IF YOU DON'T LIKE READING STORIES ABOUT PHYICAL, SEXUAL, AND MENTAL ABUSE DON'T READ THIS STORY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AND I WANT ZERO BITCHING IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU DON'T LIKE! ALL WILL COME TOGETHER IN THE END! I have wanted to write a story like this and I am not sure if I will be able to go into details with something so please bear with me.

I am just reposting this with smaller chapter and fixing the little things I see. If you have already read it, you won't miss anything, but there will be an epi that has never been posted! Enjoy!

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I was lying on the couch; Edward was in the chair playing video games. Dinner was done; homework was done; and the house was clean. I was bored and I hated watching video games, but Edward loved to play them. As long as Edward and my dad were happy, I was happy.

"What time is dad supposed to be home?" I asked.

"He said he would be home by seven," he answered not taking his eyes off the TV.

"But it's almost eight," I said knowing that was out of character for him.

"That's weird, try to call him," he told me as I got up and retrieved the phone. I dialed his cell number, but it went right to voicemail. Something was wrong for the fact that he NEVER had his cell phone off.

"It went straight to voicemail," I said as Edward sat up in the chair.

"Bring me the phone," he said as I walked over to him. He pulled me into his lap and dialed the cell number again. "That is so strange," he said getting the same results I had.

"Do you think something is wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know, Bella," he said kissing my temple. "Is your homework done?"

"Yes," I said.

We both knew that if Dad wasn't around Edward was in charge. We sat together for another half hour, and he still wasn't home. I had this sinking feeling in my stomach, something was definitely wrong. My fears came to life when we heard someone banging on the front door. We both stood, and I hid behind Edward's back.

"SEATTLE PD, OPEN UP," we heard a man yell. Edward pulled me to the front of his body, and I wrapped my arms around his waist. Neither one of us moved for the door, we didn't like cops, and we both had good reasons. "EDWARD, ISABELLA, WE KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE. WE HAVE JAMES HUNTER IN CUSTDITY, YOU'RE SAFE. PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR," the man yelled.

"What are we safe from?" I asked Edward as he kissed my lips quick. "I'm scared."

"I know. Don't worry I won't let anyone hurt you, I promise," he said as he tightened his grip on my waist.


"I have to open the door. You say nothing! Do you understand? I swear to god I will beat your ass if you say one fucking word, got it?" I shook my head in understanding.

I knew he was serious. He had spanked me on more than one occasion. Dad taught him how to take care of me in case something ever happened to him. I needed structure and routine, that's what Dad always said. As we approached the door my hold on him grew even tighter. He unlocked the door, and I looked to the ground, I knew better than to make eye contact with strangers. Edward was the man of the house when Dad wasn't around, same rules applied, no matter what.

"Can I help you?" I heard Edward say. I saw four different sets of feet standing in the doorway, one I was sure was a woman.

"Edward, I am Detective O'Malley. This is officer Buss and Strong. You know your case worker, Emily," he told us. I still kept my eyes to the ground.

"What's going on?" Edward asked.

"Mr. Hunter has been arrested..." Detective O'Malley started to say, but was cut off by Edward.

"For what?" he asked.

"Child abuse, sexual abuse, and endangering the welfare of you children among others reasons," he told us. I looked up to Edward in disbelief.

"Well, you have been misinformed. Neither one of us have been abused," Edward said.

"We need you both to pack your bags and come with us. You are both being placed in another foster home," Emily said.

"Are we being separated?" Edward asked.

"No, there is a family in Forks that will take both of you," she said as Edward rubbed my back. I was scared, and I started to cry. I was happy, and I didn't want to move. James was the best father I have ever had.

"We don't have a chose, do we?" Edward asked.

"No Edward, you don't," Emily said.

"This is bullshit! You have no proof!" Edward said getting loud.

"They do Edward, they have very good proof," Emily said as I cried harder.

"Baby, it's going to be okay," Edward said as he pulled me into his chest more.

"Bella, there is nothing to be scared of, you are going to a very good home. I'm sorry I couldn't move you both sooner," Emily said. Why would she think that? This was a great home. James was strict, he spanked us, but he never abused us. "Go pack your things, and we will get going," she said as they walked in the house. Edward took me by the hand and we headed upstairs. Once we were inside our room he started the lecture me.

"Baby, listen, I am the only one you have ever had sex with. That is okay because we are in love with each another. No matter what they ask you, that is all you say. Dad never knew about our relationship, he has never laid a hand on us; he has never touched you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable. Bella, if we ever want to see him again, you can't tell them anything. You may answer their questions, but nothing more. You say yes or no only!" he said as I nodded in understanding. "Go to Dad's room and get the big suitcase out of his closet," he told me as I went obediently.

I was so scared that I was shaking. I didn't like cops they scared the shit out of me. I watched my first foster father kill one of the kids that were living with us. I told, and the cops did nothing! I was with them for two years before I was removed. My second foster family use to abuse all of us in every way, but they always got away with it somehow. I was with them for five years. So, as you can see I don't like or trust cops. When I got back to the bedroom, Edward laid bundles of money in the bottom of the suitcase. I knew better than to ask questions. All of our clothes fit into one suitcase. We weren't spoiled, but we had what we needed. In a small suitcase we packed only important things, a couple of books that we each liked, family photos of the three of us, many pictures of our family vacations, Edward's journals and our personal items. We each also had our book bags for schools.

I was sad, we had to start all over with a new family and you have no idea how bad that sucked. As long as I was with Edward I knew I would be okay. I could do this. We rode with Emily to the police station; they had to ask us questions. I had a feeling this was going to be a long night.

Once we were in a small room Edward and I sat as close as we could; interlocking our fingers. Detective O'Malley and Emily sat across from us, he watched how we were acting around each other. I kept my eyes on the table for the most part and Edward had his arm around my shoulder, he held me close to his body.

"Okay, I don't want to have to keep you here all night, you have a long drive ahead of you," O'Malley said. "First off, did James Hunter ever abuse either one of you?"

"No," Edward said answering for both of us.

"Isabella?" O'Malley asked.

"No," I said not looking him in the face.

"Did he ever touch either one of you inappropriately?"

"No," we said together.

"We have proof that he did, so please don't lie to me," O'Malley said trying to be patient with us.

"Well, your proof is wrong. He never touched us inappropriately," Edward said.

That was how it went for six hours. I was so tired. Edward and O'Malley had gotten into a yelling match toward the end.

"Bella and I are in love! We have both been through a lot, and we understand each other. Yes we have sex with one another, but our father had nothing to do with it!" Edward yelled. "We are done here! We are hungry and tired! We want to leave," he said as he stood up taking my hand. Emily stood with us and told the detective that we had enough. As we walked out of the interrogation room we saw an officer walking our father through the lobby.

"Dad," we both yelled as we ran to him.

"Are you two okay?" he asked us as the officer try to pull him away.

"We're tired, but we are okay," Edward said.

"Wherever they take you, be good. You know the rules. I love you, and we will see each other soon," he said as he was pulled away.

"Love you," we both said as he walked away. I didn't fail to notice that James and Edward had a silent conversation; I would have to ask him about that later.

"Kids, let's go," Emily said looking tired.

"Are we leaving now?" Edward asked.

"Yes, it will take four hours for us to get to forks. We will get you some food on the way," she said. I knew she was tired, but I also knew that we were going to meet our new foster parents in four to five hours. Once we were in the car, she fed us, and we were on our way. Edward and I were cuddled in the backseat, and we fell asleep.

Please remember that this is a repost I just shortened the chapters to make it easier to read.