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Hello~ I'm Akira Abbie, recently Dumbledore as sent me a letter to enter Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry. School there has already started but he still insist on me joining. How can I say no? He already told me about the house and what not to do and such. Sounds fun well better than my school in the muggles world, though I will miss my muggle friends. The houses I want to join are either Gryffindor or Raven claw. Well to be honest I don't mind where I'll end up with but I prefer the 2. I have dark brown hair that passes my shoulder by a few inches, it's layered and a bit wavy, and my bangs go across my forehead. I have a slim body and creamy, soft skin with light brown eyes. Right now I'm boarding the train 9 ¾. The train was empty of students. Dumbledore is probably talking about me right now, he always does that, it's as if I'm his proud child, but I don't hate it, I like him. He's very nice and talking with him or having him around makes me clam. Oh here I am, I walk out the train seeing a GIANT...Must be the man Dumbledore said, what was his name again? Rubeus Hagrid that's it.

"Hello there, you must be the lovely lady Dumbledore talks about" he said.

"Hello and yes I am"

"This way please, watch your step" I followed him on a boat and off to Hogwarts. It was bigger than I thought; it looked more like a castle than a school. An elderly woman who I believe was Morag McGonagall asked me to follow her. I did and she lends me to a huge hall with tables and many people.

"Ah here she is" Dumbledore at the front said. I stood waiting for McGonagall to ask me to sit on the stool and put the hat on. "Everyone this is Akira Abbie" Dumbledore said proudly. I smiled happily.

"Hello, I'll be looking for to meeting you all" I said after that McGonagall asked me to sit on the stool. I did.

"Oh my my, such a wonderful mind this one is, very smart brave and very beautiful too now, where should I put you...SLYTHERIN" he yelled. I froze.

"Are you...sure?"

"I'm not very sure, but I've never been wrong once so...Slytherin is where you'll be placed in. I shrugged and gave the hat to McGonagall and hopped off to the table where the Slytherins were. I sat next to a blond boy with his hair pushed back.

"I'm Malfoy...Draco Malfoy"


"Are your parent's magic?"

"I don't know; don't get any though that's not very sad"

"You're very famous around the magic world, my father works in the Ministry of Magic's"

"Cool, though I don't very much care for fame" After that little talk Dumbledore began the feast. I didn't eat much, Dumbledore sudden stood up and went over to a man with black, and the black haired man stood and followed Dumbledore out the hall.

Narrator telling the story:

"Severus, I need you to look after Akira, I aspect you to make her very comfortable, and seeing as that she's in your house, she'll be depending on you." Severus didn't say any question or anything.

Normal Akira P.O.V

Dumbledore return to the hall followed by the man with black hair. I got curious to whom that man was and what did Dumbledore needed him for. I nudged Draco by my elbow on his upper arm.


"Who's the man there with black hair?"

"He's Professor Snape, head of Slytherins"

"What does he teach?"

"Potions" after Draco was sure I won't ask something more he continued to eat. I stared at Snape, curious to why Dumbledore needed him, but my staring was cut short when he stared at me. I turned my head away from his direction and continued to eat. Later on one of the Perfect in our dorm Marcus Flint showed us to our dorms, and explained all we needed to know. Saying our stuff is in the rooms. I went up the girl's room side. There were some girls bullying a girl that was smaller.

"It's weak bullying on the smaller" I said calmly unpacking my stuff. I an owl, a snow owl, to me I find them very pretty. They girls glared at me coldly.

"Listen here girl, just because you get praise by Dumbledore doesn't mean to walk and talk all high and might, your nothing but trash"

"Well than if I'm trash than you're a fat beast that gets beat by the trash" I told her calmly, she got very angry took out her wand.

" Stupefy" she said

"Ennervate" I said which counters it. "That isn't nice and it's against the rules" the girl seeing as I knew a spell she didn't know, found me to be stronger than her, she and he gang of friend left.

"We'll spare you for now, but next time we won't be easy" they pasted me and walked out.

"Bye" I said to them. I turned to the girl that was being bullied.

"Thanks" she said.

"No worries, if they bully you come to me, I'm Akira what's yours?"


"Nice to meet you Kim I'm looking forward to knowing you" I smiled to her, she smiled back.

"Likewise" we shook hands, talked at the same time unpacked,

"Kim what we have first, I lost my schedule"

"We've got potions without Gryfinddors though"

"Potions...? So Professor Snape?"

