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"That's it. This is just too creepy."

"Shut up, Oliver. There is nothing out there. This is a standard patrol. We do this all the time!" spat Sergeant Bauer.

Eisenberg chimed in, "Hey, I'm with Oliver on this one. It is way too quiet out here. Shouldn't there be birds or insects or something making noise? Hell, ogre wardrums would be welcome right about now, at least we'd know what was coming."

"What do you think, Traiolullen?"

"Shh. I think I heard something."

The clearing fell silent. Yes. There was certainly a noise. Were those wings beating?

The gargoyle smashed clear through Oliver, shrieking furiously as its claws clattered against the footman's armor. The force of the swoop sent both of them skidding away into the woods of Tirisfal.

The now three man squad of Lordaeron footmen tightened formation, shields coming up to cover their bodies, swords sliding out between the cracks of their locked shields.

The wave of ghouls took advantage of the humans' nervous glances at the sky and, low to the ground, broke the shield wall, scattering the soldiers.

Mortimer Traiolulllen's broadsword decapitated a ghoul smoothly, and then removed another one's arm on the return swing. He saw Sergeant Bauer holding up well on his right, killing one with his sword and pulping another's face with his shield. On Mortimer's left, Eisenberg had four ghouls on him and wouldn't survive up much longer.

"For Lordaeron!" Mortimer bellowed, impaling a rather large and slimy undead which had been getting dangerously close to crippling Eisenberg. Then pain erupted in Mortimer's side.

Vision blurring, the soldier looked down at his stomach to see a spear's head jutting out of his body. As he watched, it was jerked out roughly and a skeletal foot kicked him into the muddy ground. As his body rolled, he could see the leering skeleton turn away from him and rush to engage Sergeant Bauer.

Mortimer bled and bled, and watched the ghouls rip Eisenberg apart and feast on his flesh. As his vision was lost to him, he could still hear the cries of pain as Bauer's jaw was torn off and devoured.

By the time the necromancer reached his body and sent the ghouls skittering away, all that remained was his sense of smell. He lacked the strength to throw up properly, but the bile gathered in his mouth and choked him.

Mortimer, just another corpse warrior now, observed calmly that he was the only member of his squad whose body was well preserved enough to have risen again. And that thought gave comfort to the small voice locked away in the back of his mind which screamed and screamed and screamed.