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It was a usual chaotic day at St Trinians. The Flammables were raving, the first year twins blowing some sheds up and the Eco's making solar panels with help from the geeks. Thing's were normal, but how long would they stay that way? Since the heist things had been quiet and the opposite of normal. School Challenge had only lasted from January to March so they had nothing to do. The head girls, that St Trinians has been home to, have only ever followed one golden rule.

Protect the school no matter the consequences.

That is what the head girl is really needed for, not to keep the peace. Not to be a shoulder to cry on and not for advice. Head girls did all those things anyway, but they were not required to do so. Kelly Jones was no different.

Kelly Jones didn't think she was anymore special then the other students and that's why they loved her. Kelly knew she didn't have any fear in her; she knew most people, if not everyone, feared her. She was right, she wasn't special. Kelly Jones was extraordinary. She didn't know it but her headmistress, Miss Camilla Fritton, did. Stories had been passed down through generations of St Trinians. The tale was about a dagger with a jewel encrusted hilt. The said dagger could save a life if you were fast enough but at the same time it could destroy one. These stories weren't only about a dagger; they were about the people that were trusted with the daggers power and secret, the dagger guardians. All of them written down in forgotten history, all but one. A princess of Alamut and a prince of Persia risking their lives for the dagger, it is them who are the characters of these stories. The story starts with one line and it is that same line that starts this story.

'It is said some lives are linked across time.'

Kelly's life is linked to another's from the past, from a time before noble knights in shining armour and before mythical creatures. Kelly's life was linked to a princess, a princess of a holy city named Alamut. The head girl didn't know of it, even if she did she probably wouldn't care. Kelly Jones had better things to worry about then a silly tale. She had to think up another excuse to not go out with Flash; the whole 'I don't mix business with pleasure' speech was getting old. That was what Kelly was thinking about while she sat on her bed with her head leaning against the headboard. How would she blow off Flash this time? Her thoughts were disturbed by her friend, Annabelle Fritton. She was sent by Miss Fritton to send Kelly to her office. In a normal school being sent to the headmistress's office means you're either in trouble or being rewarded. In St Trinians being sent to the head's office is a rarity, only the head girl goes to update the headmistress on the latest action.

Kelly gloomily rose from her bed and made her way to Miss Fritton's office. She couldn't think why on earth Miss Fritton wanted her now, she had given her a report yesterday and one was not due until tomorrow. Kelly blamed Flash for her foul mood, she usually did. If she didn't have to think of another excuse then she wouldn't be how she was now. That was one thing, and the only thing, Kelly liked about Flash, you could blame him for everything. She soon found her self at outside Miss Fritton's office; she knocked on the door and waited for Miss Fritton's usual 'come in girly'. As soon as she was in there Miss Fritton got straight to business, she was never one to beat around the bush. The headmistress opened her draw and pulled out an antique looking dagger, she placed it on the table.

"Now then my dear girly, do you know what this is?"

"A letter opener?" Kelly didn't mean to be rude; she just couldn't understand why Miss Fritton would call her to her office to show her a letter opener. Once again Kelly blamed her mood,

"No dearie, have you ever heard the story named 'The curse?"

"I'm afraid I haven't, miss," Kelly knew for a fact that Miss Fritton would tell her and she did. She explained how a king took in an orphaned boy, how that boy became a prince. How the prince helped breach the walls of a holy city only to tell his father's army to stop. Kelly wasn't very interested in the prince it was the princess that interested her. To her this woman was as strong, emotionally and physically, as her. How she would sacrifice her life to protect a dagger; that sounded like Kelly and St Trinians. Then Miss Fritton told how the dagger from the story was the dagger that lay on the desk in front of her.

"It is a great honour to be a guardian of the dagger, a huge responsibility. If it were to fall into the wrong hands it would be Armageddon, you're ancestor is the last known guardian." At this point Kelly had clicked on, "It is your time now, my dear you are the true guardian. You must protect it with your life; I know you won't let me down." Kelly was shocked; she didn't believe she could protect that when she very nearly let the school close,

"I can't protect that dagger; I nearly let the school close!" Kelly protested,

"Yes, but my dear you saved it. If I remember correctly your ancestor mucked it up a few times. You'll be fine; I know you are ready for this." After that Miss Fritton pushed Kelly outside her office with the dagger in her hands. Miss Fritton's words rang through her ears,

"Protect the dagger no matter what the consequences."

Those words reminded her of what JJ French had told her. She remembered that day well, the last day until the summer holidays. JJ French had accidently let slip that Kelly was the next head girl; just like the head girl's before JJ she wrote Kelly a letter of advice. Before she left JJ whispered in her ear,

"Protect St Trinians no matter what you have to do."

Miss Fritton was right. If Kelly could keep the worse school in the country in line a small dagger couldn't be any trouble. Or could it? Kelly hid the dagger up her sleeve while she walked back to her room. She didn't want any student getting ideas about thieving the dagger, not that anyone dared steal from the head girl. Once back in the safety and privacy of her own room, she returned to her original position on her bed. In her fingers she twirled the dagger around; the handle was full of sand. Kelly shook the dagger very gently, to watch the sand move; the unusual thing was that the sand didn't move. She sat there for a few minutes admiring the dagger; her trance was broken by a knock at her door. Kelly didn't get a chance to ask them to enter,

"'Ello Kel" Taylor greeted as she barged through the door. Chelsea, Annabelle, Polly and Andrea walked in after her,

"What are you doing here?"

"For the meeting you called, surely you haven't forgotten?" Polly asked as she sat down on one of Kelly's sofas. In truth Kelly had forgot, she had been distracted by the dagger.

"What's that you got there?" Andrea asked, Kelly had also forgot to hid the dagger,

"A letter opener, very cheap, from err Pound Land!" Chelsea gracefully sat on the edge of the bed. When Kelly wasn't looking she snatched the dagger from her,

"It look's quite expensive," Chelsea commented before Annabelle took it from her,

"The ruby on the hilt is real too, this isn't from Pound Land is it?" Kelly glared at Annabelle. Kelly had different types of glares, this one was her 'shut-up-or-I'll-feed-you-to-the-first-years'. Chelsea then snatched the dagger back and started inspecting the hilt. She tapped and flicked the jewel until she managed to press it too hard. The ruby started to glow, which freaked Chelsea out so much that she threw the dagger into the middle of the room.

The dagger sent out golden waves of what could only be described as magic. The golden swirled around the room; six beams of golden came from the dagger. Each beam surrounded each person in the room. Before Kelly was surrounded she managed to grab the dagger. She pressed the hilt to try and stop it but it had the opposite effect. Kelly soon found herself sprawled across what felt like sand.

I'll give you three guesses where they are... Yes that's right there on the moon, replacing the american flag with the St Trinians logo.

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