"y-yes..." she said.

"Ok, looking forward to it"

"You won't be after you meet him"

"Hm? How come?"

"He's scary and mean"

"Is he? Well for a Slytherin you sure don't seem like it" she just looked down.

"Oh sorry if that hurt your feelings I didn't mean to"

"No it's not that, it's just I never really wanted to come to Hogwarts but my family insisted on and how could I say no to them?"

"I see you're a kind person to those who are close to you that you'd do something that you don't like for them" she nodded. "Well, I'm glad you came, because I won't have a girlfriend, but you need to have confidents in yourself, keep the thought of 'I can do it' in mind, promise you'll try?" she nodded full of energy. The bell for the first call, my eyes widen.

"It that the class bell?" she nodded. "So we're late?" she nodded again scared for some reason. We grab the stuff we needed and ran to class, I didn't know where it was but Kim did so i just followed her without questions. I opened the door quickly seeing Professor Snape walking left and right pacing.

"Sorry we're late we didn't notice the time" Kim and I sat in the empty seats next to Draco.

"I'd suggest you two to come earlier next time but seeing as you two became friends and your new I'll let you off the hook" He said, I signed in relief and the girls that bullied Kim laughed loudly. I turned to them giving them a glare that seems to say 'shut up' they gave a dirty looked and ignored me. I turned back to facing the teacher. He told us to make a cure to boils, which I just followed the instructions and made it as perfect as I can. Snape came by each person checking how they did their potions; he came to Draco saying its well done than to me. I stared up at him with light brown calm eyes.

"Impressive, tell me have you ever done potions?" he asked me.

"No sir, this is my first time" I said honestly.

"10 points well be added" he said, I did a little smile; he paused and then went to see Kim's work. She was shaking a bit and looking down, when she said she was scared of him she really meant it. She looked at me at the corner of her eyes. I smiled to her giving a thumb up; she gave a weak smile and looked up at the teacher. Snape stared at my wide smile and back to Kim.

"Well done" and he moved on without another word.

"See not so scary" I whispered, and Snape heard it. She smiled at me. The next bell rang for our next class with McGonagall; we hurried and made it before the next bell rang. She taught us how to change animals into glasses? Anyways we were with Gryfinddor this time. I smiled to all the Gryfinddor I passed, telling them I don't bite. Most smiled back to me. As I walked in the hall with Kim I heard some things people are saying about me. Like 'she's being nice to us to use our trust' or 'she's using a fake face to earn trust' and stuff like that. Kim knew this too and looked at me seeing what expression I'm making.

"You know Kim, its weird how things work here, if I'm in Gryfinddor the Slytherins would hate me and if I was in Slytherin the Gryfinddor would hate me. They shouldn't judge by the houses someone's in. And what's funny is that I'm being nice to them yet they get the wrong idea because I'm in Slytherin, I'm glad I have at least a friend.

"Akira..." Kim said sadly. I felt hurt, I'm the type the covers my painful feeling and act as if I'm fine. I don't like bothering other with me, I'd sing when I'm sad or hurt, the only one that knows that is Dumbledore. He's the only one that can see though my fake face. Dumbledore happens to be walking by when I began to sing quietly. I sang it's alright its okay that I made (not true it's by Ashley Tisdale) And Dumbledore knew how I'm feeling for my first day. He doesn't know why though.


Dumbledore wanted a word with Severus, so at break he called him to his office.

"You called for me sir" Severus said.

"Yes, today I saw Akira, not happy at all like I wanted her to be mostly on her first day, do you know why?" Severus's brows rose a bit. "No sir, she was fine in my class" "No, you don't understand Akira is the type that's good at covering herself when she's sad or hurt so no one knows. She begins to hum or sing when she feels sad. She sometimes gets sick from covering it."

"I see"

"So I'm asked you to look out sharply to when she sings or hums and I want you to find out why" with that he left. He finds it weird how he has to look and protect a student of his. He knew she has potions with him in the afternoon for some reason...he was looking forward to seeing her again. This isn't like him at all.


I made feathers float, learned how to fly and pulled out a screaming plant that could make you pass out. But now i have potions again but with Gryfinddor which made my stomach turn. Maybe I should skip it and say I'm not feeling well? It's true not a lie too.

"You look pale, are you alright?" Draco said. Oh that's right I became friends with Draco from the pass classes. So now I have 2 friends YAY ME.

