and too drunk too walk. That's how it always was with Alice.

I walked over to the bar counter and climbed onto a stool. The bartender smiled and walked over to me, cleaning a glass with a towel as he did so. Typical.

"What can I get for you?" he asked.

"A Corona?" I asked, smiling back; I didn't want to seem nervous or upset.

"Sure thing." he replied, turning and grabbing one from the little freezer beneath the counter.

I paid him and used the little bottle opener in front of me to pop the lid off. I took a swig as the bartender watched me. He was probably in his early 20's; no wrinkles whatsoever.

"So what's a beautiful girl like you doing alone at a bar?" he asked.

He was a flirt too. Easily dealt with.

"I'm not alone actually." I muttered, taking another sip. "My boyfriend's beating somebody up outside who tried to kiss me."

His eyes widened and he nodded, walking over to someone else. I grinned; I was getting good at lying about being alone. Guys tended to back off when they thought my "big bad boyfriend" was going to come and get them if they made a move on me. Sadly, I didn't have a boyfriend. I'd had one a few months ago, but Mike was jerk. I'd finally come to my senses and ended it with him.

"You're such a liar." the person beside me murmured. He didn't sound irritated or angry; he sounded amused.

I turned, only to see the most handsome man I had ever seen. Green eyes, perfectly sculpted cheekbones, unusual -yet beautiful- bronze colored hair that stuck up in every direction... He had some stubble along his chin, and his breath smelled of Corona; just like I'm sure mine did. Late 20's, definitely. I could see a few little wrinkles near the corners of his mouth, but that was it. He was perfect, otherwise. I realized I was staring at him, and I quickly recovered, just in time to answer his question before I creeped him out.

"What makes you believe I'm lying?" I asked, taking another sip of Corona and trying to clear my head.

"Oh, please. A girl like you would never date some jealous asshole." he replied. "Your type would probably be... a mysterious nice guy."

I almost spit out my Corona as a laugh burst from my mouth. The bartender shot me a look, and then turned away. I looked back at the guy. He was smiling; a crooked little smile that made him look younger.

"Like you, right?" I asked, rolling my eyes. "Seriously, I've heard it all before. There's no point trying to flirt with me because it's not going to work."

He smiled wider and lifted the bottle of Corona to his mouth. I watched as his lips enclosed around the top, and his tongue lightly traced the inside. He swigged it down and laid it back on the counter again; okay, he had totally done that on purpose, because that had been hot.

"I'm not one to flirt." he said with a shrug, scratching his chin. "People these days are way to desperate."

"I know. You've heard one pick-up line, you've heard them all." I sighed. "It gets so annoying."

"And women who throw themselves at people? Seriously, why the hell would you do that? It's not attractive." he added, rolling his eyes.

"Hear hear!" I laughed, clinking my bottle against his. He smiled again.

"So, if you don't mind me asking... what is a beautiful girl like you doing here by her lonesome?" he questioned, and I could hear in his tone that he didn't care if I answered or not.

I sighed. "My friend ditched me. Probably to go hook up with some guy." I brought the bottle to my lips again.

"I presume your friend is a girl?" he asked and I nodded, holding in another mouthful of Corona that threatened to spray out.

I put my bottle back down and puffed out my cheeks, thinking. For some reason, I wasn't feeling as irritated at Alice as I had before. And I had a feeling it was because of this guy.

"So, again, if you don't mind me asking... what is your name?" he smiled, another crooked line spreading across his face. So handsome.

"Bella." I told him. "You?"

"Edward." he replied. Wow, that was a nice name. It sounded so gentlemanly. It fit him to a T.

"I know we were just talking about stupid pick-up lines, but... do you come here often?" I asked, biting my lip.

He shook his head. "Nah. I just needed a drink. Things have been pretty hectic in my life lately."

"Do you mind if I asked what was hectic about it?" I questioned, tracing the top of my bottle with my thumb absentmindedly.

"Just a lot of craziness." he sighed. "Family issues."

I nodded. I knew exactly how he felt; my family wasn't doing too good at the moment either. My parents were in the middle of a divorce, and I was stuck in the middle. Things were pretty sad right now for me. I patted his shoulder lightly, and I was surprised at how hard his muscle felt beneath his shirt. I guess he was buff.

"I'm sorry." I murmured.

He smiled slightly. "It's okay. Nothing I can't get through."

I smiled back and leaned my head gently against his shoulder. I hoped he found it comforting and not flirtatious, because I just trying to make him feel better; not creep him out. His head leaned in and rested against mine as sighed. I inched my stool closer to his so our legs were touching. He pulled away to smile at me.

"You little sneak." he teased, wrapping one arm around my waist and making me jump. He pulled me closer to him, the stool squeaking against the floor. "You're too cute for your own good you know, Bella."

When he said my name, little sparks hitched in my blood stream and made my heart thud unevenly for a few seconds.

"Well my cuteness has nothing on your handsomeness, Edward." I said with a smile, leaning closer into him.

We sat there for a moment, and then eight words slipped from his mouth. Eight words that made my heart start thudding unevenly again, and my breath come quicker.

"Do you want to get out of here?" he murmured, his hand pressing into the small of my back.

It took me a few seconds to answer, and when I did, my voice was barely a whisper.


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