Author's Note: Before I move on to Digimon: The College Years (hopefully giving the third season time to finish up in Japan), I decided I have ONE more story to tell. It's a quick adventure story and somewhere along the way (towards the end), it'll answer a question that Takari fans have been demanding of me since "Keeping Secrets". How did TK and Kari break up?

Summary: TK, Kari, Davis, and Ken are all in the middle of their senior year of high school. Not only that, but Senior Prom is coming up too. But something's happened in the Digital World. It was an inevitability, given the nature of Digimon, but for it to happen now was certainly unexpected. An evil villain has been reconfigured…and once he finds a way into the real world, he'll be ready to take over…and get his revenge.

Double Play: Part 1

Many years had passed since he was first defeated. He once thought himself to be unstoppable. Then he ran into a group of meddling kids. When he first saw them, he scoffed. The thought of him being beaten by children was laughable. The biggest threat to his evil was CHILDREN? It had to be a joke.

But in the end, it turned out to be no joke. Those kids were a force to be reckoned with and their Digimon were extremely powerful. They had to be. They were powerful enough to defeat him all those years ago. His only saving grace was the fact that no Digimon ever truly dies. They are only reconfigured. It was only a matter of time.

Yes, he could not die. He could only be contained. But the children known as DigiDestined could not contain him. And thus he was reconfigured. Now…the time was here for him to once again pick up where he left off. But this time…he would not be stopped. For now, he had a new goal set.

As he wandered through a hidden cave in the depths of the Digital World, he set out to find a way to accomplish his new task. Going through with his plan wouldn't be easy, especially since he initially had nothing to work with. The disadvantage of returning reconfigured was the fact that his old resources were lost to him.

But just when it looked like this would be another wasted day, he looked out into the lavish Digital World…and saw two humans walking by, holding hands. Only certain humans could get into the Digital World. They had to be DigiDestined. And they appeared to be Japanese DigiDestined. Just the ones he was waiting for.

It took him a while to recognize the boy in the white hat, but he knew exactly who it was. It was TK Takaishi, the whiny little crybaby from days past. To his credit, the kid had grown up and appeared to have changed quite a bit since he first encountered him all those years ago. But it took a little longer to recognize the girl he was with. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. It was the eighth child, that annoying Tai kid's little sister, Kari Kamiya. She had grown up quite a bit as well and looked to be blossoming into a young woman.

This would have been the perfect time to pounce on them. They would have NEVER expected to see him again. And without their Digimon at their side, it would have been SO easy to dispose of them once and for all. But acting on his impulses wouldn't be sensible. He had a much greater plan in mind and if he took those two out now, the plan would never see the light of day.

So he'd let them be for now. They could go ahead and enjoy their time together now. They could go ahead and laugh, play, and have fun. They could cherish the time they spend together.

Because if HE had his way, their time would soon be up.

Seventeen-year-old Kari Kamiya blushed again as she inched closer to TK. Years had passed since they first got together and they were some of the happiest years of Kari's life. And this was just another in a series of wonderful days that the young couple were spending alone together.

"This was a really great idea, TK," Kari beamed. "I wonder why we didn't think of it before. A nice, quiet walk through the Digital World."

"I know what you mean," TK smiled back. "I'm amazed that Davis actually thought of it."

Kari giggled. He had a good point. There was one constant that remained over the years. Davis Motomiya was still one of their biggest supporters, which was really surprising, considering that Davis had a crush on Kari for so many years in the past. Not only was Davis fine with seeing Kari and TK get together, but he was more than happy for them. As time went on, Davis would only support their relationship more. And every time she thought about it, Kari admired Davis's maturity more and more. It was something no one expected of him.

After what felt like hours of walking, Kari and TK both sat down on a green lot of grass around a flower patch. Kari looked up at the blue sky and marveled at the Digital World's beauty.

TK looked up as well. "Kari……have you thought about prom?"