"I don't know I feel sick"

"Could be from the scream from the plant" Kim said.

"Maybe" We entered the potions room and I heard some 'Oh great it's her' or 'Ach she's just horrible' and some from my own dorm, but that one had less affect on me, I never really liked them. I took my seat in-between Kim and Draco.

"Be quiet" Professor Snape said. Everyone when quiet and turned to him. My eyes were half open, everything was blurry and I couldn't hear anything only my breath. I started panting and feeling hot. I should of skipped class. I fainted hearing Draco and Kim shouting my name when I fell of the chair. Professor carried me bride-style way.


I carried the girl to the nurse room to Pomfrey.

"She's alright she just seem under stress, but that can be dangerous for someone her age" I wasn't sure why she was under stress but I have a theory. I nodded and turned to go out when an arm pulled on my black robe. I stopped and turned, seeing Akira holding tightly it but she was still sleeping. Guess I'll have to stay with her.


I opened my eyes feeling a certain type of clothing in my hand. I turned to see Professor Snape sitting there next to my bed, and I was holding on his robe. I sat up, turned a little pink and let go quickly.

"Sorry..." I said quietly looking down. He got up and turned but before he walked out the room he stopped.

"Mrs. Pomfrey asked for you to stay in bed till tomorrow. Tomorrow, you have potions again, stay after class" with that he left. I signed...that was embarrassing holding on my teachers robe like that. But...why does he want me to stay after class. Shortly Kim walked in with Draco.

"How are you feeling, you gave us a scare there" Kim said. Sitting down followed by Draco.

"Sorry for worrying you, and I feel much better now"

"Whatever I wasn't worried" Draco said.

"Don't lie Draco, he's lying Akira he was more worried than me" I giggled and he just looked away.


At night I couldn't sleep I was too busy worrying and curious to what Snape wanted from me. I sat up and got off the bed, if I want to know I better go to him myself and find out. I started to wander around the castle; shortly I got lost and forgot where I was. Suddenly the door next to me opened and there stood Snape. He looked down at me brows rose a bit, and i stared back.

"What are you doing wandering the castle at this time of the night Ms. Abbie? I excepted better from my house"

"sorry sir but I couldn't sleep, I was thinking too much as to what you wanted from me to ask me to stay after class, so I decided to find you and ask, but I should of known you might be sleeping" i explained to him.

"I was, till I heard footsteps"

"Sorry, I'll just leave...though I'm sort of lost heh" he motioned me to enter, I did. His room is a dungeon, filled with potion bottle and stuff, how scary. He told me to sit at a chair and i did.

"Dumbledore has asked me to look after you, I don't have a reason to it, he asked me to keep you happy, and he also told me that when you're sad or hurt you sing or feel sick. He saw you sing yesterday and you also got sick too. So I'm beginning to think you're hurt and my theory to why is because the Gryfinddor and Slytherins are not treating you well?" he explained and asked. I put out a fake smile.

"Yes, but I'm fine now, really"

"Your fake smile won't work on me either" I blinked dropping my smile. I looked down away from his gaze.

"...What you said is true, but what bothers me more was that, wither I'm in Gryfinddor or Slytherin I'd be hated. Maybe it's not a big deal to you but I'm not the type to be hated. So I'm not used to it. Also they judge by what house I'm in too, they don't know me to think that I'm only being nice to them to win their trust and use it against them." I clenched on my knees. I heard a sign.

"It's alright to cry, and it's better to show how you feel than to hide it" I shook my head.

"I don't want to bother people by my feelings and it's against me to cry, crying is a sign saying the person isn't strong and I don't want that. I've never cried in front of anyone and I'm not beginning now" I said shaky but firm still looking down. He signed again and stroked my hair.

"If you're sad that means I'm in trouble and if you don't want to bother others than cry and let it out. And if you still don't want to in front of people than do it in front of me atleast." Slowly, warm salty tears fell down my cheek and fall on my pants. I didn't make noises when I cried all there was, was silence and the sound of my tears falling on my pants. He kept stroking my hair till I stopped crying which took awhile. After I finished crying, I couldn't look him in the eye, I was too embarrassed and I was red.

"Why are you still looking down?"

