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"Dr. Brennan! Dr. Brennan!" Jewana, a local woman, yelled running to where she had last seen the lady doctor.

Temperance Brennan stood up from the hole she was crouching in and searched for the person calling her name. "Over here, Jawana," she called out. Jawana skidded to a halt in front of her, trying to catch her breath. "What is it? Did someone get hurt?"

"No Ma'am," she breathed, still out of breath. "You have urgent call from the states. It is a Dr. Cam. She said emergency," Jewana tried to explain.

"Okay. Tell her I will be right there. I need to secure this site. I'll only be a minute."

"Yes, Dr. Brennan," Jewana answered, running back to the phones. She ran back into the tent and told Cam that Dr. Brennan was on her way. Jewana laid the phone down and went about her cooking tasks. She excused herself when Dr. Brennan came in so that the doctors could speak in private.

"Hey, Cam. What's going on? Jewana said you had an emergency."

Cam hesitated before answering her. "I'm not sure how to tell you this Dr. Brennan," Cam began. "I hate to have to tell you—"

"Please don't tell me that something happened to Booth," Brennan pleaded with her friend.

"No! No, Dr. Brennan. It's not Booth. Well not Seeley, anyway." Cam paused to gather her words before continuing. "There was an accident last night, Temperance. Rebecca, Parker, and Drew were headed home from dinner when a drunken driver crossed the median and struck their car on the passenger side. The SUV flipped several times before landing on its hood"

Brennan collapsed in a chair, her mouth open, and tears rolling down her face. "Oh my god, Cam. How is Parker? Are they all okay?"

"No, Dr. Brennan, they aren't. Rebecca was killed instantly and Drew died shortly after arriving at the hospital."

"And Parker? Cam, please, how is Parker?"

"He's in a coma. There is some slight swelling around his brain and—"

"No! Oh god, Cam. I—I—I'm coming home. I'll be on the quickest flight out."

Cam smiled a sad smile on her end. "I figured you would be." Cam paused before continuing, knowing Brennan wasn't going to like what she was going to say. "Dr. Brennan, before you go…"

"Yes, Cam," Brennan answered through her tears. "What else is there to tell me?"

"Dr. Brennan, no one can get a hold of Booth. We can't reach him, can't find him, nothing. Have you heard from him recently?"

Brennan searched her brain before answering Cam. "It's been over three weeks since I last got an email from him. Other than that, nothing." Brennan suddenly gasped in horror. "Cam, are you telling me that Booth has no idea what is going on with his son?"

"Yes. We can't get a hold of him and the army says his base has been unreachable for the last few days."

"Were they attacked?" she asked, horrified.

"We don't know. No one will tell us anything."

"Oh god," Brennan sighed once again.

"Dr. Brennan, you are listed at Parker's medical proxy in the event that neither Booth nor Rebecca are able to make decisions. Were you aware of this?"

"No, I wasn't. When did they do that?"

"I have no idea. I spoke briefly with Parker's doctor this morning. Her name is Dr. Walker and she is at University Hospital. I can email you her contact information very quickly and she can tell you everything that is going on so that you may begin making decisions."

Brennan wiped at her eyes as her brain and heart tried to process all of the information. She was in shock. Booth was MIA. Rebecca and Drew were dead. Parker was in a coma. All alone. She needed to get home fast.

"Is Parker alone, Cam?"

"No, Dr. Brennan. Actually, Max has been with him ever since the hospital called. They called him while searching for you, and then called me. I'm back at the lab at the moment. I have a meeting but then I am going right back to the hospital. Angela and Jack are on their way home as well and should arrive sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning."

"Okay. I'm—I can't believe my dad is with him. It may be tomorrow night or even the next day before I make it home. Please take care of Parker for me until then. I do not want him alone at any time. He cannot wake up alone," Brennan demanded. She slammed her suitcase closed and went out in search of her wisest colleagues.

"We wouldn't dream of it, Brennan. I swear."

"And Cam, if Parker wakes before I get there, promise me you'll tell him I love him and I am on my way."

"Of course I will."

"And Sweets is not allowed anywhere near him until I am there. He needs to hear what happened to his mom from either Booth or myself."

Cam was speechless. Her friend had changed in the short amount of time that she'd been away. "Keep Sweets away," Cam repeated, "Got it."

Brennan paused, trying to find her words. "Th—Thank you, Cam. I will be there as soon as I possibly can."

"Be safe, Dr. Brennan and I'll see you soon."

Brennan never answered her as she approached the other leader of the dig. "Charles?"

'Temperance, is everything alright?" he asked, noticing her tears. "Is it your Agent Booth?"

"No, everything is bad. I have to go home. There's been an accident. Booth's son, Parker, is in a coma and Parker's mother and step-father were killed. Booth is MIA and I am Parker's medical proxy. I have to go… now! Can you handle the dig from here on out? I will not return."

"Oh, Temperance, I am so sorry. Yes, go! Go!" Charles said ushering her towards her hut. "Jewana, find Charan and get the trucks started. Dr. Brennan has to get to the air strip immediately!" He called out, barking orders. "Everything will be fine here, Temperance. We are wrapping things anyway, you know that."

"Yes, I do. Please have all my notes and findings sent to the Jeffersonian and I will begin typing out my reports once I can."

"Sure thing, Temperance. Be safe and please call us and check in. We will all want to know how little Parker is doing, of course."

"I will, Charles. Thank you," Brennan said, hugging him goodbye as Charan and Jewana loaded her belongings into the truck. Brennan hugged Jewana, promising to stay in touch and got in with Charan. She wiped at her tears as her colleagues watched her leave. "Goodbye, everyone. I will keep in touch," she promised as they drove away.

Brennan sat silently beside Charan as he navigated them through the jungle, the bounce of the truck making the tears fall faster.

"Young Parker will be good, Dr. Brennan. You will see to that, I know."

Brennan smiled a teary-eyed smile at the young man as her thanks. They sat in silence for the rest of the trip, arriving at the tiny air strip almost forty-five minutes later. "Thank you, Charan, for everything," she said as she hugged the young man goodbye and helped the pilot load her bags.

Brennan called Dr. Walker once they were safely in the air and spoke with the doctor for thirty more minutes, wanting all the details on Parker. "Please, Dr. Walker. Take good care of Parker for me. I will be there as soon as I land."

"I will, Dr. Brennan. I will call you if anything changes and feel free to call anytime you want to check on him."

"I will do that."

"Dr. Brennan, we have had some people calling to check in on Parker and all we are saying is that he is stable for now. We like to get passwords from the family so that when someone calls if they have the password then we can pass on more information than stable. Is there a password you would like to give us for Parker?"

Brennan thought for a moment about what Booth would choose. She smiled at a memory from when they were just beginning their partnership.

"Paladin," she answered. "The password will be Paladin."