That question caught Kari by surprise. "It IS coming up, isn't it?"

"Have you thought about who you're going with?"

Kari giggled and playfully punched TK on the arm. "What kind of question is that, TK? You know I wouldn't think of going with anyone else."

TK smirked. "I know. I just had to hear it again for myself."

Kari raised an eyebrow. "That's an uncharacteristic show of ego."

"What can I say? I've been hanging around Davis too long."

Kari smiled and looked over at a red rose. "Oh…this one looks beautiful." She reached over to pick the flower…and ended up pricking her finger on one of its thorns. "OW! That was sharp!"

TK sat up. "Something wrong?"

Kari examined her finger. When she saw a few drops of blood fall to the ground, she quickly covered it. "Those roses have pretty sharp thorns. I might need a bandage when we get back."

"Well…why don't we go back right now?" TK suggested. "I'll buy you lunch."

Kari nodded. "Sounds good."

TK stood up and took Kari's healthier hand, bringing her to her feet. Once she was up, Kari went back to squeezing her wounded finger.

As she walked away with TK, she knew she would have to get a bandage for it when she got back home. And it wouldn't be long. Home was only a download away.

The warm scene only served to make him sick. Those two looked like…they were in love. And that brought a queasy feeling to his stomach. But while watching their nauseating scene, he noticed the girl prick her finger on one of the roses. He couldn't argue that the roses were sharp and he wasn't surprised that she cut her finger with their thorns. But he also saw his first big break.

Seeing his opportunity, he finally came out of hiding and walked out into the open. He slowly walked over to the lot of grass where the two DigiDestined were sitting. And he looked down to see a small piece of stained grass, where Kari's blood landed. He kneeled down and scooped up the stained blades of grass, which were quickly absorbing Kari's blood.

He may not have had his old resources, but he knew one technique he could use. He was reconfigured just long enough to learn about how Arukenimon and Mummymon were made of DNA and data. HE would go one step further.

However, this would take quite a bit of time.

Now that they were back in the real world, TK and Kari were outside a nearby restaurant. They were sitting on one of the outside tables sharing a submarine sandwich. For some reason, TK just couldn't take his eyes off Kari. Even after all these years, she still captivated him.

TK couldn't remember WHEN he started to notice Kari in a new light. Maybe it was the day she was pulled into the Dark Ocean for the first time. Maybe it was the day they both helped fight off the evil MaloMyotismon. Or maybe it was around the time that Davis started taking HIS crush on Kari to a more extreme level. Perhaps it was true that competition made him realize his true feelings for her.*

The one thing that worried TK the most was losing Kari. It was his greatest fear. And occasionally, he could even be insecure. That was the real reason why he asked her who she was going to prom with, even though he knew the answer. If he ever lost Kari, he would just die.

TK kept staring at Kari as he repeatedly sipped on his soda. It was like he was in a trance. But he was quickly knocked out of it when TK and Kari suddenly got a visitor.

"Hey! How's the happy couple?"

TK raised his head and snapped out of his trance. He looked up to see seventeen-year-old Davis Motomiya with a warm smile on his face.

"We're doing great, Davis!" Kari said cheerfully.

"You two thinking about prom?" Davis asked.

TK went back to his soda and suddenly went into deep thought. There was something that just felt…wrong about this whole thing.

"TK and I can't wait," Kari smiled. "And I have the perfect dress in mind."

"I know a place that rents great tuxes," Davis suggested. "I'll take you there if you want, TK."

"Oh…thanks, Davis. We'll talk later about it."

"Great! If everything goes like I hope it does, then this'll be the BEST night of your lives! I'll see you guys later!"

Kari waved cheerfully. "Bye, Davis!"

TK wasn't smiling. Something was bothering him.

Kari saw the look on her boyfriend's face and grew concerned. "What's wrong, TK?"

"Kari…have you noticed Davis is ready to go all out just for us?"

"Yeah. That's really sweet of him."