"...I...feel...Embarrassed..." he smirked and lend me back to the nurse room, where he told me not to wonder around and if I felt like this again, to come and see him. I smiled and nodded slipping under the bed sheet of the nurse room and watched him as he left the room. I smiled all the way till he left and slept happily. I don't know why Kim is scared of him; he's not that scary once you spend time with him. I think he's my favourite teacher, though I wonder why Dumbledore asked him to look over me. I guess Dumbledore is worried that I'll hate this school and hate him for bringing me here. But I'm glad he picked Snape and I'm glad to be in Slytherin. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, should I tell anyone about Snape or...should I keep it a secret? I should ask him before telling anyone, but I feel so much at ease and relief now, like that stress on my heart, disappeared just like that...I think it did go away. I had the best sleep that night, Mrs. Pomfrey woke me did some tests to check if I was all better. She said I was fine and I could head to class i took my stuff and headed to potions, I was a little late but not much. I opened the door and walked to my seat next to Kim.

"Sorry Professor for being late"

"What is your excuse this time?"

"Mrs. Pomfrey kept me a bit for tests making sure if I was all better"

"Alright your excused today too" potions went fine, I was talking with Kim and Draco while Snape wasn't looking, but he caught us...well me not them.

"Detention after class Ms. Abbie" I signed, I should have kept quiet than talking and helping them. Kim giggled at me expression.

"Your different today"

"Am I, well I sort of feel it too, i feel so much better"

"That's good, Kim was bothering me yesterday about your health" Draco said.

"He's lying again" I giggled.

"Ms. Abbie 2 more hours too your detention" my mouth dropped. "But—"

"don't talk back"

"Ohhh~ why me?"


After class i stayed in the empty dark room alone, even he wasn't there. Wonder where he went. The door opened and he entered and sat at his desk doing paper work. I rest my head on my cheeks looking at the black wall. But suddenly i broke the silence.

"can I tell them?" he looked up from his paper work.

"Do you really want to tell them you cried?"

"No...Not that part but the others"

"No" he said simply.

"How come?"

"I don't normally act like i did yesterday."

"Then why did you act that way" he didn't say anything for a second.

"This is detention Ms.—"

"Akira, I don't understand why you say 'Ms' in my last name, and I don't get why you call me by my last name. I find it weird so call me Akira"

"Very well, Akira this is detention meaning no talking"

"For 4 hours? I can't do that it's too boring and where are the students?"

"I don't have any classes for the next 4 hours"

"Professor Quirrell is weird" I said randomly.

"How so?"

"He stutters all the time and doesn't do handshakes i can barely understand him, why is he the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher? Should the Defence against the Dark Arts be someone strong and firm when they speak?" there was a pause. "Like you?" he didn't say anything, I continued to look at the black wall away from being able to see him.

"Are you better?"


"Still shaky?"


"You knew"


"You knew that I wasn't the only one talking but you made it seem that you only caught me , and sent me in detention."

"You're smarter than I thought you'd be Dumbledore was right"

"Is it because you wanted someone to talk to? Or was it because you wanted to ask how I was?"

"...I don't need to say"

"You say I shouldn't hide my feelings but you do that too, I can tell" I felt his gaze on me. "You act differently with me and you TALK, but when I'm not alone you act scarier, and quiet" the feeling of his gaze disappeared.


"Yes, Kim is scared of you and if she is I'm sure others are too"

"Are you?"

"No, from the start till now, I was more curious in you nothing more, i admit being with you before gave me chills but not fear."

"And now?"

"I feel at ease and calm even relaxed, maybe it's because of yesterday, never thought that you had a kind side to yourself"

"I had to do it, I was asked to keep you happy and relaxed"

"Still, you did more than you had too, like stroking my hair, and said if I ever feel this way again I should come to you for comfort" he didn't say anything. All that could be hear was the writing Snape was writing on the papers from the quill. "Thanks" I said quietly, but enough for him to hear. "How much more time till I'm out?"

"3 hours and 34 minutes"

"Oh come on"

"You want to go?"

"Yes, well not really, I'm fine here with you but I'm bored, like really really bored, got anything I can do to pass the time"


"I knew you'd say that, ok what am I going to do?"

"Anything you want" I signed. "Can I sing?" I felt his gaze at me."Don't worry, it's not because I'm sad I'm just bored" his gaze disappeared


"You don't mind what songs I sing right, like romance, hurt, comfort right?"

