A/N: Hi to you all. So, this is my first X-Men fanfic, though not my first fanfic. I usually prefer mystery and smut, but this story will be pure drama, and eventually, romance. As you may already know, the main protagonists of the story will be Rogue and Remy, but others characters will also take up a major proportion of the story. I've no idea where I plan to take this, so just stay with me on board and tell me what you would like to see.

Anyways, the story does not follow any of them - the cartoons, movies or comics. The story is my own, though the histories and different arcs have been taken from the different universes of X-men.

As the name suggests, I was inspired to write this story after I saw the X-Men: Evil Seduces images on the net. However, the mutants here are not vampires (not yet, well never...actually, I'll let the circumstances be known when the time arrives), so just relax.

One major thing to bear in mind: Rogue and Remy have not yet met.

Another thing to bear in mind (or to clear confusions): the ages of the main and secondary characters (I'll not even try to attempt the rest...sheesh, this comic had far too many characters :)).

Charles Xavier: 50

Logan/Wolverine: 37 (or at least, he looks that age)

Ororo Munroe/Storm: 35

Emma Frost: 34

Scott Summers/Cyclops: 31

Dr Jean Grey-Summers: 29

Remy LeBeau/Gambit: 28

Warren Worthington III/Angel: 28

Betsy Braddock/Psylocke: 25

Forge: 25

Piotr Rasputin/ Colossus: 24

Alex Summers/Havok: 23

Anna Marie Raven Darkholme/Rogue: 21

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: 21

Kurt/Nightcrawler: 19

Kitty/Shadowcat: 19

Lorna/Polaris: 19

Evan/Spyke: 18

Nate Summers: 4

Megan Summers: 3

Rachel Summers: 2

Okaaaay...so, there are many (to the power infinity) characters in the X-Men universe, and I'll probably mention them a lot, but their ages are not really important, as they are not crucial to this story. As I said before, it's drama and romance, not action/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi...yeah, you get the point ;).

Yeah, so the A/N is probably turning out to be bigger than the chapter content. Lol. Anyways, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. This is not a mystery, so I'll answer every question asked for this chapter in the next one, and so on.

P.S. You all will definitely see some personality differences of the characters of this story from the comics/movies/cartoons. All I can say is, I'm making them out to be how I want them. So, please do not say stuff like 'hey, he/she would never say/do/act like that'. Honestly speaking, I think Hugh Jackman, Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart were the only three characters who were perfect in their roles. I like Anna Paquin and Taylor Kitsch too, but they are not my ideal ROMY. So, just imagine all the characters to be whoever you guys want them to be. Just thought I'd let you know :).

Now, on with the story.


Disclaimer: I do not own the different worlds of X-Men.

"Summer vacation, at last!" exclaimed a jubilant Kitty, and did her 'happy dance'.

"Freedom, at last!" said Rogue, and smirked at her petite friend.

"I can't believe you are out of college at 21, Rogue, and with a degree in Physics no less!" said Kitty, with genuine wonderment in her voice, as she looked up at the tall girl.

"Erik helped with my studies," Rogue said, tapping one side of her head with her index finger. Kitty giggled.

"Never thought I would ever see the day when you would thank Magneto for anything."

"He's not so bad," Rogue answered and then smiled, "when he's not destroying his own island, Genosha, with Kelly's Sentinels, that is."

"Yeah," said Wanda as she joined the other two girls, "he can be a good guy at times - a great guy, in fact, a great father."

"Too bad we don't see that side too often," added Lorna, coming up behind her elder sister.

"Yeah," sighed Rogue, "I know all about bad parents and all."

"Okay, guys," intervened Kitty, "this is, like, turning out to be a really somber conversation. We are suppose to be partying, you know. Like, classes are over and will not commence in the next three months. Yay!"

"Well, classes will not restart for me forever," said Rogue, and did her own version of the 'happy dance'...if it can be called that.

"Agh," huffed Lorna, "why do we have to get stuck in college when Rogue is going free?"

"She did a few more years before you joined, remember?" Wanda supplied, smiling down at her sister. Then she turned to Rogue.

"I'll miss you next school year, Rogue. Don't know who I'll get as my roommate."

"Hardly," smirked Rogue. "Kurt will be teleporting you from here to the mansion every chance he gets, just so that he can have his so called 'alone time' with you. After all, he will have his own room, now that Evan will be attending college and all."

"Well, I'm glad that at least I'll have my roommate next year," Lorna huffed again.

"Only next year," said Kitty, "Rogue's brilliant, no doubt, but I'm a genius. I'll be finishing college at 20. Yay!"

"Genius, yes, and very modest about it too," said a new voice, and all four girls turned around to look at the new comer.

"Alex!" exclaimed Lorna with happiness, and rushed to his arms.

