It was a desperate last ditch effort, to save him from committing the ritual suicide of his species. And meeting the dawn with what was left of his heart and soul intact.

He recognised the Queen's efforts and played along, pretending that he didn't know why he had been called to this gathering in her quiet mountain home, and took the hand of the female that stood in front of him. She smiled at him shyly as he kissed the back of her hand and spoke, it was really the only way of knowing if she was his life mate. If at the very second he heard her voice, he saw colors and felt emotions, he would know that he was saved from certain death and ruin.

"Hi. My name is-" Damn. Nothing again. He listened to her speak for several seconds before politely excusing hims self from the line of unmated males and quickly walked away. If he were capable of feeling anything right now, he'd be very irritated and upset. But he was incapable of feeling anything so he just needed to get away for a second. The smell of that females perfumed skin had been so strong that he had nearly gagged.

He walked over to the nearest sliding door and opened it and stepped outside into the crisp cool air and took a deep breath. It was going to snow again soon, he could feel it in the way the air around him felt colder and heavier, could practically taste the snow on the tip of his tongue. He didn't want to be here. He wanted to be out in the woods running with the wolves, and hunting. At the thought of hunting his stomach cramped viciously and he unconsciously bared his fangs.

Gods he felt so damn hungry. Ravionous, really. His body in need of fresh blood, and he had'nt fed in days. He was practically a time bomb waiting to go off.

He felt his Queen's presence before he felt her hand on his shoulder and turned to look at her. She must have been beautiful. She certainly looked it with her long hair piled up at the back of her head and hanging down in little curls around her nape and shoulders, her dress looked skin tight and showed off her ample charms.

"Stop staring at my breasts. My eyes are up here." She snapped as she drew his attention back to her face with a movement of her hand.

"Sorry, my lady." Funny how he could say he was sorry and yet not feel sorry at all. Her expression softened a bit as she sighed.

"You really are a hopeless man, Kakashi."

He said nothing as she stared at him with some emotion that he couldn't name or fathom on her pretty face. He knew that he was hopeless. He had lived too long and sinned too much not to be.

At fourteen hundred and fifty years of age, Kakashi Hatake had lived twice as long as any male of their race. He was an ancient among a dying breed, dangerously close to turning vampire. The only thing that would or even could save him was his life mate.

A very special female who was the light to his darkness. She could anchor him in the light and banish the dark stain consuming his soul. But sadly, he hadn't found her yet and while he wanted to find her. It was starting to look more and more like greeting the dawn was the only thing that could save him at this point. It would likely be a very painful and agonising death but he almost preferred it to turning vampire and having his heart ripped out and burned right in front of his eyes by one of his brothers.

"She's out there Kashi." His Queen finally said, she sounded so certain that his heart sped up a bit as she turned her head to look at him. There was utter conviction in her tone, he could read it in her body language, the steel under soft velvet. Any other possibility, that his lifemate was lost, or dead already, or had'nt been born yet; was automatically rejected by her.

"If she is out there..." Why hadn't she come to him? Given him a sign? Something to let him know that she was out there? He sent the question winging out into the night, a silent plea for his mate to do something, anything to help him find her. He waited for several seconds and sighed.

If there were any pshychic females close by, one of them might answer him...maybe. And if he was lucky, she would be his missing other half. But he wasn't a man who believed in luck. He didn't believe in much of anything any more.

He was about to say something to his Queen when he felt something, the slightest of touches in his head, a soft and almost shy movement to connect with his mind as if the other person was afraid to reach out and touch minds with him. He latched on to the connection, curious about it. Beside him his Queen straitened her spine and scanned the woods around them, her eyes narrowing.

There was something out there. Waiting in the darkness. She could smell the blackness of it's soul, the stench of death and decay on it's skin. Vampire. Her mind hissed in fury as several of the other males from the party picked up on the creature and excused them selves from their partners sides, leaving only the younger males to help protect the females in the room as they all moved outside.

One of the males, a tall white haired man with red tattoo markings around his eyes walked over to the Queen and whispered. "Go back inside angel. The others and I will take care of this."

The woman nodded her head and gave her life mate a quick kiss then turned and ran back inside.

Kakashi cocked his head as he tried to trace the source of the mental link and nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a soft almost rasping voice in his head. "Whats going on? Why is everything so quiet?" Kakashi blinked and analyzed the sound of the voice. It was young, and female from the sound of things. Human? Carpathian? He wasn't sure.

The mental touch was much too strong to be a mere human, but there hadn't been a female born to his race in over six hundred years. His race had been facing extinction, and still were until several of the males had figured out that they could mate with human females, and even convert them into one of their own kind through blood. But there was a rule.

They could only mate with female's with pshychic abilities.

He blinked again and got the shock of his long life. Colors. He could see colors! Vivid hues of dark purple, violet, midnight blue and black mixed with a sea of green. "What?" He muttered as he looked around as a tall man with long blond hair-

Dear god he could see the color of the man's hair, his eyes, even the nice clothes that he wore. It would have been nice if he wasn't dangerously close to panicking. As soon as that thought crossed his mind he sucked in a breath and tried to control the sudden pounding rhythm of his heart.

He could feel? His first thought was to tap someone on the shoulder and ask what the hell was going on, but he wasn't so old that his mind didn't function any more. He knew what was happening. He had found his life mate.

