B's pov

I barely was fast enough to see it but as the van came crashing towards me I watched in surprise as Edward came out of no were and stopped it with his hands.

I fell to the ground as I hit my head on my truck.

Edward quickly was at my side pulling me up in fear, and worry.

"Bella are you ok?" His musical voice said with concern painted in his eyes.

"I think so." I said and I felt around at my head, and was relieved that there was no blood.

But Edward continued to stare at me with an emotion dancing behind his eyes that I couldn't see, and all of a sudden he was leaning forward to my.

My heart was beating wildly as my eyes went to his lips, then back to his eyes, and I was overwhelmed by the yearning I felt to have his lips on mine.

And just like that as if an angel heard my plea and made my wish come true Edward pressed his lips to mine.

It felt like heaven, his lips felt so smooth, and cool, like marble, but that just made that kiss that much more amazing.

I pulled myself closer to him, and kissed him back with all the passion that I had kept locked up every day that I was around him.

But as our kiss deepened and became in more passionate Edward's kiss trailed to my neck, and he sunk his teeth into my neck.

I gasped out at the pain, but I refused to make myself pull away.

Edward pulled away quickly after a second, and so much pain entered his eyes that it broke my heart into millions of pieces.

The place where he bit me now began to burn, and I cried out in pain.

The voices around the trucks now seemed frantic.

"Bella, I'm so sorry what I did to you, I'm so sorry, but you must be quieter, oh dream god I'm sorry." Edward mumbled to me, and had me curled in his lap in seconds.

The pain burning through me was enough for me to wish that that van would have smashed me into nothing, but I kept my mouth shut like Edward said.

"W-why did you bite me, and why does it burn?" I stuttered out, but I wasn't afraid I was merely in withering agony.

Edward winced, and hugged me to him.

"I'm sorry Bella; I'll explain everything to you when we get to the hospital." Edward said.

I nodded, unable to speak at the moment, now I was afraid, not that I was going to die, but the thought that after this was over I would never see Edward again.

"Bella, I need you to be strong for me, and try not to show how much of this pain is getting to you please, I, I love you." Edward said as the sirens for the ambulance sounded.

My heart warmed at his words, and I felt like if I would move without feeling like I was being burned alive I would do a touchdown dance.

"Really?" I asked hopeful.

Edward stroked my face with a small smile.

"I truly do, and I'm sorry Bella, I really didn't mean for this to happen." Edward sighed lowly.

It was hard but I gently squeezed his hand.

"Everything is going to be fine Edward, I love you to." I choked out as the van began to get pulled out of the way to get to us.

Edward's eyes warmed at that, and he bent down and gave me one gentle kiss.

And with that kiss that gave me the energy to keep my mouth shut, and remain expressionless.

Edward followed me into the ambulance, and sat by my side as we rode to the hospital.

He just stroked my face with a sad look, and told me that he loved my repeatedly, and kissed my hands like there was no tomorrow.

This was what was keeping me from shrieking, thrashing, and throwing a completely fit.

I guess there really was power in just one kiss.

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