"Hey, babe, how have you been doing?"

"Better, now that you are here," sighed Lorna giddily, and buried her face in his chest.

"Awww!" clapped Kitty, "how cute!"

Both Rogue and Wanda made gagging motions at the sight, and at Kitty's exuberance.

"Oh, come on! You guys are just jealous," Kitty muttered, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Excuse me?" asked Wanda, pushing back her long brown hair, and narrowing her equally brown eyes at the younger girl. "What do I've to be jealous about? I've got Kurt, remember? The most romantic guy this side of the planet?"

"And if I'm single, it's by choice, not because there's been a shortage of suitors. I can touch people now, remember?" added Rogue, ganging up on Kitty with Wanda, her emerald green eyes shining in mock anger.

"Should we let them know that we are leaving secretly?" Alex asked Lorna in a loud voice. Lorna laughed.

"Hey, where are you guys going?" Wanda asked turning around, as she saw her sister walk away with Havok.

"Surfing in Hawaii," Alex answered, not bothering to look back.

"What? You guys are not coming back to the mansion?" Kitty shouted out.

"Lorna doesn't live at the mansion, and I've already let Scott know that I'll not be staying this summer," Alex provided, and then turned around to look contemplatively at Rogue. "Actually, I did visit the mansion a few days ago. New discoveries were made. Turns out, I've another brother."

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Rogue inquired, feeling odd at the way Alex was staring at her. Alex though, acted as if she hadn't just addressed him a moment ago.

"Quite famous too, though I'm not sure whether any of you have heard about him before. Storm knew him from before she joined the Professor, and Logan recently had got out of a tight spot with his help."

"Logan's back?" asked Rogue, feeling very happy all of a sudden.

"However, you will be the one getting to know him pretty well, Rogue, seeing as how he will end up being your superior."

"What?" said Kitty and Rogue simultaneously, while Wanda looked confused. Alex didn't stick around to answer though. He got into his car with Lorna, and sped off to Hawaii, or wherever they needed to go to reach Hawaii.

"What was he talking about?" Kitty and Rogue wondered out loud.

"If you two don't know, then there's no way I know anything either. After all, Lorna and I reside at the Brotherhood mansion, not at your X-mansion."

"Guess we will find out when we reach home. Honestly, a few months out of the mansion, and there's always something new going on. It's like watching a bad soap opera or something," muttered Kitty, not being very fond of mysteries or anything similar.

"What did you expect? We are the X-Men, after all," Rogue provided in a haughty voice, and then chuckled at Kitty's sour expression. The three girls then made their own ways to their rooms to pack, so that they could leave the New York University for the X-Mansion that night.


(Back at the X-Mansion)

"I hope you all are aware why we have gathered here today," the Professor said as he addressed the occupants sitting in his office. "As you all know, Logan returned a few days ago, and he brought a friend with him." The Professor looked at Gambit and nodded in acknowledgment.

"His appearance has caused quite a frenzy, and not just with our younger female students." Gambit chuckled at that, where else Logan just rolled his eyes. He was leaning on the side of the Professor's desk, arms folded across his chest.

Ororo was standing behind the Professor's wheel chair, as usual, and Jean and Scott were sitting on a sofa on one side, holding hands. Emma Frost looked away from the sight in front of her, and pretended to read the new comer, Remy LeBeau. In a corner stood Warren, his hands draped across the back of his girl friend, Betsy Braddock.

Hank McCoy sat on the floor, seeing as how the Professor's office was not big enough to give him the opportunity to have all the mutants in his line of sight. Maybe they needed to have this conversation in the board-meeting room?

"It appears that both Scott and Ororo knew of him, too." The Professor then turned towards Scott. "I know that you told Alex about how Remy LeBeau is your brother, but as we had agreed long ago that there should be no secrets among the members of the X-Men, it is only fair that everybody gets to know your story, including Mr LeBeau himself."

"Of course, Professor," Scott answered. The Professor then turned towards Ororo.

"We should also know how you met Mr LeBeau. It seemed like quite a reunion when you two first realized who you both were three days ago."

"Yes, Charles." Ororo nodded. The Professor addressed Logan then.

"And finally, maybe you could tell us how you met Mr LeBeau, Logan."

"Whatever you say, Chuck."

"So," said the Professor, "since we all finally have time off from our daily schedules at the same time, let us begin. I'd like to get this conversation over with before Kitty and Rogue return home for the summer. As glad as she will be to see you Logan, I hardly think Rogue would appreciate you putting her under Mr LeBeau's tutelage."

A/N: There you have it, folks - the first chapter. Let me know what you all think, please :).

P.S. I'm really bad with accents, so just imagine Remy/Rogue with the Cajun/Southern accent. When it comes to writing, I'll write them in regular manner.