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The doorbell rang.

"They're here!" Spencer reminded his guests as he hurried through the house. He opened the front door to see his whole team standing there, JJ carrying her baby, Henry, and Kevin with his arm around Garcia.

"Do you guys always travel in a pack now?" he asked with a smile.

"Congratulations," Hotchner said as he entered. "This is a really nice house."

"Something I've learned in the past two months. Never, ever, go house shopping with Reid. He'll turn down some of the nicest looking places because they're not up to his standards," Derek joked as he entered behind Hotch.

"All I wanted was a real fireplace. That's the one thing that I demanded," Spencer defended.

"I don't know why it was so important that it was real. Those gas ones can look just as nice without the mess."

"They aren't as big, and having a big fireplace is just something I really wanted," he shrugged.

"Okay, kid, can we see the rest of the house?" Rossi said.

"Upstairs first?" he said before starting up the stairs. "First is the guest bedroom," he said, motioning to a room done up in red and gold. "There's the home office, the library..."

"Holy cow!" Garcia cried as she peeked in the library. Every part of the wall that was not being used by the door or window was covered in a bookshelf, and there was hardly any space on the shelves. In the middle of the room was a comfortable couch and a table with several books lying open on it. "Do you charge late fees? I might be coming here more often, I can never remember to turn in my books on time."

"For you, Garcia, no charge," he replied with a wink.

"Oh, my God, was that a bit of flirting? Who are you and where is Spencer Reid?" Derek laughed.

"Always the tone of surprise," he smiled. "The master bedroom and bathroom," he said, opening a door.

"Wow, Spence," JJ smiled as she looked around. A large, four-poster bed dominated the room, done up in black, royal purple, and white linens. There was a chair and a lounger, both in a matching black and white pattern, and a black, old-fashioned vanity was tucked away in the corner. There were some pictures on the wall, as well as souvenirs from around the world displayed on shelves. Through a door they could see a bathroom painted in the same purple as on the bed with pristine white floors and his and her black bowl sinks. "Did you design this all by yourself?"

"I wasn't allowed to," Spencer replied with a chuckle. "I got to give the final okay, but you know how it is..."

"The right answer is always 'Yes, Dear'," Rossi nodded.

"Is that what went wrong with your wives?" Emily asked.

"I'm a little more strong-minded than Reid."

"I am strong-minded," Reid protested.

"Sure you are, Spence," JJ patted his back.

"I am," he repeated as they walked past him, heading back downstairs. He showed them the family room, which featured several comfortable places to sit, the large fireplace, and was adorned with shadowboxes revealing many first-editions of books. There was a dining room, a living room, and he detoured past the kitchen to show them the finished basement.

"There's Reid," Derek laughed as he noticed the Star-Trek memorabilia hanging on the wall above a pool table and a wet bar. "I was beginning to think you might be lying about living here."

He had no choice but to bring them into the kitchen, were he was immediately confronted by a plump woman with bright red hair.

"There you are, Spencer dear," Molly Weasley said, rushing up to him with a spoonful of one of the many dishes that were covering every available horizontal surface. "Take a taste, take a taste. Tell me what you think."

Spencer took the spoon and tried the potato salad. "Delicious, Mrs. Weasley."

"Call me Molly. I'm so glad you like it, dear. If you want more, it's right over there."

"Thank you," he replied, but didn't move towards the food. "Molly, this is JJ, Aaron, Derek, David, Penelope, Kevin, and Emily, my co-workers. Guys, this is Molly Weasley. Hermione's second mother of sorts."

"Oh, you flatter me, dear. Nice to meet all of you," she said, rushing between dishes as she tried to finish cooking without using magic. "Have a cookie, too, Spencer. You look peaky."

"I'll have a cookie," Ron said, walking into the room.

"You will not, Ronald Weasley," she said, smacking his hand with a spoon. "But you may take one to your wife. She needs to make sure she's properly fed. She better be taking it easy."

"She's only two months pregnant, Mum," Ginny Potter laughed as she came in the room, clutching a fussing baby in her arms, Harry right behind her.

"Look at the cute little man!" Garcia cried, reaching over to tickle his cheek. "May I?"

"Of course you may," Ginny said, handing little James over to her. Emily and JJ crowded around, and James calmed down as he was cooed over by three new women, and he and Henry started babbling at each other.

"Fifteen minute warning, Spencer," Harry announced.

"Oh, dear, we need to get all this outside!" Mrs. Weasley cried. "Everyone, could you help me start bringing food out to the back? Grab a dish, everything's set up back there. Oh, don't you worry about it, Spencer dear."

