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All right, Severus would admit it, sometimes he fucked students and then bumped their grades up.

He had been teaching for 13 years, and had never had a girlfriend, or a boyfriend before (something he was extremely ashamed off) and it was pretty understandable…at least he thought so. And it wasn't like he ever forced them in to it, they always, always approached him first. His mind wandered back to his first…favor.

Her name was Ashley Bellmont. She was, of course in Slytherin and she was extremely pretty. She had long black hair and chocolate eyes with tanned skin, she was extremely curvaceous. In short she was stunning and she knew it. At the time Severus had been 27, a time in his life when he still had hope that one day he would meet "the one." A hope that was long gone by now. She had come to his office, eyes wet with tears and a pout on her perfectly shaped lips. "Sir." She said as she walked up to his desk, bosom heaving with emotion. She spun him some story about how hard she worked, how difficult her home life was and about how she really didn't want to fail his class.

She had stayed standing up though out her monolog and slowly bent father and father forward , until her breasts were right on level with Snape's eyes. He knew what she was offering, but he wasn't so sure how to…accept the offer. He kept his eyes on her cleavage, he had never actually seen girl's breasts in real life, he had a first kiss, but that was it…

She could see how much he wanted it, she leaned forward just a bit and rubbed his wrist. "And your so young professor, but you seem to know everything…" she purred.

Her hand traveled up his arm and on to his chest. She grabbed his tie and pulled him forward, capturing his lips in hers before he knew what was happening. But he defiantly wasn't going to pull back. She climbed on top of his desk, keeping their lips together. She knew perfectly well that teacher's desks could support her weight; she had done this before, just not with Severus. From there she got on to his lap. He already had a hard on, she was pretty surprised about just how big his cock obviously was, she had expected him to be a lot smaller. Severus was, however, just a bad a kisser as she imagined him to be. She pushed her whole body in to his and he groaned in to her mouth. She started to undo his top and that seemed to remind him he wasn't doing anything with his hands. He put his hand to her tits and sort of…awkwardly rubbed them. It was then she came to the (quite correct) conclusion; he was a virgin. She smirked in to their kiss and rubbed his, now bare, chest. When her hand reached up and pinched his nipple he moaned in to her mouth, certain he was going to come right then and there. She seemed to notice too, because she pulled back, letting Severus cool off slightly as he watched her slowly un-button her top, reveling a black lace bra. He gulped, his mouth watering at the sight of her breasts.

She leant back in to him and recaptured his lips and he stood up, easily carrying her though to his private quarters and on, in to his bed room. She smiled luxuriously as she felt stain sheets beneath her. Severus crawled on top of her, still slightly awkwardly. She reached down and slowly un-did his fly, making him shiver in pleasure. She cupped his balls and gave them a good squeeze, making him moan and pre-come to drip out of him. He practically ripped her skirt off of her, reveling matching black lace panties. He stroked her shyly and she guided his figure in to her, showing him how to pump in and out. When she thought he couldn't wait any longer she gently turned him on to his back, and moved to straddle him. Looking at his face at that moment, his ecstasy evident on his face, she felt a weird sort of affection towards him. He looked so, open, so vulnerable. She felt a twinge of guilt as using him so, but then she really did need to pass his class. She took him in to her, trying to make it as good for him as she possibly could. It actually wasn't that bad, Snape was just lying there, letting the pleasure take over, but it meant she was in control and she liked it like that. Oh god, she thought, hold out just a bit longer. She was close to orgasm, something none of her other professors had given her and she was amazed that she could get this kind of pleasure from him. She had had very low expectations. She let out a primal scream when she finally reached her peek, which was more than enough to send Severus over the edge. She climbed off of him, slowly crawling up so that they were face to face. Severus moaned again, trying to bring her in for a cuddle. But she wasn't going to do that. She knew that having sex with someone didn't create a bond or a connection, it was the cuddling after woods that did that. She didn't want to hurt Severus , but she defiantly didn't want to become involved with him, so she kept her distance. Severus lay there, fully relaxed for the first time in…well for the first time ever. He let himself just lie for a few moments, but he could tell his time with the girl was coming to a close.

"Do you know a contraceptive charm?" He asked as he sat up. "Oh, um I was just going to use a potion when I got back .. "Do you want me to do a charm for you? It would be creepier." "Sure," she said, slightly surprised he knew the spell. It was quite a tricky charm and he had mastered it in the hopes that he would be able to use it- a lot...you couldn't blame him for being hopeful even if it was energy mostly wasted. He did the charm for her as she picked her clothes up. "It goes without saying that you won't mention this." He said, his voice back to the cool and smooth one it normally was. "Of course." She agreed, and she flashed him a quick smile before leaving.