"No" i started to sing What If which i made up (not true again it's by Ashley Tisdale)

Don't speak, I can't believe
This is here happening
Our situation isn't right
Get real, who you playing with?
I never thought he'd be like this
You were supposed to be there by my side

When you say that you want me
I just don't believe it
You're always ready to give up
Whenever I turn around

What if I need you baby?
Would you even try to save me?
Or would you find some lame excuse
To never be true
What if I said I loved you?
Would you be the one to run to?
Or would you watch me walk away
Without a fight

I'm so sick of worrying
That you're gonna quit over anything
I could trip and you'd let go like that
And everything that we ever were
Seems to fade but not the hurt
Cause you don't know the good things from the bad

When I say that I want you
You know that I mean it
And in my hour of weakness
There's still time to try

What if I need you baby?
Would you even try to save me?
Or would you find some lame excuse
To never be true
What if I said I loved you?
Would you be the one to run to?
Or would you watch me walk away
Without a fight

Every time I speak you try to stop me
Cause every little thing I say is wrong
You say you're noticing but you never see
This is who I really am, that you can't believe
Makes me want to know right now
If it's me you'll live without
Or would you change your mind
What if I need you?

But What if I need you baby?
Would you even try to save me?
Or would you find some lame excuse
To never be true
What if I said I loved you?
Would you be the one to run to?
Or would you watch me walk away
Without an

Oh baby what if I need you? (what if I need you?)
Yeah yeah, What If I need you?
What if I need, what if I need you?
What If I need you? (Oh) What if I need you?
Yeah, what if I need you?
I need you, you, you

"Did you make that up?"


"From personal experience?"

"No, not really" it was quiet again. "Don't you get bored like this, alone, working?"

"I enjoy the silence"

"So when I'm talking now, you get annoyed?"


"But you just sai-"

"I don't get annoyed talking with you"

"Oh...don't you ever feel wanting to talk to someone...not a little?"

"I do...that's why I kept you here"

"Eeh...why not talk to the other Professors?"

"Some are scared, some don't want too"

"That's lonely, but...anytime you want someone to talk to I'll volunteer, I owe you after all" he was quiet again. "it wouldn't hurt to say thanks...or I'd like that"

"That's off character for me"

"You've already done stuff that's off character"

"That's different"

"Hardly" the bell made me fall of the stool. "OOWW~" i got up, pulling the stool up and sat on it.

"That was the bell for you to go"

"Oh...just when we begin to talk more, oh well" i got up taking me stuff and walked out. "Bye Professor" i said waving and left.


Dinner time at last, i walked down the table, looking for Kim or Draco. I found Kim but not Draco so i sat next to her.

"So how was it?" she asked.

"Was what?"

"The detention"


"Boring? What about scaring?"

"Nope not scary just boring" i lend back a bit on the bench and found Snape; I waved to him making sure no one was watching very closely. He did a little smile, hardly noticeable. I began to dig in. Later on, Draco joins us."Why are you late?"

"Nothing" After dinner we went to our dorms. It'd be nice to be friend with some Gryfinddors; I wonder what Professor will say. I went down from the girl's side to the open room. I sat down on a couch. Halloween is tomorrow and I barely started school here, there is going to be a costume party. "What are you going to be for the party tomorrow?" Kim asked coming down stairs.


"A princess" I giggle.


"No nothing, I just thought how cute you'd look like"

"You have your costume ready?"

"Yes...well sort of, you?" she nodded."We don't have classes tomorrow instead it's the party all day, I wonder who'll when the best costume King and Queen"

"Ya...why are you up?"

"Thinking, you?"

"I woke up for water and saw your bed was empty...let's sleep" I nodded. We slept excited for tomorrow. NEXT DAY I woke up seeing everyone, wearing their costume. I yawned.

"We dress up now?"

"Yes" Kim said. I got up and put eye contact on my eyes to change the color for brown to blood red. I wore a sleeveless dress that has a long neck, that's white with a red bow around my neck and when it reaches just above my chest it changes into black that was 1 ½ inches above my knees. I had black gloves that go up to my upper arms and had a cool design at the top. I wore long black sock the reached my thigh showing an only a few inches of my skin on my leg which also had the design at the top. I wore those shoes that are high heels that were dark red. (like these h t t p : / / w w w . c h i n a d a i l y . c o m . c n / l i f e s t y l e / 2 0 0 6 - 0 8 / 1 1 / x i n _ 4 4 0 8 0 3 1 0 1 4 0 4 2 6 3 1 9 9 1 8 1 9 . g i f FILL IN THE SPACES) i put fake fangs, but not the cheat ones that are so easy to say their fang. It's those expensive ones that look like their real. I put red lips stick on and made my eyelashes bigger and all the makeup but i only used make up on my eyelashes and lips. I didn't need to do anything to my skin, it was fine the way it is, say with my hair. Kim stared it total shock.