Derek, who had grabbed a large cutting board filled with roasts, burst out laughing.

"Do I really look that weak?" Spencer asked.

"I dunno, Spence," JJ laughed, bouncing Henry on her shoulder. "Want to arm wrestle?"

"No, thanks, I think I'll pass," he muttered as Bill, Charlie, George, and Percy appeared, being prodded from behind by their mother, who was ordering them to help empty the kitchen of food.

"There's redheads coming from everywhere," Garcia said, looking at Charlie.

"We're like cockroaches. There's ten of us for every one you see," Charlie winked at her as he grabbed a tray of fruit and went back to the door. "By the way, you can bring the little ones out. There's an army of small things in diapers out here, so we've got some toys and stuff to keep them occupied."

"Oh, my God! Do you see that man out there?" Emily cried out loud, looking out the window to the backyard.

"That's Hagrid. He's really nice, despite outward appearances," Spencer explained. "You should go say hello."

"Right," she mumbled, looking like the last thing she wanted to do was say hello to the giant, hairy man taking up the whole of a bench to himself.

"I'll wait in here," Spencer said as the last of the food was cleared out, and Mrs. Weasley, taking advantage of the fact that Spencer was the only Muggle around, quickly restored the kitchen to it's pristine state. He went into the family room, sitting down and pretending to look over the paper. A couple minutes later there was the sound of a car door slamming and Hermione's voice bidding her driver good-bye.

"I'm home!" she called as she opened the front door.

"Welcome back," Spencer said, standing up.

"Something smells great in here," she said, walking up to him and pulling him to her for a kiss. "Are you cooking?"

"Sort of. How was your day?"

She groaned. "How in the bloody hell Harry and Ron managed to mess up their paperwork that badly is beyond me. And trying to get through it was so frustrating. It was like they kept messing up on purpose or something."

"You want to go relax in the backyard while I finish cooking?"

"I have a better idea," she said, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as his arms snaked around her waist. "Let me help you finish cooking, then we can bring it upstairs and stay in bed for the rest of the day," she muttered against his lips before kissing him passionately.

He groaned to himself, pushing away from her even though he desperately wanted to follow her suggestion. "I still have some cooking I have to do. I should be done in ten minutes. I have your book out there for you."

"I'm kind of in the mood to let the food burn," she said, kissing his neck.

"Hermione..." he moaned, desperate for a reason to turn her down. "How often do I cook?"

She pulled back and studied his face with suspicion. "What's going on here?"

"What do you mean, what's going on here?" he asked, trying to look innocent.

"You're hiding something from me."

"I.. Why... I'm not!"

"Spencer..." she said, giving him a look, hands on her hips.

"Is it so wrong of me to want to cook something nice for you, and wanting you to relax for a little bit? You've been working really hard lately," he protested, taking her in his arms again.

"No, I've been delegating cases at a rate I haven't done in years. Somethings up here."

"No... nothing's up. I just, I..."

"I'm going to figure this out," she announced letting go of him and walking through the house, striding out the door to the backyard.

"Surprise!" came a chorus of voices.

"Oh, my...!" Hermione gasped, hands covering her mouth before she let 'Sweet Merlin' slip through in front of the Muggles. The backyard was an explosion of balloons and signs made by the ever-growing Weasley brood and Teddy Lupin. Above everything was a banner that read 'Happy 30th Birthday, Hermione!' The guest list was dominated by Hogwarts friends and members of the Order of the Phoenix, all pretending to be Muggles because of the BAU team, whom Hermione had grown close to since she started officially dating Spencer. When she was supposed to modify his memory she found herself torn and hesitating, despite her confidence seconds before. With a little prying Spencer got her to admit that she didn't have to modify his memory if they were seeing each other, and he asked her out. It was all the motivation Hermione needed to try to make their relationship work. She was doing the same job, but she had put together her own team to avoid having to do all the work by herself, and she had cut the amount of time she spent in the field almost by half. After they had dated for a while, she had transferred her main office to the Ministry of Magic in Washington DC so she was close enough to Spencer. She officially lived in a Ministry apartment, though she spent many nights with Spencer, until a few months prior, when she and Spencer decided to buy a house and move in together.

"Do you like it?" Spencer asked behind her.

She threw herself into his arms, kissing him despite the various wolf-whistles it caused. When she broke away he was blushing furiously. "I can't believe you set this all up, Spencer. That's so sweet!"

"So, you're not mad at me for making a big deal about your birthday?"

"Never," she shook her head.

"I got some special guests to come," Spencer said, looking around. He waved at someone, and two people slipped from behind Hagrid's shadow.

