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Dammit! I can't land a hit on this guy. These were Naruto's thoughts as he coughed up a substantial amount of blood. I've got to end this now. He drug himself from the dirt and, gathering a massive amount of chakra in his right palm, launched one final charge at Uchiha Madara.


"Foolish child." Madara smirked as he side-stepped to the left and raised the tip of his blade. He received instant gratification as he felt it sink into the flesh of the once proud Jindaime Hokage. Naruto felt a flash of intense pain as the chidori charged blade slipped effortlessly between his ribs, but this was his plan.

"Gotcha!" Naruto exclaimed as he brought his wind blade under the chin of Madara and severed his head, killing the former Uchiha clan head instantly. Their battle finished, Naruto removed the blade from his torso. Maybe I should've brought Sakura-chan with me. She could fix me right up. As his thoughts passed, Naruto believed he heard shouts. He looked up to see the love of his life, Haruno Sakura flying from the trees as he drew his last breath.

Naruto bolted upright gasping for air and drenched in a cold sweat. What the hell? What was that about? Perhaps I could ask Sakura-chan, she's always been good with dreams and their meanings. I should see her anyway, it's her birthday. What should I get her? Maybe a new pair of kunai. That's what I would want, that or ramen. Maybe Ayame-nee-chan will know. I need to get some breakfast anyway.