"WOW you look so pretty and the fangs and all that, you would so win the contact" all the girls there stared at me but not the WOW looks the dirty look. But i wasn't done. I had a pin to put on my hair, it has a red follower and green leaves. Than i walked out. (h t t p : / / c 2 . a p i . n i n g . c o m / f i l e s / B a n E j x f r l V z 4 G I i w J P d 6 n 0 z 4 F t 8 P l t R G x 1 t d J f I C O c h a m * k K B u K g X I r n 5 t 0 E q S m B Y 7 O * C t S K - z g u k U B W E M f x 6 7 9 i J 1 W p A b F j / A n i m e V a m p i r e . j p g FILL IN THE SPACES and that's how Akira ended up looking like) i waited for Kim, in the mean time i saw Draco, he was as a vampire male, he just his hair from blond to white which was smart. He said i looked gorgeous i thanked him. Kim came down and we walked together. To the hall, when we entered, many eyed us but mainly me. Dumbledore announce the dance to begun. Draco asked Kim to dance with him. I decided not to dance, because it's hard with my high heels so I just leaned on the wall. Suddenly i got an idea, so i walked up to Dumbledore and asked if i could sing a long song for them. He agrees and i sang. Everyone was happy with that, even the ones who hate me. The entire teachers dressed up but for Snape. At the end of dances, everyone stood while eating and talking. Dumbledore invited me in the teachers table, how could I say no? I sat next to Dumbledore and Snape.

"You're all out today, is Halloween your favourite day?"

"Well it's one of my favourites"

"And that song was lovely" McGonagall added. I smiled.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it" Dumbledore leaned in to whisper in my ears.

"Is everyone fine, Severus hasn't done anything wrong right?" Somehow Snape knew he was talking about him. I nodded to Dumbledore. I didn't eat any sweets that filled the table.

"Don't have a sweet tooth?" Snape asked.

"Uhm well, it's not that I don't have one it's more that...I don't know not feeling like eating"

"Try one" Dumbledore asked picking a huge lollipop and handing it to me.

"That's big" I said taking it. It was red, matching my clothing sort of. I stared at it. Snape got a different one the was smaller handing it to me. I smiled and took it, putting the big one away. I put the smaller on in my mouth and sucked on it. "Thanks" he didn't say anything.

"I see you two have gotten attached to each other" Dumbledore said.

"I guess" I replied. And Dumbledore just smiled softly. I got up to put the stick from the lollipop in the garbage.

"You like her don't you?" Dumbledore asked Snape.

"That's none of your business" I returned.

"Well Akira how about a dance with me?" Dumbledore said getting up, I giggled and agreed. We danced till the music finished, and returned to the table. "Oh Akira I'm sure Severus wants a dance with you too" Dumbledore said. I turned to Snape.

"I wouldn't mind" I said smiling. Snape glared at Dumbledore, and then got up stretching a hand to me. I gladly took it and he lend me to a place he wanted to dance. I never thought he could dance. My high heels made me taller than I normally, making me a bigger height to dance with him. "I never thought you'd be able to dance"

"Nor did I know you could" he said.

"I don't know, I just learned" I replied. It went quiet again. No one was paying attention to us except for Dumbledore, smiling sweetly. At the end of the dance Snape did something I never thought he'd do, he kissed me on the lips. My eyes widen, he let go quickly and walked calmly out the big hall room. I returned to sitting with Dumbledore face bright red, from what happened, Dumbledore laughed.

"I knew he liked you, but not that way" he told me. "Though, Severus changed ever sense you came, he's be better, calmer, at ease all because of your presents, I wonder what will happen the next time you two talk, if only I'd be there but that'll just ruin the mood"


The whole day we were partying, Draco asked me to dance with him and all that, me and Draco were the King and Queen for the party, meaning having the best costume. I barely ate, but I didn't feel hungry, I was too busy thinking, about Snape. Will he treat me different, I don't feel bothered by what he did but still, how does he feel? Does he regret it? I hope not. I slept, thinking what will happen tomorrow in class.

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