Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this fanfic unless I created it myself. Anything that I did create was inspired by something owned by someone else. This is done for fun and entertainment, not for profit.
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Title: By Your Command: 1-20: No Victor
Romance: Edo x Ryou
Word Count: chapter: 300||story: 300
Genre: Romance||Rated: R
Challenge: drabble123: Edo x Ryou: #1, skin
Summary: Edo and Ryou's relationship is hot, sordid, dominating, and everything that both of them want it to be.

Edo's skin wasn't white, but it wasn't tan either. Ryou enjoyed admiring it. It wasn't widely known, but he was something of a sensualist, savoring everything that his senses could tell him about the world. Ever since his return to life, the precise details of which even he didn't understand, he'd valued every moment just a little more.

Edo's fingernails brushed across his own skin and pressed in, sending a flush of blood underneath. He didn't break the skin, though he was perfectly capable of doing so. Ryou stirred a little, the sensation of such controlled power intoxicating to him.

Words seldom needed to be uttered between them. Ryou himself had always been a man of few words, and Edo had other ways to indicate what he wanted from him.

Such as now, when he pulled Ryou's head up from where he'd been examining Edo's pale skin, and pressed their lips together. Fire burned in those blue eyes, fire that lit a matching blaze within Ryou, and he returned the kiss. Edo's other hand pulled at Ryou's shirt, lifting it so he could press his fingers against Hell Kaiser's flat stomach and caress lower.

Ryou wriggled his way out of the shirt and tossed it to the side without a single word. His heart raced to the point he wondered if it were going to burst from his chest. Edo pushed him flat on the bed and stared down at him. Ryou stared back, challenge written across every line of his face and form. Edo took that challenge, his weapon not a duel deck this time, but his passionate lips and hands, ones Ryou met with his own.

In this battle, there would be no winner nor loser, only two beings who moved together in the oldest dance of time.

The End