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A few more weeks passed and then something happened. Another vampire attacked.

And Uzu was so terrified by the experience that Tsunade and her mate sat down with Kakashi and told him that she couldn't grow up like this. It was simply too dangerous for her health and with them being as vulnerable during the day as they were, they wouldn't be able to properly over see and protect her.

A decision was made that they would put her to sleep and lock away her memories of the vampires, of them, her father's death and other things. And they would send her someplace where she would be taken in by a family and raised like one of their own.

Tsunade stressed that it would mean that Kakashi would be seperated from his lifemate until she was older, and while Kakashi said that was fine. Internally he was seething with rage. There was no way in hell he was letting his mate out of his sight, new home, family and life aside- she was his and he was damn well going to see to it that no one else grabbed her up.

He spent three days planning then when Tsunade and Jiriaya finally came to seal her memories away for the time being, he sat there and watched them and waited for his chance.


Sixteen years later-

Kakashi walked at a subtle distance behind Uzu as she walked with one of her collage buddy's and glared at the young man's back as he tried to silently will his head to explode. It would serve the little rat bastard right for being stupid enough to ask his mate out.

"I'm glad that your parents let you come out tonight-" The guy said as he reached down and slipped his hand around Uzu's. She flushed and stammered that they couldn't keep her from going out while Kakashi mentally cursed Iruka and Genma for being so trusting.

Dammit didn't they know that when one had a daughter as lovely as Uzu, nothing less than a chastity belt, moat full of nasty fishies with razor sharp teeth, and electrified bars on the windows of her room with barbedwire wrapped around them, would do to protect her.

It had been sixteen years since he'd supposedly been seperated from Uzu. Sixteen! By all rights he should have claimed her already since her eighteenth birthday had already come and gone.

However Kakashi had wanted to try and form a bond with her before claiming her since the claiming could be rather rough on young girls with no basic understanding of the reasons why they were being claimed.

He'd heard of lifemates being claimed and hating their mates for it. Because it restricted their freedom and made them feel cheated.

Kakashi hadn't wanted Uzu to feel that way with him which was why he had slowly been trying to intergrate himself into her life for the past ten years since her wolf had 'died'. He had thought that he had been doing well up until she had hit her late teens and started dating against his wishes.

He'd tried everything that he could think of to stop her from such foolish behavior.

He'd tossed one of her beau's off of a bridge in the park and watched him almost drown. He'd summoned storm clouds and struck another by lightning. He'd fed from five or six of them and made them his lackey's just for fun. Finding it amusing to send them to certain places and have them do certain things then have them wake up from the compulsion induced daze he'd had them in and freak out.

He had even planted the compulsion that three of them were gay and another two were into cross dressing. And had been very happy when they had started to cross dress and wear makeup.

Which just left him with the dumbass putting the moves on his girl. He moved in a little closer and saw the guy slip an arm around Uzu's shoulders and felt torn between ripping his arm off and whimpering. God he was pathetic for not killing the shit head already when his predatory instincts were demanding blood, but if he did Uzu would see her neighbor, the once kind man who used to babysit her and help her with her homework as nothing but a killer.

And he couldn't have that. He didn't want that. But still...

That should be him walking with her dammit!

So what are you going to do about it? His mind whispered curiously. He felt his vicious nature rise and could barely supress the growl that rose in his throat as he saw the young man lean in and pucker up. He took off at a dead run.

His long legs eating up the space between where he was and where the couple was and he quickly put a hand over the guy's nose and mouth and pushed him back as he looked down at Uzu and gave a strained smile and said, "Uzu! How nice to see you walking alone out at this time of night-" The guy made a muffled yelping sound as Kakashi pushed him back and down, putting him in a sort of bent over backwards position as he flailed his arms around. "How about I walk you home? Ya know, since it's dangerous and stuff."

The guy flailed around a little more as Uzu gaped up at Kakashi then looked down at her date. "T-That's sweet of you Kakashi-san but..." Was he sufocating her date? "Is he dying?" She voiced aloud as she pointed down at the guy Kakashi had been trying to eliminate. Kakashi looked down at the guy to see if he was still conscious and let his eyes glow a feral red as he said.

"No. He's not dying." As he thought; Not yet anyways.