Bella's pov

As I let Edward pull me out of the Hospital, Carlisle walking right behind us I was amazed at the beauty around me.

Forks really was more of a beautiful place then I had remembered, but that was the thing, I could barely remember a thing.

"Why can't I remember?" I mumbled as I looked down at the ground, concentrating on things that happened before I had been turned.

Edward looked at me with guilt.

"I'm sorry Bella, human memories tend to fade after being turned, it will be a little hard to remember some things." He said watching me closely.

I nodded at that, not bothered to much by it, but it did make things a little harder when I thought of Charlie, and how much pain I had put him there, because now I could barely even remember what he looked like.

I had spent such a long time away from him he seemed to be nothing but a smudge in my thoughts.

"That's alright, I guess were just going to have to make new memories." I said with a smile to Edward and Carlisle.

They both smiled back at me.

"That's right, and we will, as a family." Carlisle said, and nicely opened the door to Edward's bright shiny Volvo.

As we all got in I could help but look around. Everything was so clear, I analyzed everything, making sure I would remember ever second of my first day as a vampire. I also focused my energy on my new power, making sure that I used Carlisle's super self control so I wasn't even the slightest bit tempted.

Edward took my hand in his, keeping on hand on the wheel as we went down the roads of Forks.

I looked over at him with a smile. My insides were tying up in knots as his golden eyes looked into mine.

My eyes had been a crimson red, but thanks so Carlisle had gave me contacts to go over them, just so if anyone would happen to look into the windows of the car they wouldn't be scared to death by the color of my eyes.

"Do you think the others will freak out when they see me?" I wondered as we began down a path way almost completely concealed with the woods around it.

Edward chuckled, and kissed my hand gently.

"Probably, they have know idea what is going on, they saw the van fly into us, but they all ran off encase there was blood. After that Esme kept them home, only telling them that Carlisle and I were taking care of you." Edward explained, his eyes brightening with amusement.

I laughed at this.

"This should be fun then." I said with a grin.

I was anxious to see Edward's house, I wondered for a long time what it might look like, if it was as beautiful as him, and his whole family… our new family.

As we made it through the thick forest, the house appeared, and I gasped at it's beauty. Yep, there had been no doubt this house was just as beautiful.

A vampire house.

"Do you like it?" Edward asked as he parked in front of the garage.

"No, I love it." I said with a little laugh.

Edward chuckled at that, and in seconds he was at my door, opening it up for me with a gentlemanly smile that warmed my now frozen heart.

Although I was surprised that I was able to keep up with his speed with no problem, it almost even seemed a little slow.

I quickly got out, getting a good look at the house.

"Ready?" Edward asked wrapping a tender arm around me.

His touch soothed me, and sent shivers down my spine at the same time.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I nodded, and I watched as the doors came busting right off the hinges, and people began to fly out of the house.

I hissed in shock, and backed away.

This was a strange reaction for me, it was as if I was acting on instinct.

But I was soon calmed as Edward stroked my cheek gently.

I relaxed my stance a little, and watched as the Cullen's stared at me in complete shock, and horror.

"Is that Bella?" Emmett asked looking me from head to toe in shock.

Edward grumbled a little.

"Yes it's Bella." He said now smiling at me.

Alice squealed, and came running over to me, and embraced me gently.

I giggled now, and hugged her back a little surprised myself.

"Oh Bella, I knew this was going to happen." Alice said after she pulled away.

Jasper stepped forward now watching me closely with a strange expression that made me uneasy.

Rosalie, and Esme also stepped forward with warm smiles that relieved me.

"What happened?" Rose asked shifting her gaze from me to Edward with cold eyes.

"I kind of lost control after I had saved Bella from the van, I got to close, and well, I changed her." Edward said looking down in shame.

I squeezed his hand gently, and he looked to me with a smile.

"But it's ok, I'm not upset that it happened, at first I was, but I realized something." I said with a shy smile as I looked back to Edward's family.

"And what was that?" Jasper wondered, looking interested in what I was about to say.

"I love Edward, with my whole heart, and lasting an eternity with him would be my own form of heaven." I said and looked back to Edward.

He leaned down, and pressed his lips to mine gently, and after a few coughs pulled away.

"And I'm guessing he feels the same way." Rose said rolling her eyes, but keeping an amused smile.

Edward nodded with confidence.

"I truly do." He said. And those little words were enough to send my insides fluttering.

"That is so great Edward, you have finally found you're mate." Esme said smiling at the both of us.

"Sweet, now Eddie won't be such a party pooper all the time." Emmett said with a loud laugh.

Edward rolled his eyes at that, but didn't look away from me face.

I smiled at him, unable to hold back my growing happiness.

I could tell that being a vampire was going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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