"I'm not saying it isn't sweet. But…is DAVIS taking anyone to prom?"

"Hmm…last I checked, he didn't have a date. And when I asked him, he said it didn't matter. He said all that mattered was that you and I had the best night of our lives."

"I'm beginning to think it's about time he started thinking about himself for once. Kari…we owe Davis big time for everything he's done for us. I wish we could find him a date."

"Sometimes nice guys get a bad break," Kari sighed. "I can't help but feel sorry for him. But everyone we know is taken."

"What about Yolei?"

Kari smirked. "Ken FINALLY got the guts to ask her to be HIS prom date."

TK chuckled. "It's about time."

"That was MY only idea," Kari muttered.

"Well, I'm not ready to give up hope yet," TK, holder of the Crest of Hope, said. "When Davis takes me to get my tux, I'll be on the lookout for a prom date."

"You do that, TK," Kari nodded.

"I will," TK confirmed. He took another bite out of the sandwich as he put it down. "Well, I'm stuffed. Why do they make submarine sandwiches so big?"

Kari shook her head. "Those crazy Americans. Only one of them could come up with the concept of a giant hero sandwich."

TK picked up the sandwich. "Well, let's take this hero to go."

Kari beamed. "Ok. Let's go, hero."

TK blushed. He unwittingly left himself wide open for that compliment. He had to bring Kari to this place more often. He reached over to hold her hand again, but Kari quickly pulled it away.

"Ouch! My finger!"

"Does it feel any better?"

"Not really. I'm still feeling those sharp thorns."

TK and Kari started walking off as Kari continued to rub her finger painfully. TK would have to get her a bandage ASAP.

The time was here. It took him days to prepare it, but now it was time for the first phase of his plan. The gloomy cave was the perfect environment for such an experiment. After extracting Kari's blood from the grass (and keeping any and all of the grass's cells out), he was ready to make his new creation.

No, he wasn't making another like Arukenimon or Mummymon. But he decided to use the concept of combining DNA and digital date to make another creation. A creation that would work to succeed in bringing him into the real world.

He looked on as he saw the drops of blood and data combine to create…

…a perfect clone.

The clone emerged from the darkness, looking very familiar. Not only did she wear a familiar set of clothes, but she looked around with a familiar curiosity. She looked like she didn't know what to make of her surroundings.

"W-Where am I?" the clone asked. "I…feel like I remember so much…yet it feels like I'm just opening my eyes for the first time."

This would be where his evil genius would come in. Now was the time to make sure this clone was on his side. He stepped out of the darkness to reveal himself.

She gasped. "W-Who are you?"

"I'm the one who saved you," he said. "You don't remember anything…do you?"

The clone sat down and curled up. "I…I…have so many memories flowing. Yet…I can't recognize any of them. It's all a blank. And I'm looking around…feeling solid objects, seeing things I feel like I've never seen, speaking words I feel like I've never spoken before…it feels like I…was just born."

"It's much worse than I thought," he said. "Do you know you are?"

The clone looked down. "I…don't know. Who am I?"

"Your name…is Kari Kamiya."

The clone of Kari Kamiya looked up, her eyes looking so emotional. "K-Kari? T-That name sounds so familiar. Is that my name?"

"That's right. And you don't remember what happened. Your friends took you into the Digital World…and once you all got there, you were all attacked. But in order to escape…they all sacrificed you without a second thought! They left you for dead! And I was the only one there to save your life. You would be dead if it wasn't for me."

"You look so familiar!" Kari's clone exclaimed. "Who are you?!"

"I am your friend. I am the one who's taken you in and cared for you while you made your recovery. And I am the one who can help you get revenge on your ex-friends for trying to kill you!

"I am…Etemon!"

Next Time: The villain in question is indeed the evil Etemon. And there's much more that he will add to his fabricated story in order to turn Kari's clone against the DigiDestined. Come back next time to see how the story will unfold!

* - See "His Is A Wonderful Life"

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