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Warning: Rape, nonconsensual yaoi/incest. Weird/sadistic Ichiru, tortured Zero. Don't like, don't read.


Ichiru stared at the smooth pair of metal handcuffs resting in the palms of his hands. The young silver-haired boy sat on the edge of his bed, unmoving. All of his thoughts were oriented around one person.


He'd been awoken in the middle of the night rather…pleasantly. Ichiru had a disturbing albeit delightful dream about his twin. Zero, his sweet older brother, was bound and taken by his own fragile other half. Ichiru let out a high-pitched giggle and gripped the handcuffs firmly. Tonight, Zero would be his.

Tonight, he would make his dreams a reality.

Resolved, the sadistic twin stood up from his bed and exited the room. He stared ahead almost unseeingly, his feet padding against the wood floor softly. The handcuffs clinked lightly in his hands, the faint tinkling echoing down the hallway.

Ichiru stopped just outside Zero's door. A lecherous smile graced his face. "It's time to play, Zero-nii." Ichiru gently nudged the door open with his foot.

Zero looked beautiful. His short silver strands were fanned out against his pillow. His chest rose and fell slowly as he breathed in light, content puffs. Moonlight from the nearby window kissed his face, illuminating his pale porcelain skin. The loose collar of Zero's shirt revealed the creamy skin of his neck and collarbone. Ichiru absorbed the beauty of his other half.

The younger twin approached the bed with a gentle smile on his face. He ripped the blankets away from his brother's body. Zero's shirt rode up a bit, revealing a soft, toned abdomen. Ichiru straddled his twin's hips and teasingly ran his nails down Zero's stomach. He stroked at the short silver hair and waited for Zero to awaken.

Zero's eyes fluttered open. There was a sudden chill against his body and he groaned, feeling a bit too tired to reach down to pick up the blanket he'd presumably kicked off. There was a faint scratching at his stomach and something touching his hair. Finally, his groggy lavender eyes snapped open. He blinked up in surprise.

"Ichiru?" Naturally, Zero was surprised to his twin, but their current position didn't raise any alarms in his head.

"Hi, Zero-nii!" Ichiru smiled deceptively. He reached down to hug his twin about the waist. Zero hesitantly reached his arms up to pat at Ichiru's shoulders, but suddenly Ichiru moved into action, grabbing his wrists and handcuffing them to the bed.

Zero stared up at his brother disbelievingly, "Ichiru, what the hell are you doing? Let me go right now!"

Ichiru frowned disappointedly. His twin wasn't nearly as submissive now as he was in his dream. A smirk slid across the younger's features. We'll just have to fix that, won't we, Ichiru? A dark voice whispered in his head.

Zero froze in horror as his younger brother, normally so sweet and clingy, leaned down to press a bruising kiss to his mouth. The older twin managed to twist his head away to the side but was rewarded with a punishing slap about the cheek.

Zero winced and tried to use his legs to kick Ichiru away from him. Ichiru smirked and leaned in further, stilling Zero's movement with his body weight. The younger twin made a trail of harsh bites and licks down Zero's neck. He tore the thin fabric of his brother's shirt away from his body, the soft cotton coming away in ragged pieces.

The sadistic teenager bit down on Zero's nipple none too gently and, despite himself, Zero cried out. Ichiru giggled delightedly at the sound, a high-pitched moan emitting from his own mouth. His cock twitched in response. Splotches of red bloomed against Zero's neck and chest as Ichiru's teeth teased his delicate skin. The aggressive young boy ran his finger roughly down his brother's body, nails scratching painfully. Ichiru placed a tauntingly sweet kiss on Zero's cheek and pulled back to look down at his captive brother.

"Ne, Zero, why aren't you crying or screaming?" Ichiru looked genuinely confused. "Do you like it when I do these things to you?"

Zero glared up at his brother. Of course he didn't like it. He opened to say as much but was cut off by something hot and wet sliding into his mouth. Ichiru pressed his lips against Zero's and held his chin carefully to keep the older one from closing his mouth. While still keeping their lips connected, Ichiru reached down and removed Zero's pants. Zero kicked his legs wildly and one of his feet managed to connect with Ichiru's shin. Displeased, the twin glared down at his victim. Ichiru removed his own pants and his boxers as well. He crawled up Zero's struggling body until his groin was right in the bound boy's face.

Zero's eyes widened and despite himself, he felt a tear fall down his cheek as he realized what Ichiru was about to make him do. "No, Ichiru. Please don't…" But opening his mouth to speak was a mistake because Ichiru just used the opportunity to shove his dick down Zero's throat. He held Zero's jaw tightly, forcing him to keep his mouth open. Ichiru's other hand slid to the back of Zero's head and gripped his silver hair, thrusting his member deep into his brother's mouth.

Ichiru moaned deeply as Zero screamed, the sound muffled and adding a pleasant vibration against his cock. A few more rough pushes into Zero's mouth, and Ichiru came, filling his twin's mouth with his cum. He held his older brother's mouth close, forcing him to swallow the bitter white liquid.

Tears spilled down Zero's eyes as he watched Ichiru slide back down his body. His hands stopped at struggling boy's hips and he slowly tugged down Zero's underwear. Frightened lilac eyes widened. "No, Ichiru," the young hunter shook his head frantically. "Please. Please don't."

The darker part of Ichiru's soul smiled delightedly. Now this was what he'd wanted. To have Zero bound and crying and begging him to stop. He bent down and almost lovingly enveloped Zero in his arms. Then without warning he thrust his thick hard cock into Zero's rosy virgin entrance.

Zero let out a choked scream and Ichiru laughed pleasantly at the sound. He pounded into the tight cavern with abandon, determined to make this body feel as much pain as possible. Ichiru ran his tongue against Zero's tear-stained face. His face twisted in pleasure and he tipped his head back, groaning deeply.

Blood seeped out of Zero's body, mixing with Ichiru's cum. Zero let out another tortured shriek and Ichiru screamed his passion to the world. His seed shot deep into Zero's bruised body. The tired rapist rested his head against his victim's chest, his breath coming out in harsh, heavy sighs.

"Mm, Zero-nii, you felt so good," Ichiru moaned drowsily, much the way a lover would after sex. But Ichiru was not his lover. He was his brother. His sweet, delicate rapist of a brother.

Zero stared up at the ceiling. Ichiru felt suffocating against his body. His arms were wrapped around him too tight. His lips were too close to his body. Neither of them was wearing enough clothes. Zero trembled violently as his soul shattered at his brother's betrayal. Ichiru did not wake up, even as Zero sobbed in his ear and the pain-induced tremors racked through his body.

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