"...ashi? Kakashi? Hey are you even paying attention?" One of the males beside him asked as he elbowed him in the ribs. Kakashi turned his head to look at the male and was struck by the sudden desire to kick his legs out from under him and dirty his nice clean suite in retaliation for the elbow to his ribs.

The white haired male walked forward and stopped just a few paces from the vampire and crossed his arms over his chest. "For what reason do you come here evil one?"

The vampire looked around and smiled at them, oddly enough there was nothing nasty or evil looking about his smile, meaning that he was a new vampire barely even a month old since his beauty had yet to fade. "Master's good to see you again."

Jiraiya blinked and frowned, what was this ones angle? He could probably ask, but vampires were notorious liars and might not tell him anything. So he would play along with the dark one instead. "It is good to see you too my brother."

The blond man smiled again and looked down at his feet. "I came because I wanted to give something to our people. A precious gift beyond compare."

Jiriaya looked suspicous of the vampire's words. What could a fallen one give to their race but darkness and death? The blond turned his body to the side a bit and looked at the sea of trees behind him and held out his hand.

"Come here Uzu." There was no mistaking the compulsion hidden in his words as a small child, a young girl in her early teens peeked out from behind a tree several feet behind the blond man and looked at them.

Kakashi's eyes widened as he stared at the girl, his heart slammed against his ribs in fear and anger. What was the dark one doing with a human child?

The only answers that he could think of were nothing good.

The girl looked between them and the blond man and quickly made her way to his side. He took her small hand and wrapped his arms around her. and Kakashi bared his fangs and growled in fury as the man turned back around to face them, his eyes flickering form blue to red in the darkness as he spoke.

"This child is my daughter Uzu. The child of my dead life mate. I wanted to bring her here and give her to you because our females are so very few that even letting one slip away would condemn another of our males to death." He knelt down behind the girl and let the moon light hit her, showing the angelic features of her small face and the long pale silvery white of her blond hair, her eyes were a vivid cross between red and fuchsia.

Such an odd color.

Jiraiya looked at the girl and frowned, she was rather small and weak looking. He tried to make contact with her mind but found it blocked. "She is fourteen years old." The blond continued to speak.

Kakashi's eyes never left the girl's face. She looked so small for a fourteen year old child. "I took her from the humans that had stolen her from me. They were hurting her. Abusing her." The blond grasped the girl's sweater sleeve and pulled it up showing the dark bruises on her forearm to them.

"I thought bringing her here would be better since our males are so protective of the females."

"I see. You made the right choice my brother. Send her over here so that one of my friends can take her inside. It's very cold out tonight and your daughter is shaking. She's probably hungry too." Jiraiya said in a calm and soothing tone hoping that he could reason with the vampire without getting the girl hurt as several of the other males doubled back around him and waited for him to let go of the girl.

The man looked at Jiraiya and nodded his head. Yes, this was the most logical step. This is what he had come here for. To let his people know of his daughter's existance and die on his home soil. He had done everything he possibly could up until now to find and protect his daughter. Had even killed and become a vampire in his efforts to find his precious child and save her from the humans that had been hurting her.

He turned Uzu to look at him and smiled at her. This would likely be the last time he ever saw his little girl while he was alive. He would have to find a way to redeem himself in the next life so that he could find her and see her again. "Go to the nice man over there. Let one of his friends take you inside where it's warm and you can get something to eat. I wouldn't like it if you got sick."

"Daddy..." Uzu spoke to him, the shaky sound of her voice pulling at his heart strings. He could feel her fear of the others. Could smell and taste it, it made him want to sink his fangs into her throat and rip it out while he drank. And he might have done just that if he had'nt stopped reminding himself that she was his daughter. The last living piece of his life mates heart and soul. Destroying her would be an unforgivable sin.

He pushed her gently nudging her towards his former comrad, knowing that the man would kill him soon and he didn't want Uzu's last memories of him to be as a monster that had to be put down like a rabid animal.

He wanted to be remembered as a man. A loving father.

Uzu stumbled forward a bit, her body weak and shaking from cold and hunger, she hadn't been able to eat or sleep in days. She had been too afraid too after finding her father leaning over her bed several nights ago looking like he was about to kill her. But he was the only person that she knew, and she was very afraid to leave his side since she didn't know what these men would do to her once they had her.

The white haired man looked down at her as she took several more shaky steps before the last of her strength gave out and she collapsed. All at once several things happened. One of the men broke away from the group behind the unknown man, and made a beeline towards her as the white haired man moved forward so fast that he became a blur of movement.

She heard her father shout something and turned her head to look at him and paled as her eyes widened in horror.

The white haired man had his arm buried in her father's chest all the way up to his elbow. "Daddy." Adrenaline took hold of her system and she climbed to her feet and started to run towards her father as she felt the air stir around her as a pair of strong arms circled her waist and she was picked up, wrenched almost violently up off of the ground and held against a strong hard muscled body.

She looked up at the face of the man holding her and gasped a little as she found herself staring into a pair of mis matched eyes. One dark blue and another a deep red with a scar running down over the eyelid. "Don't look."

It was a command wrapped in silk, a dark temptation. No one should have a voice like that, but it was already too late. She looked at the same exact moment her father's heart was ripped right out of his chest and started screaming.