That was years ago now, and Severus had had his dalliances since then, but never more than once with the same student, and never anyone under 16. He was sitting in his class room, watching over his students as they took a written test. He lent back in his chair, sighing deeply. So much had changed over the course of his life, The Dark Lord had risen, he had become a teacher, sworn he would never fuck his students, started to fuck his students, The Dark Lord had fallen, and though out it all he had stayed right here, right where he was sitting now. He rubbed the bridge of his nose as his eyes wandered over the source of his frustration for the last 8 years. Harry potter sat in the back row, staring idly in to space. He had come back to school to re-do his 8th year with most of his friends and he had used it as an excuse to do nothing but party. It was obvious he had a terrible hangover; his eyes were blood shot, his hair (which was now died red) was messier than ever and his nose ring looked especially grungy. Severus had an explosive wet dream about him last night, following a wet dream about the same thing the night before, he had dreamt about harry in some way almost every night since Harry's 6th year. He would never admit it, not even to himself, but he had come to be really attached to him over the years. God I need to get laid, Snape thought, if im lusting over some 17 year old punk with a nose ring, I must be desperate…

"Times up." He declared. "I hope at least some of you dunderheads' scraped by, but I fear I will be dissopontied." He glided though the rows of desks, picking up the tests. He got to Harry last and- "Mr. Potter, you cannot be serious." He said. "I'm afraid I am Sir." And with that Harry picked up his bag and marched out of the class room.

"Harry," Hermione said softly, as Ron, Hermione and Harry walked out of the classroom" when snape said 'you cannot be serious' what did he mean?" "Errr….i dunno" Harried lied. He knew perfectly well why his professor was flabbergasted; the test he had handed in was blank. Totally blank, he had not written a single word.

"How did you guys do?" He asked, more to deflect attention than anything else. Hermione immediately launched in to a monolog about how she did and what she might have got wrong but Harry really wasn't listing. He smirked and wolf whistled at some hot bloke that walked by. The guy blushed but looked extremely faltered. This happened multiple times on their way to the great hall, Harry sometimes complimenting girls on their tops (even though they all worse uniforms), each time the person in question looked more and more flattered. Hermione zoned this all out, and Ron felt slightly uncomfortable, but hey, the guy had saved the whole fucking world, he deserved a break.

"What classes do we have left today?" Ron, who was still getting used to their schedule, asked. "Transfiguration, History of Magic, and defense against the dark arts ." Hermione rattled off automatically. "Fuck that." Harry said. "Harry!" Hermione gasped. "like I need defense lesions." He scoffed. "and history of magic has never been, nor ever will be, useful." Ron grinned appreciatively. "I'm skipping." Harry declared. He gathered a slice of pizza and walked out of the great hall. He ate it on the way to his common room, dropping off his bag and looking at his Murder's map. Chelsea was on the grounds, Gabby was in a class room and Madeleine was in the great hall. He headed off toward the grounds.

"Hey." He said as he walked up behind her. She was cute, blond, short and blue eyed. "Oh hey Harry." She said as she looked behind her. He plopped down next to her under the tree and they both smiled, knowing exactly what he wanted. "Good day?" he asked "not that bad." She said, leaning in to him. He caressed her cheek softly and she smiled, leaning her head back on to his shoulder. He kissed her forehead and snaked his arm around her waist. And then they were rolling around on the grass, lips locked and eyes closed. "Harry." She admonished when he tried to snake his hand up her robes. "It's broad daylight!" "No one's out here." He said softly. "and I've missed you, I want you." And she let him.

Harry wasn't an Arse-hole. And he wasn't a player, at least he didn't want to be. It's just that he wanted a connection, he craved attention, and warmth form other people. And when he didn't get it, he felt invisible, like he was being forgotten about now that he wasn't needed to fight a war…and he couldn't bare that. He didn't want to be alone, not ever, and if he was alone, even for an hour, it felt like the end of his world. He didn't even crave sex that much, although he almost always did it more than once a day. He wanted to be held, and to be special to someone. He knew that Hermione and Ron cared, but they had each other, and they had their own wounds to heal; he didn't want to be a burden to them.

"Will you give me a blow job?" Harry asked her. "It's almost time for class!" "But I'll be so frustrated though class if you dont." Harry whined. "Mmm maybe I want you to think about me." She purred."I'd think about you anyway." He promised. "All right" she giggled. After woods, she went to class and left Harry alone.

He used to crave being alone, would have loved having the great lake to himself. But now, it was almost like very one else was dead. And Harry stood up, his pulse racing. He knew the idea was insane, but still…every one could be dead. He needed to find someone, anyone, just to prove there was someone else there. He came to his Charms class in the end, just because he couldn't bear to walk the corridors alone.

Later that night, Harry was in bed with some girl, not doing his home work, even though he had barely done it once since he had been back to Hogwarts. Severus meanwhile had been called to a meeting with the headmistress.

Minerva McGonagall sat at the head of the table, with Severus to her right, Flitwick to her left Professor sprout across from her, and Tonks, who was now the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher sitting next to snape . "Now." The headmistress said. "We are the primary teachers of Harry Potter, now I know that some here think we should treat him exactly the same way as everyone else." She held a hand up. "But he is not the same as everyone else, he has done a great deal and has suffered much. And therefore I believe he deserves our attention even more than the other children." She took a long breath.

"I hope to hear that Mr. Potter is doing a lot better in your classes than he is in mine."

"Well im sorry to disappoint you Minerva" Flitwick said, "but I do not believe that Harry Potter has done a single homework assignment this year."

"Well he turned in one paper for me, but it was very poor."Sprout said. "He comes in look hung-over and exhausted every night."

"He seems to miss more classes than he actually attends" Tonks said sadly.

"Any better news from you Severus?" She asked softly.

"Lets put it this way, here is a test that Mr. Potter handed in today." He handed her the parchment.

"It's blank." She said. "correct." Snape said snidely. "We have to do something about this." She said sadly. "Mr. Potter has done a lot for this world and now we must do our best for him." The five teachers stayed late in to the night planning the best corse of action for the oblivious Harry Potter.