Chapter 1: Prologue

Author's note: Just so you all know, I decided to change the story line a little. The real Cinderella story wasn't as romantic, so I change it a little to fit my ideal. Hope you like it!

The morning sun was already high up in the sky that morning. The awaken birds were already up and looking for morning worms to feed their young. The chicken and animals have already been feed and clean. The breakfast had already been eaten, and yet for our poor little blond, has yet eaten. He was busy all morning taking care of other people in the house. For examples, his stepfather, Pegasus, and his two evil step brothers, Genko and Yama. Those two are extremely unreliable. They usually do nothing but sleep all day and then go out the entire night. The blond sometime wonder if those two are actually living zombies. His stepfather, Pegasus, is exactly like them, except for the part that he actually gotten things done and not laze off like his two sons.

"Good morning Joey!" The blond turned away from his work inside the stable and looked up at a tri-hair color boy by the door. He wore a bright smile and was holding a basket of fresh baked bread. The smell made the blond extremely hungry, but he manages to suppress the urge. He smiled back, "Good morning Yug!"

"Have you eaten yet?" the tri-hair asked in a soft, almost bell sound-like voice. The blond faked a smile and nodded, but his stomach quickly gave him away. The tri-hair laughed lightly and handed him the basket of fresh baked bread, "Here. My grandpa told me to give you these. He knew you probably hadn't had breakfast yet. Hurry up and eat before your stepfather comes home." the boy quickly added once he noticed the blond's hesitation.

Joey nodded and took the basket from him. They sat down on top of the hay and ate the bread. Even though the blond was extremely hungry, he always shared. It's something his mother and real father taught him. "So is Genko and Yama still asleep?"

"Yup," the blond replied, "They been out a lot more than usual."

"Oh," was the tri-hair boy's replied.

"So Yug, what are you planning on doing this upcoming festival? Want to go?" the blond asked with a soft grin.

His face lit up instantly, "You serious?"

"Yup!" the blond gave a nod.

The next thing he knew, Yugi was up and jumping happily and excitedly. Suddenly, he came to an abrupt stop and turns quickly to the blond, "What about your chores? And what about your stepfather? Surely he wouldn't let you go."

"Don't worry about it. I'll make sure to get extra early and get my chores down, and I'll talk to father about it."

A bright smile creep back to the boy's face, "Ok!"

"Well well, if it isn't the little bakery boy?"

The two teens shot their gaze straight at the two figures standing by the door. "Genko Yama," the blond muttered. Genko and Yama look about the same age as him, but they are actually a year older, which made them around 17 to 18. Yama, the younger sibling, slowly smirk, "Hello Yugi," he said seductively. Yugi could feel Goosebumps all over his body.

He glares back, "Hello, Yama."

"My, aren't we feisty?" he continued seductively. Yugi moved closer to Joey and tug on his sleeve.

"Can we leave?" he whispered to the blond.

He nodded and grab the basket of fresh eaten bread, "Let's go Yug."

"Have you forgotten, Joey?" Genko asked with a blinked expression, "You're not done with your chores yet."

He glares at him, "I know. I'm just sending Yugi home."

The two brothers hesitated, but moved aside as the blond and his friend walk passed by. Yama gave Yugi a winked, which is totally disgusting to him. Yugi quickly turn his gaze away with annoyance and anger.

"Yama, aren't you going too far?" Genko asked after the two was out of earshot.

"Me, what about you?" Yama retorted back, "You're the one who let's Joey do as he likes. And don't you remember what dad said? You can't fall in love with your own brother."

"He's not my brother," he quickly replied, "He has never been… and I don't care what father thinks."

"Shush big brother, you do know that Joey will never fall in love with you right? Especially since you are his brother."

"I know," he whispered with a faint voice.

Yama let out a soft sighed, "Sometime, I just don't get you big brother."


"I'm sorry about them Yug," the blond said apologetically.

The tri-hair boy shook his head, "Don't worry about it. Yama is always like that. What do I have that he kept trying to hit on me?"

"Maybe because you're really cute," the blond joked. The two laughed and continued down the busy street.

"Hey Guys!" a girl with short dark brown hair greeted as they passes a fruit stand. They turned to her and smile, "Hi Tea!"

"Where are you two going?" she asked, eyeing the empty basket. The two teens finished everything off before entering the market.

"I'm just sending Yugi home," the blond replied.

"Let me guess, Yama?" she said with disgusted, both on her face and tone of voice. The two teens nodded in unison. She continued on with an angry look, "Seriously, that Yama jerk really do want a piece of me. Why can't he just leave Yugi alone? I'm ought to show him what happens when you tried to hit on someone who's clearly not interested."

Yugi quickly stepped in before she actually started giving him a lecture on how to protect himself, "Calm down Tea. Yama can't really do anything to me. He knows he can't. Besides, I have Joey and you with me. I'm not scared of anything."

Joey beamed and gave a nod with a thumps up. Yugi was especially right, if Yama tried to hurt Yugi, then he wouldn't hesitate to hurt the bastard. They may not know this, but he was taught by his father on how to protect himself. When his mother remarried Pegasus, the man specifically told him not to fight or show any strength that indicate him of strength. Sometime he would wonder why his stepfather refuses his martial art. Is it because it reminds him of his real father, or is it that his stepfather wants him to forever resemble his dead beloved mother?

"Joey!" "Huh?" he snapped out of his thoughts. The other two teens were staring at him with concerned.

He quickly gave them a reassured smile, "It's nothing. I was just lost in thoughts." He had never lie to them, and he was not about to. His thoughts quickly drift back to the day his mother died. She had told him to grow up like his real father, Katashi, and to forever protect those he loves and cared about. A sad smile tug at his lips, "You guys, I never once thought I would grow to care someone so much." He puts both arms around his beloved friend who was stunned and confused by this sudden action. He continues despite their confusion, "I really love you guys."

Tears formed on their eyes as they hugged him back. "We love you too, Joey," Yugi said back.

"And we'll always well," added Tea.


"Are you reading again, Seto?"

He looks up with a death glare, "Since when did you start calling me by name, Atem?"

Atem pouted and sat down across from him, "Can't I call my cousin by his name?" Seto's expression made him pout even more, "Uncle wanted to see us right away."

"What is it that my father wants?" he asked with a long sighed.

"I think it involved the upcoming festival that's being held a week from now. We better go," he stood up slowly, "He said it's very urgent."

Seto closed the book on his lap and stood up as well, "Let's go before father goes crazy again. I just hope it's not about our marriage again."


"You're late," Genko pointed out as soon as Joey enters the hallway. He was leaning on the wall, crossing his arms in the process. His left foot was touching the wall while the right stays on the flourish carpet.

"I was cleaning the stables," the blond replied calmly.

He turns away from the blond onto the ground, glaring at it intensely. "Father will be home for lunch, I suggest you finished before he gets home."

The blond nodded and quickly strode away.