"Mum! Dad!" Hermione cried, rushing towards her parents and embracing them each in a tight hug. Their relationship had improved a lot since she had started dating Spencer, they approved of her new ties to the Muggle world, and while Spencer and her parents had never met in person, Garcia had helped him set up several video-chats, and they were on good terms with each other.

"Happy Birthday, sweetheart," Hermione's mom smiled widely.

"It's so good to see you, Mum," she smiled back. "Have you gotten a chance to meet Spencer properly?"

"We arrived a few minutes after you left," her dad nodded. "He served us breakfast and we had a chat."

"He is a nice young man. We're proud of you, Hermione. We can tell he makes you happy."

"Happier than anything," Hermione replied, grabbing Spencer's hand and squeezing it. "Speaking of which, do you think now would be a good time to make the announcement?"

"Are you.. are you sure?" Spencer mumbled. "Maybe, um, perhaps we should just wait and tell them in smaller settings," Spencer stumbled over the words in his nervousness.

"Why do it that way when we can make it now and get it over with?" she smiled. "Could I have everyone's attention, please?" she called, and a wave of silence passed over the yard. "I just wanted to tell you that the other night Spencer popped the question, so we're going to get married..."

She was cut off by a round of applause and several loud cheers being led by redheads.

"Tell us the story!" George Weasley demanded.

"The other day we were going to play Scrabble, and when I opened the box all the pieces were missing. I went back downstairs to our game cabinet to look for them, but I couldn't find them anywhere. So I grabbed a different game and came back upstairs. He had hidden the pieces, and while I was off looking for them he had written 'Will you marry me' using the tiles. As I was reading it he went down on one knee, and, yes, he did pull the ring out from behind my ear..."

Several people started laughing. "Reid..." Derek groaned with a large grin.

"He told me he loved me, and that he couldn't imagine not spending the rest of our lives together, then asked the question. After much debating..."

"Liar!" Harry and Ron shouted in unison.

"I said yes. We're looking at a fall wedding next year."

People started streaming forward to offer their congratulations. Her parents got to them first.

"Congratulations, sweetheart," her mom pulled her into a tight hug.

"We were going to come out in a few weeks. We were planning a two-week vacation, one week by you, one week by his Mum so he could get to know you better, and I could get to know her better."

"Saved you a trip then, didn't we, since we're here for a week," her dad announced.

"You knew, didn't you?" Hermione asked. "You didn't look surprised at all."

"A few weeks ago Ms. Garcia called us and asked us to set up a video chat with Spencer. Normally you're there, too, so we were surprised that it was just him. But he said he wanted to ask for our blessing in asking you to marry him."

"Oh, Spencer," she pulled him into another tight hug. "That was nice of you to do that. I know it means a lot to them."

"I knew it would make both them and you happy," he muttered, smiling at her, then giving her a quick kiss before turning to talk to his team.

"Spence," JJ smiled, hugging him. "I'm so happy for you."

"We all are," Hotch nodded. "She's a great girl."

"You just like her because she baled us out of a couple difficult cases," Spencer joked. Hermione's Muggle ruse was still that she had become a top Criminal Investigator while at Scotland Yard, and that she had retired early. She now claimed to run training classes, did lectures, and occasionally rented her services to law enforcement agencies who had a difficult case they couldn't crack. Twice Hermione had 'surprised' Spencer on a case, and both times she managed to 'magically' break the case. Rossi kept encouraging her to try to join the team, but she kept politely refusing, saying she liked the 'freedom' her current job afforded. His team had no idea she was out working on her own large inbox of cases from all over the magical world.

"You had to pull it out from behind her ear, didn't you?" Derek chuckled, shaking his hand.

"She finds it charming," Spencer defended.

"I'm glad something worked for you, then. I'm proud of you, man."

"Thanks. Hey, um, I'm finding myself in need of a best man, and I was, uh, wondering if you'd do the honors?"

"Really?" he beamed.

"You were the one who wouldn't let me not ask her out."

"Of course I will," he smiled with another handshake.

"You do realize what this means, don't you?" Garcia asked. "He's now in charge of your bachelor party."

"Oh, I.. I'm not going..." Spencer looked nervous.

"Oh, yes, you are," Derek laughed. "And it is going to be epic, isn't it, Rossi?"

"Should have asked Hotch," Rossi nodded. "Your bachelor party would have been spent playing chess or solving trivia questions."

The group laughed. Spencer looked over at Hermione, who was asking Harry to be her 'Man of Honor'. She looked up and locked eyes with him, and he felt completely at peace.

Love sought is good, but given unsought, is better. -William Shakespeare